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Black Iron’s Glory (Web Novel)


Welcome to Freia. A continent perpetually torn by war. Hundreds of years ago it was ruled by Magi, people capable of magic who viewed themselves as superior to those who could not. For thousands of years they ruled over common people… but times change.

Magic is a finite resource, and with its steady depletion, the magi grew weak. Eventually they were overthrown in a great war that saw them made all but extinct. Magic fell with them, becoming taboo in every way, the object of villainy in the novels of romance and heroism.

War is a human condition, however, and it has continued to wage unerringly between the successor kingdoms and empires as the common man fights to become master of the world left behind by the magi.

Magic has gone, but power remains, now wielded in the form of firearms and manpower. Muskets echo on the fields and cannons thunder on the ocean, even more so now that the greatest kingdoms on the continent have pushed out to colonise the far-away land known as Nubissia.

Born into this world of chaos is a young man, reincarnated from a salaryman in 21st century China. Lacking the prejudice against magic, and possessing a hobbyist’s knowledge of firearms and tactics, our young protagonist forges his path in a world where magic and musket war.

(Synopsis from Veratales)

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 560: 9th Month of Year 6042020-05-31
Chapter 559:2020-05-30
Chapter 558 - Fate of Mambamark2020-05-29
Chapter 557 - Avitelli I of Bleyotte2020-05-28
Chapter 556 - Clueless Mother2020-05-27
Chapter 555 Worrying Household Matters2020-05-26
Chapter 554 - Blancarte’s Intentions2020-05-25
Chapter 553 - To the Mainland2020-05-24
Chapter 552 - Homecoming Shiksans2020-05-23
Chapter 551 - Cape Lodocus’s Handover2020-05-22
Chapter 550 Return of General Birkin2020-05-21
Chapter 549 - Death of the Great Chieftain2020-05-20
Chapter 548 Western Coast Incident of 6032020-05-19
Chapter 547 - General Skri’s Secret Message2020-05-18
Chapter 546 - Looming Threat2020-05-16
Chapter 545 - Battle Report2020-05-15
Chapter 544 Pamigar Revolt2020-05-14
Chapter 543: Court Case of the Wood2020-05-13
Chapter 542 Escort and Transport2020-05-12
Chapter 541 - Reorganisation and Voluntary Folk2020-05-11
Chapter 540 - Family Matters2020-05-10
Chapter 539 - Tesoray’s Future2020-05-09
Chapter 538 - Shiksan Captives2020-05-08
Chapter 537: Operation Wildfire2020-05-07
Chapter 536 Ironclad Deal2020-05-06
Chapter 535 - Analysis and Response2020-05-05
Chapter 534 - Two Bits of Bad News2020-05-04
Chapter 533 - Reparations Negotiations and Arms Deal2020-05-04
Chapter 532: Sharp Negotiations2020-05-02
Chapter 531 - a2020-05-02
Chapter 530 - Deploying Troops2020-04-30
Chapter 529 - Really a Misunderstanding?2020-04-30
Chapter 528 Bandit Extermination2020-04-29
Chapter 527 Fief Picks2020-04-28
Chapter 526 - Solidarity of Victors2020-04-27
Chapter 525 - The Council’s Three Demands2020-04-27
Chapter 524 - Choice and Solidarity2020-04-27
Chapter 523 - Elevation Fee2020-04-24
Chapter 522 - The King’s Scheme2020-04-23
Chapter 521 - Prime Minister’s Two Proposals2020-04-22
Chapter 520 Disassembly and Diversion2020-04-21
Chapter 519 - Captives and Expansion2020-04-20
Chapter 518 - Appointment and Delegation2020-04-19
Chapter 517 - Good News and Lies2020-04-18
Chapter 516 Clash in Polyvisia (4)2020-04-17
Chapter 515 - Clash in Polyvisia (3)2020-04-16
Chapter 514 - Clash in Polyvisia (2)2020-04-16
Chapter 513 Clash in Polyvisia (1)2020-04-16
Chapter 512 - Prelude to Battle2020-04-16
Chapter 511 - Choosing to Fight or Leave2020-04-12
Chapter 510 - Severe Circumstances2020-04-10
Chapter 509 - Saint Lusk Naval Battle2020-04-09
Chapter 508 - Butcher of Polyvisia2020-04-08
Chapter 507 - En Route to Polyvisia2020-04-08
Chapter 506 Station and Choice2020-04-07
Chapter 505 - Triumph of Ambruiz2020-04-06
Chapter 504 War on Two Fronts2020-04-05
Chapter 503 Arrival and Impersonation2020-04-04
Chapter 502 Operation Crescent Moon2020-04-03
Chapter 501 Goals2020-04-02
Chapter 500 - Deciding to Deploy2020-04-01
Chapter 499 Conversation on the Train2020-03-31
Chapter 498 Chasing Ambassador’s Away and Maria’s Arrival2020-03-31
Chapter 497 Declaration of War2020-03-29
Chapter 496 Ironclad and Stahlhelm2020-03-27
Chapter 495 Aid2020-03-26
Chapter 494 - Splitting Family Assets2020-03-25
Chapter 493 Family Troubles2020-03-25
Chapter 492 Busywork and Misfortune2020-03-24
Chapter 491 Catching Up2020-03-23
Chapter 490 Sheila’s Experiences2020-03-22
Chapter 489 Blackwind, Stop Licking!2020-03-21
Chapter 488 Train2020-03-20
Chapter 487 Tracking2020-03-19
Chapter 486 The Hunt2020-03-18
Chapter 485 Troubling Household Matters2020-03-17
Chapter 484 Request and Reply2020-03-16
Chapter 483The Union Rises2020-03-14
Chapter 482Sacred Light Era Year 5952020-03-13
Chapter 481 Deploying on the Mainland2020-03-12
Chapter 480 - Aftermath and Self-governance2020-03-12
Chapter 479 Blinded by Greed2020-03-11
Chapter 478 Ambassadors’ Night Meeting2020-03-10
Chapter 477 Shock at the Banquet2020-03-09
Chapter 476: Piglet Capture Conflict2020-03-08
Chapter 475 - Ambassador’s Arrival2020-03-07
Chapter 474 - Rebuke2020-03-06
Chapter 473 - Blacksail and Eriksson2020-03-05
Chapter 472 - Private Conversation2020-03-04
Chapter 471 - Borkal’s Experiences2020-03-03
Chapter 470 Cleanup After the Great Battle2020-03-02
Chapter 469 The Grand Push2020-03-02
Chapter 468 At Sea2020-02-28
Chapter 467: Surprise Attack Planning2020-02-27
Chapter 466:2020-02-27
Chapter 465 - Meeting and Surprise Attack2020-02-26
Chapter 464 - Crossing the Floating Bridge2020-02-25
Chapter 463 Tricks and Countermeasures2020-02-24
Chapter 462: Attack and Reinforcement2020-02-23
Chapter 461: Why Isn’t Shiks Attacking?2020-02-22