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Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 291: Jing Yichen’s Fury

Chapter 291: Jing Yichen’s Fury

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“Family Zhao’s Jewelry originally belongs to my mother and aunt. As a result, Anan and I each, share half of the business. I will keep hers well for her sake and she can always have it whenever she wants.”

Shangguan Ning understood what he meant. She smiled and said, “I won’t even blink if you gave the entire Family Zhao’s Jewelry to her, as long as she can live well. I feel that maybe Anan would live much longer than us, because the medical industry is so advanced nowadays and Family Mu have so many secret materials. Just as she said, if she can marry into Family Mu, she will be able to live until she is 99!”

Jing Yichen knew that his wife never paid too much attention to money. She was a woman even more generous than him.

He felt his heart filled with warmth. “I hope that you both can still pinch each other’s cheeks and run around when you are 99 years old.”

Shangguan Ning burst into laughter when she thought of the scene where they were old and playing around. “We might not even be able to run around by that time. Maybe our teeth will all be gone because of the old age as well.”

“Ah, will I look very ugly if all my teeth are gone? Will I get lots of wrinkles and grey hair? No, no, take me to a beauty salon, I want to undergo some therapy.”

Jing Yichen laughed. Women always cared so much about their appearance, and the graceful Shangguan Ning was no exception.

But what she didn’t know was that no matter what she looked like, she was always the most beautiful princess in his heart and the woman he loved more than everybody else.

Ageing was happening every second and every minute. He didn’t care about it. It was great if he could age with the woman he loved.

He looked at her tender skin and asked, “Do you think that even I should also do some therapy? I am 34 and you are 27. If a person younger to me is undergoing it, will I become an ugly, bald man if I don’t do it now?”

Shangguan Ning turned her head and looked at the man next to her.

He was dressed in a white shirt, and a pair of black pants. He had a perfectly proportionate body shape, tall and erect. Even the simplest outfit made him look elegant. His face was beautifully contoured and had exquisite features. He talked in a low and sexy voice, making it impossible for people to move their eyes away from him.

“You are the best-looking man I have ever seen!” She said as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

He was so good-looking that she never got tired of looking at him.

Jing Yichen felt very happy after being kissed. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on his cheek. “One more kiss, I like it when you kiss me.”

Shangguan Ning hadn’t felt embarrassed until he said so. Her white cheeks reddened instantly. But seeing Jing Yichen’s handsome face, she couldn’t resist being fascinated so, she leaned forward and kissed him again.

Jing Yichen felt wonderful.

He turned his head and pinched her exquisite chin. Then he kissed her plump lips, nipped them and whispered, “Baby, are you a little demon who wants me to pay you the debt?”

Shangguan Ning got flustered by his kiss. Her lip hurt slightly, and felt as if currents were flowing in her body.

Her eyes twinkled as she said shyly, “Drive the car, don’t look at me…”

“But I can’t…”

It was getting warmer in the car. Jing Yichen pulled the car to the road side.

He felt that he had become less and less resistant towards Shangguan Ning.

As soon as she stimulated him even a little, he lost his control.

He had an erection already and wanted to sweep her into his arms and body.

Shangguan Ning knew him well. She understood exactly what he wanted to do. She said anxiously with a red face, “No, not here, let’s go home… home…”

The day was getting slightly dark and there were only a few people on the road. But Shangguan Ning really couldn’t imagine them doing it outside home.

Jing Yichen had to calm down his body seeing that she was so unwilling to accept him at the moment. He kissed her red lips fiercely and started the car.

If she didn’t like the environment, then she would not feel nice. He didn’t want his beloved woman to feel uncomfortable when they were doing the most intimate thing.

But before Jing Yichen could start driving back, his phone rang.

He saw that it was from Tiger.

Jing Yichen frowned slightly.

Tiger usually texted him or reported to him face-to-face. He rarely made a call, unless it was something urgent and difficult to deal with. There were only a few things Tiger couldn’t handle.

Jing Yichen picked up the phone and Tiger’s anxious voice came through. “Master, you need to go back to Family Jing now!”

“What is wrong?”

What Shangguan Ning saw was that Jing Yichen was frowning and expression getting colder. Then ice entered his eyes.

She could hear that it was from Tiger who urged Jing Yichen to go home. But she couldn’t catch the rest of it.

Shangguan Ning asked in concern after Jing Yichen hung up the phone. “What is wrong, Yichen? What has happened at home?”

Jing Yichen controlled his fury and said gently, “It is alright, don’t worry, nothing serious. I will take you home first. Wait for me there. I will come back to you later.”

He phrased that in a very relaxing way, but Shangguan Ning got increasingly confused.

Jing Yichen was a man well in control. He treated others coldly but he never got furious so easily. He was a man of strong self control but he was apparently very angry at this moment.

Shangguan Ning looked at him but didn’t ask him anything more. “Okay, go but remember to call me if you need anything.”

Jing Yichen took Shangguan Ning home before going off from Landscape Compound.

Standing beside the french window on the 27th floor, she watched the silver Aston Martin driving out of her sight. She sighed and turned around to go and change.

She removed the red dress and wore a set of white sportswear and sneakers. Then she grabbed the car keys and walked out of the door.

She didn’t know what had happened at Family Jing that annoyed Jing Yichen so much. But it might have been because of Jing Yiran’s marriage.

The four candidates had been chosen by Jing Yichen, and it was possible that Jing Yiran wanted to provoke Jing Yichen on this aspect. After all, he was not a man who could be controlled by anyone so easily.

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