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Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel)


After recently taking on the job as the President of Jing Sheng Group’s assistant, she is reports to the president, that has also just taken office, for work.

“Tomorrow morning, postpone all the meetings. At 9 o’clock, follow me to the civil administration office to receive the license.”

On the first day of work, she already encountered an overbearing president that is forcing her to receive the license. Should she resist or obey?

At night, a certain someone leans on the edge of the door, saying in a light and lazy manner: “Madam, I want to turn off the lights. Are you sure you want to go to sleep wrapped like a steamed dumpling while holding a knife?”

“Either that or you can go out to sleep!”

“Impossible, this is my home!”

“During the day, you transferred the house to me. So now it’s my home!”

2075 • 2020-01-25 13:31:28


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 648: Long Wait!2020-11-28
Chapter 647: Conspiracy2020-11-27
Chapter 646: Missing (Part Two)2020-11-26
Chapter 645: Missing (Part One)2020-11-26
Chapter 644: Killing2020-11-25
Chapter 643: Death in Darkness2020-11-24
Chapter 642: Back on the Road2020-11-23
Chapter 641: Milk Pump2020-11-21
Chapter 640: Enemies2020-11-20
Chapter 639: Donation2020-11-20
Chapter 638: Power and Responsibility2020-11-20
Chapter 637: Getting Smart2020-11-20
Chapter 636: Principal Zhao2020-11-16
Chapter 635: Change2020-11-16
Chapter 634: In My Arms2020-11-16
Chapter 633: A Family2020-11-14
Chapter 632: Dad Feeding2020-11-14
Chapter 631: You Are Mine2020-11-14
:Chapter 630 Fear2020-11-07
Chapter 629: Forever2020-11-07
Chapter 628: Long Hair, Less Power2020-11-06
Chapter 627: Love Cultivation2020-11-06
Chapter 626: Angry?2020-11-05
Chapter 625: Still No Kisses?2020-11-05
Chapter 624: Hard Spoon2020-11-04
Chapter 623: Stay at Home Man2020-11-04
Chapter 622: Into Me?2020-11-03
Chapter 621: Pretty Boy on the Way (Part Two)2020-11-03
Chapter 620: Pretty Boy on the Way (Part One)2020-11-02
Chapter 619: The Virus2020-11-02
Chapter 618: Reunion2020-11-01
Chapter 617: Wounded2020-11-01
Chapter 616: Runaway2020-10-31
Chapter 615: My Woman Has a Prestigious Name2020-10-31
Chapter 614: My Girl, My Pride2020-10-30
Chapter 613: Deadlock2020-10-30
Chapter 612: Tang Shunian Collapses2020-10-29
Chapter 611: No Relation2020-10-29
Chapter 610: A Missed Chance2020-10-29
Chapter 609: Failure2020-10-28
Chapter 608: A Narrow Escape2020-10-28
Chapter 607: The Meeting2020-10-27
Chapter 606: Drinking Blood?!2020-10-27
Chapter 605: Plan2020-10-25
Chapter 604: A Rose with Thorns2020-10-25
Chapter 603: Underground Kingdom2020-10-24
Chapter 602: A Hunch2020-10-24
Chapter 601: Difficulties2020-10-23
Chapter 600: Your Freedom for His (Part Two)2020-10-23
Chapter 599: Your Freedom for His (Part One)2020-10-22
Chapter 598: Culprit2020-10-22
Chapter 597: Fear2020-10-22
Chapter 596: A Matter of Seconds2020-10-21
Chapter 595: No Shame2020-10-21
Chapter 594: Not Here2020-10-20
Chapter 593: Scared?2020-10-20
Chapter 592: Confrontation2020-10-19
Chapter 591: Yesterday Once More (Part Two)2020-10-19
Chapter 590: Yesterday Once More (Part One)2020-10-18
Chapter 589: Jing Yichen’s Past (Part Three)2020-10-18
Chapter 588: Jing Yichen’s Past (Part Two)2020-10-17
Chapter 587: Jing Yichen’s Past (Part One)2020-10-17
Chapter 586: Yu Mo2020-10-16
Chapter 585: Something Happened to Jing Yichen2020-10-16
Chapter 584: Jealousy2020-10-15
Chapter 583: Love Rival2020-10-15
Chapter 582: Not You!2020-10-14
Chapter 581: Confession2020-10-14
Chapter 580: Unwillingness2020-10-14
Chapter 579: Certificate after One Hour2020-10-13
Chapter 578: Cancer2020-10-13
Chapter 577: Ruining the University2020-10-12
Chapter 576: Real Brother2020-10-12
Chapter 575: Robbery2020-10-10
Chapter 574: Present2020-10-10
Chapter 573: Failure2020-10-09
Chapter 572: Not Her!2020-10-09
Chapter 571: Learning from the Foxy Bitch2020-10-08
Chapter 5702020-10-08
Chapter 569: Comparison and Difference2020-10-07
Chapter 568: Tired or Not?2020-10-07
Chapter 5672020-10-07
Chapter 566: Trust2020-10-06
Chapter 565: Kisses2020-10-06
Chapter 564: Blind Date2020-10-05
Chapter 563: Irresistible Love (Part Four)2020-10-05
Chapter 562: Irresistible Love (Part Three)2020-10-04
Chapter 561: Irresistible Love (Part Two)2020-10-04
Chapter 560: Irresistible Love (Part One)2020-10-03
Chapter 559: Beautiful2020-10-03
Chapter 558: She Will Beg to Marry You2020-10-02
Chapter 557: More Waiting?2020-10-02
Chapter 556: Shangguan Ning, the Chief Director2020-10-01
Chapter 555: Robbery!2020-10-01
Chapter 554: Best Girlfriend’s Boyfriend2020-10-01
Chapter 553: Unfaithful2020-09-30
Chapter 552: Shangguan Ning’s Ability2020-09-30
Chapter 551: To Cherish2020-09-29
Chapter 550: Devoted Performance2020-09-29
Chapter 549: You Annoying Little Charming Bitch!2020-09-28
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