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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 449: Visit the Internet Cafe Tomorrow

Chapter 449: Visit the Internet Cafe Tomorrow

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The arrogant and rampant Heaven-Seeking Sword Palace had become quiet, completely different from before.

After Nangong Zhuo achieved nothing in the Heavenly Academy exam and got kicked out, becoming a laughingstock, and the two sword slaves exploded outside Yuanyang City, all the people thought that the long-term peace in the cultivation world was broken. However, up until now, the Heaven-Seeking Sword Palace hadn’t made a move.

There wasn’t even a whisper coming from them.

It seemed as if they had finally given up.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fang was quite relaxed. He took the time to practice sword techniques and also sipped milk tea while reading the official novel of Diablo 2 on a couch.

In the morning, the shop had a moderate amount of business; it wasn’t busy or slow.

( B ) The shop which had been in the center of the storm settled down. No one dared to mess with this shop since even the Heaven-Seeking Sword Palace could do nothing to it. Regardless of how great their background was, everyone coming into the shop abided by its rules, and no one made trouble.

During this time, the neighboring shop had changed hands, and the clerk who used to stop people from entering Fang Qi’s shop had disappeared, never showing his face in the area again.

It took Fang Qi a long while to get used to this new development since he was used to the old environment.

The Spiritual State was indeed much larger than the Deserted Sea Realm where Dajin was situated. The seven ancient families were in different places on the continent. For most cultivators, they only heard the names of most of the families and never met anyone from these families.

The Heavenly Academy was situated in the northern region of the continent, and further north was the Heaven-Seeking Sword Palace and Heavenly Abyss Sea. North to the Heavenly Abyss Sea was the Jiang Family and 12 demon clans.

Yuanyang City belonged to the Heavenly Academy. In fact, Castellan Zong Wu had been a disciple of the Heavenly Academy.

Of course, it was long, long ago.

When the sun rose in the east, mild voices that were lecturing the disciples came from the Dao-Seeking Pavilion in the Heavenly Academy. Beside the lotus pond in the distance, a white-haired old man was focused on boiling a pot of tea. With a small and exquisite dark-red enameled teapot in his hand, he moved in an unhurried and tranquil manner.

He looked like an old man who was enjoying the last few years of his life; no one would think that he was the Old Academy Master of the Heavenly Academy, a figure respected by the masters of the ancient families.

Behind him quietly stood a scholarly young man wearing white clothes.

Beside him was the black-robed Daoist who had monitored the exam.

He looked serene, showing no complaints about standing there for a long time.

The old man nodded. “I like your presence. I’ve had many disciples in my life and taught each of them one of my ultimate techniques. However, I’ve never taught anyone the Heavenly Insight Scroll. Do you know why?”

This young man was Wang Xie. Obviously, he had defeated Xun Yuan in that day’s battle and won the first place.

With a slight frown, he thought for a moment before saying, “I heard that the secrets of Heaven are not to be leaked. Is it because this scroll contains the secrets of Heaven and can’t be known to other people?”

The old man said mildly, “Not exactly. Not all Heavenly secrets are unpredictable and unfit for people’s knowledge. Otherwise, how would people have known about my Heavenly Insight Scroll?”

“What is the reason then?” Wang Xie asked curiously.

The old man slowly said, “I don’t know when the Heavenly Insight Scroll was created; the only thing I know is that ever since it came into existence, it has never made a mistake. If many people learn it, I’m afraid that it would cause changes in Heaven and alter many people’s fates.”

“The Heavenly Insight Scroll is so powerful and accurate?”

( B ) The old man nodded. “I don’t want to bring this technique with me to the netherworld. I think you have the right temperament to cultivate this technique. Today, I’ll demonstrate it to you. Watch it carefully.”

With several Yin-Yang Trigram Tokens made by unknown materials in his hand, he said, “These are the necessary trigram tokens for cultivating the Heavenly Insight Scroll. Qian represents Heaven and Yang; Kun represents Earth and Yin. When Yin and Yang intertwined and connected, Heaven and Earth merged, and all the things in the world were created.”

The old man said, “If you have any questions, you can ask me. Today, I’ll make an exception and answer a question for you once.”

“It’s a rare opportunity that Master is willing to answer something for you!” the black-robed Daoist behind Wang Xie said in excitement, “You must grasp this opportunity! Master made accurate predictions about several treasures in the Fortune Golden Palace and never got one wrong!”

Since demonstration wasn’t teaching, it was okay for the dark-robed Daoist to watch.

“Really?” Wang Xie froze.

“Lately… I’ve been wondering about something.” Since there were no treasures to hunt down for now, Wang Xie said after a moment of consideration, “A few days ago, the sword slaves of the Heaven-Seeking Sword Palace were killed, and the young master of the Nangong Family was weeded out from the exam to everyone’s surprise. Also, the most popular topic in the Heavenly Academy is the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3 and the Origins Internet Club. I don’t know what they are about, but they sound like a powerful immortal relic. Master, can you calculate and find out its background?”

“Well! I thought you would ask something interesting!” the black-robed Daoist said with a chuckle, “I’m surprised that you are interested in this minor thing; it will be a waste of Master’s efforts…”

“Pu!” Before he could finish, the old man spat out a mouthful of blood.

The trigram tokens before him suddenly shattered, and the teapot, the desk, the ground, and even the whole space began to tremble.

“Move… help me out of here!”

The black-robed Daoist’s eyes opened wide.

Wang Xie’s mouth was wide open, and his jaw dropped.


With an earth-shaking noise, the six spiritual artifacts which looked like Yin-Yang fish exploded, turning the place they were standing on into a pile of debris.

They all fell silent.

“Origins Internet Club?” Gu Tingyun regained his senses after a long while.

“Ugh… Yeah…” While his face twitched, Wang Xie couldn’t remain cool anymore. Although he didn’t know what expression he had, he knew that it was very ghastly.

The black-robed Daoist was silent.

“Yes… Master…”

“And… What the heck is the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3?” The old man asked with a dark expression.

Wang Xie didn’t know what expression he had right now. “Ugh… I’m not sure. Junior Sister Xiaoyue and the others often talk about it… I heard names such as Chong Lou, Jing Tian, and Xu Changqing… They even invited me to play it.”

“Pu!” Another mouthful of blood shot out.

“Today, I’ll take some rest…” The old man said listlessly, “Tomorrow, you can take me to the Origins Internet Club.”

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