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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 450: What is the Shop Owner Battling?

Chapter 450: What is the Shop Owner Battling?

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There were many disciples in the Heavenly Academy.

They were divided into two categories. The disciples of the first category had masters, and the rest were ordinary disciples without masters.

They had different cultivation strengths and ages, but there were no ranks among them. After all, the disciples were all elites in the younger generation, and there was no need to rank them by force.

In fact, some members of the big families entered the Heavenly Academy only to get the title and cultivated their own techniques inherited from their ancestors instead of the techniques of the Heavenly Academy. Thus, these people didn’t have to stay in the Heavenly Academy every day for cultivation; Xun Yuan and Tang Yu were in this category.

Of course, most people would choose to learn from a master in the Heavenly Academy. After all, they would have a faster speed in learning the basic cultivation techniques such as essence circulation and tricks in spiritual spells if they had a master to teach them instead of trial-and-erroring on their own.

“Boss…” Mr. Fang was playing games intently when Jiang Xiaoyue walked into the internet café with several girls after school.

Yue Bai said, “A bowl of instant noodles and a cup of milk tea!”

Mu Qing shouted, “Sister Xin’er, I’ll have a box of spicy sticks first.”

Young Master Xu and Lei Ge said, “We’ll each have one set of these snacks. Boss Xiaoyue, what do you want?”

Instead of going to the counter, Jiang Xiaoyue ran to Mr. Fang. “Boss, today, the elders taught us the composition of qi and the Dao of Yin-Yang. He said something about ‘the heavy is earth and the light is sky’. I don’t quite understand it. Do you know anything about it?”

“As for this…” While playing the game, Mr. Fang answered casually, “Qi mainly consists of hydrogen and oxygen.”

“Oh… it consists of hydrogen and oxygen…” Xiaoyue took out a small notebook and made notes on it.

“Then, what does ‘the heavy is earth and the light is sky’ mean?” Jiang Xiaoyue asked.

Mr. Fang answered distractedly, “It means that gases with a lower density such as hydrogen rises and becomes the sky; the gases with higher density such as carbon dioxide and oxygen fall down to the ground.”

“Then, what are hydrogen and oxygen…? I don’t think the elders taught us these words.”

“Hydrogen and oxygen are…” Mr. Fang explained randomly, and Jiang Xiaoyue made notes. The others nearby gaped at this unusual teaching session.

Soon Jiang Xiaoyue filled her small notebook with knowledge of Middle School to High School Level Physics and Chemistry.

“Ugh…?” While scratching her head, Jiang Xiaoyue read from her notebook, “Qi is made up of invisible particles which are mainly H2 and O2… Above the sky is the ozonosphere which consists of O3, a substance made up with three oxygen atoms…”

“Is… that so? It sounds… I still don’t understand.”

While holding her notebook, Jiang Xiaoyue looked puzzled. “Maybe I should ask my big brother?”

“Big Brother!”

Jiang Xuan was watching Jade Dynasty.

“Oh? Xiaoyue, you’re back from school?” Jiang Xuan glanced at her and continued watching Jade Dynasty.

“Yes! The boss explained to me the composition of qi, but I still don’t understand it,” Jiang Xiaoyue said.

“The composition of qi?” Jiang Xuan waved his hand and said with confidence, “Little Sister, ask away. Mr. Fang is powerful, but his knowledge of qi is absolutely not as deep as our Jiang Family.”

After all, their family was an ancient family with a great inheritance and profound accumulation of knowledge.

“Great!” Jiang Xiaoyue said in excitement, “Boss just told me that qi mainly consists of hydrogen and oxygen…”

Dumbfounded, Jiang Xuan looked toward Mr. Fang. “!!??”

“What kind of qi is that?!”

The sci-fi games and movies the shop had released, such as Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Counter Strike, presented low-level sci-fi worlds.

The items shown in them couldn’t replace the most advanced spiritual artifacts and spiritual treasures, but they had a great impact on the low-level to middle-level spiritual artifacts and spiritual treasures.

Of course, they only impacted and couldn’t replace these spiritual artifacts which had many advantages that even modern technology couldn’t achieve. However, they did provide new options for cultivators and warriors besides their own spiritual artifacts.

To understand these new things, they must understand the basic science knowledge that they had never encountered before.

However, the players who only played games instead of studying spiritual artifacts wouldn’t pay attention to these things.

“Forget it… I’ll bring my questions to the elders…” Jiang Xiaoyue was not pleased. “How come my big brother doesn’t even know this?

“I’ll go play games!”

She took an empty seat beside them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fang glanced at the task list and saw that the number of activations for the Legend of Sword and Fairy 3 had surpassed 2,000.

Mr. Fang didn’t livestream today. Instead, he continued to control Jing Tian to level up and practice sword techniques.

Different from the original game, even though the system version didn’t set restrictions on the use of spiritual treasures, the treasures in the game were too precious, and they were all unique. They couldn’t be obtained just by killing monsters over and over again like the original version.

Therefore, the players must rely on their own combat techniques and Jing Tian’s strength.

If the players’ strengths weren’t high enough, they must work hard to increase Jing Tian’s level, which would in turn increase their own strengths.

This was why Fang Qi was not in a hurry to pass the game.

He didn’t step into the New Immortal World until he thought he was ready.

“The shop owner turned on the livestream again?”

“Which part is he going to play?”

“Only the battle with Chong Lou is left…”

On top of many old customers, the new customers sat down in the lounge areas as well.

At this moment, a white-haired old man shakily walked toward the shop with the assistance of a black-robed Daoist and a white-clothed young man. It looked like this old man was going to fall if the wind blew on him.

“Is this the shop?” The old man glanced at the interior of the shop. “It seems… ordinary, eh?”

A shop like this exploded my trigram tokens while I tried to calculate what it was with my Heavenly Insight Scroll?!

“Help… Help me in…” the old man said shakily.

“Please be careful…” They pushed open the door and helped the old man walk in.

Upon entering the shop, they saw a large group of people sitting on the couches in the lounge area by the entrance; they all stared at the big screen.

“What are they watching?” Gu Tingyun glanced at the big screen curiously.

Then, he saw a big white deer sitting nearby, and it had a serious expression on its face.

“We’re watching the shop owner battle Chong Lou!” the big white deer explained kindly.

“Chong Lou?”

On the big screen, a young man wearing a purple-golden Daoist robe and a luxurious headpiece stood there with the demon-suppressing sword, as immortal essence flowed around him.

Standing opposite to him was a valiant-looking male demon with two horns, who was wearing a set of red-gold armor.

Jing Tian versus Chong Lou.

The last cycle of reincarnation in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 3 would end with this battle.

“Who is Chong Lou?”

The big white deer pointed its front hoof at the big screen and yelled in excitement, “The Demon Lord! Today, the shop owner is going to battle the Demon Lord on livestream. It’s the last battle in the New Immortal World and will be awesome!”

The three people who had just entered the shop asked, “What?!”

The black-robed Daoist and Wang Xie shivered so hard that they almost threw away the old man who were they holding out the door.

“What is the shop owner battling?”

How come this little deer is watching this battle so calmly?!

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