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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 265.1: Born to be King

Chapter 265.1: Born to be King

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Qing Luo Yan had lowered her guard against Qing Yu considerably and had transferred the young lady to her side, to serve her as her personal attendant.

But she knew very well that the young lass was anything but ordinary, so she would naturally not treat her like any regular servant. So even though Qing Yu’s position was just a lowly serving attendant, she was more highly favoured than all the other normal servants, only needing to be at Qing Luo Yan beck and call, exempted from having to do all the other menial and miscellaneous tasks around the temple.

So all the other female attendants were secretly jealous of her, so how could they possibly be friendly to her?

Not to mention that beautiful face she possessed, even when dressed in the uniform of a temple attendant, she was captivating.

To have been able to catch Qing Luo Yan’s eye and being blessed with such an exquisitely flawless countenance, it seemed as though the Heavens favoured that young lady a little too much.

“Qing Yu, what’s on your mind?”

The gentle and melodious voice of a woman sounded softly, and Qing Yu’s mind was jolted right back to the present. “I wasn’t really thinking of anything.”

Qing Luo Yan’s lips curved up slightly as she laughed softly. “Is that so? I saw that you looked like you were deeply engrossed in thought, and you did not respond even though I called you a few times.”

Was she really so lost in thought?

Qing Yu contemplated on the situation for an instant before she opened her mouth to say: “I was merely thinking what motives the Dark Overlord could possibly have for coming here today.”

As there was no way of knowing whether what the woman said was true or not, she decided to make use of Lou Jun Yao to get herself out of the situation.

Hearing that, Qing Luo Yan arched up an eyebrow, seemingly slightly surprised. “You seem to be showing quite a bit of interest towards the Dark Overlord?”

The woman then laughed, like that was completely understandable. “It is only natural that you will be interested. Afterall, such a great number of people throughout the entire Cloud Heaven are highly interested in this man, regardless whether male or female.”

Qing Yu listened quietly but was thinking silently in her heart. To hear such high praise about a person coming from Qing Luo Yan, it looks like the rumour that she likes Lou Jun Yao is true. To have a woman like Qing Luo Yan fall for him, one really wouldn’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Speaking up till that point, Qing Luo Yan suddenly turned to the young lady with a smile on her face: “Although you are very intelligent and you might still have many secrets hidden in you, together with the fact that I think you are not as frail and weak as you look, but…… Know that this is a man that you must not become interested in. He has such a foul temperament that even I had the door shut in my face many times!”

Qing Yu blinked her eyes innocently and nodded like she understood.

What the woman did not know was that that man with a foul disposition and must not be carelessly antagonized was someone who came crawling up to her bed every night, a highly sticky character.

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