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Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 290: Heir of Family Zhao’s Jewelry

Chapter 290: Heir of Family Zhao’s Jewelry

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Zhao Fu exchanged a few words with Shangguan Ning and then turned to Mu Qing. She smiled affably, “So you are old Mu Wensheng’s grandson, right? He is not so good looking, but you are indeed handsome!”

The Old Lady knew everything about Mu Qing and Zhao Anan, including their past and the present situation.

When Mu Qing was together with 17-year-old Zhao Anan secretly, the Old Lady had already done a thorough research of him, although they had never met.

Zhao Anan was her precious granddaughter and she had been extremely furious when Anan got pregnant at the age of 17. She had wanted to kill Mu Qing!

But because of that pregnancy, her cancer was detected at an early stage. Otherwise Zhao Anan would have died ages ago.

Besides, Zhao Fu understood that Mu Qing had been devoted to Zhao Anan and that it had been Zhao Anan who kept pushing him away. But he was persistent and never gave up, despite the fact that Zhao Anan was sick.

That was a very rare thing.

Therefore, Zhao Fu was no longer angry by the matters of the past. She felt that Mu Qing was quite pleasing to the eye!

She and her daughter, Zhao Zhao had already come to the decision that no matter whether or not Zhao Anan agreed, they were definitely going to marry her to Family Mu as long as Mu Qing agreed.

If Zhao Anan married to Family Mu, she would have a higher possibility of surviving. It was the selfish idea of her grandmother.

Mu Qing had no idea that the Old Lady knew everything about his background. He stepped up and handed over the present which he had brought with him.

Smiling brightly, he said, “Happy Birthday, Grandmother! Wish you are always fit and healthy.This is a therapeutic medical ball which my grandpa makes himself. I hope that you still have sharp ears and bright eyes at the age of 100, staying as fit as you were decades ago!”

Family Mu was the only family in A City who gave medicines or medical equipments as birthday presents to the seniors.

Zhao Fu was delighted after hearing what he said.

She was aware of how proficient Mu Wensheng was. She also knew that he had retired from the business ages ago so the products which he made would be precious.

She took it and held it in her hands for a moment. The wrinkles on her face deepened because of the smile on her face.

“Butler, keep it somewhere dry and sheltered. No exposure to sunlight.”

That was a different attitude that she showed compared to when Shangguan Ning had given her the present. It seemed that Mu Qing was indeed good at pleasing the Old Lady.

Even Zhao Anan saw him in a new light. She kept looking at him as if she didn’t know who he was.

Family Zhao was aristocratic and had many properties. The old lady rarely paid attention to ordinary things, but precious medicine that was good for health was exactly what she craved. Everyone wanted to live a few years longer.

The Butler took it away from her hands.

The Old Lady smiled brightly. “Good boy, so polite and handsome too! I like you more and more. You need to come and visit me often.”

She gave Mu Qing a present and said happily, “I am giving you this greeting present. We have nothing at home except for precious treasures.”

Mu Qing thanked the Old Lady and accepted it graciously.

Zhao Anan also gave her presents to the Old Lady – she had got the birthday present ready.

It was bustling in the villa and Zhao Fu felt extremely happy.

She usually lived alone and no one apart from the servants, Zhao Zhao and Zhao Anan stayed there.

But Zhao Anan didn’t like staying at home. She was always out somewhere for fun whilst Zhao Zhao had little time to keep her company.

When she was surrounded by so many people, especially her rarely-seen grandson, she was delighted. She even gave a separate present to Jing Yichen and chitchatted with him for a long time.

It was time for the banquet.

Zhao Fu liked it when family members were around, but didn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders. So she often celebrated her birthdays at home except when she ran into the year of an integral number.

She had already stopped attending banquets with business people after she got old. What she enjoyed most was to have juniors surrounding around her to converse with her.

Family Zhao always talked at the dinner table. It was a vigorous conversation and both the hosts and the guests were having a great time.

After the meal, the Old Lady wanted to talk separately with Mu Qing while Zhao Zhao took Jing Yichen away for a chat.

Shangguan Ning and Zhao Anan stayed back and looked at each other.

“Anan, why do I feel that we are being totally ignored?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t like this before. Why do the family change their attitudes when cousin and scumbag Mu are here? Anyway, next time, I will not invite them here. You alone will be enough, you can be ignored, anyways.”

Shangguan Ning pulled Zhao Anan’s newly rounded cheeks and glared. “Are you consoling me or demeaning me?”

Zhao Anan pinched her back instantly, “I am demeaning you, of course!”

Then they started to run around the living room with hands on each other’s face.

“Zhao Anan, are you trying to pinch me to death? Let go of me, or I will bite!”

“You let go of me first. You started it so you must finish it first. My face must have become bloated because of you.”

“No, you first, then I will follow!”

“I have been tricked by you too many times. I would be a pig if ever trusted you again. Let go of me.”

“Zhao Anan, you are a pig anyways!”

“You dare to curse me, Shangguan Ning? I will stick to the end and make you a pig head so that even my cousin wouldn’t recognize you. Haha!”

“I won’t let go if you don’t, I will pinch you….”

When Jing Yichen and Mu Qing came back to the living room, this was the sight that greeted them.

Shangguan Ning’s cheeks were still swollen when she left Family Zhao’s residence with Jing Yichen.

Jing Yichen couldn’t help but shake his head. “Why were you playing this childish game when you are a grownup? Your face has swelled up. No more such games with Anan, she doesn’t know how to control her force.”

Shangguan Ning smiled as she put the ice bag upon the face. “Haha, it is fine! I pinched her back too. Her cheeks must have gotten redder than mine. What about you, what did you and Aunt talk about?”

Jing Yichen drove and said calmly, “Aunt said that both she and grandmother have agreed that I will be the heir of Family Zhao’s Jewelry.”

Shangguan Ning thought about it for a moment and then she realised it to be logical.

Who else would be more suitable than Jing Yichen?

Zhao Anan didn’t know anything about business, and even if she did, Zhao Zhao would not ask her to deal with the affairs. Jing Yichen was the best candidate for the management of the business.

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