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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 451: The Battle in the New Immortal World

Chapter 451: The Battle in the New Immortal World

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Even though Master couldn’t calculate this shop’s background… The black-robed Daoist snapped back to his senses after a long pause.

They came prepared and knew that this shop owner wouldn’t be an ordinary person since even the Heavenly Insight Scroll couldn’t find out the background of this shop, but they were still shocked when they heard that he was going up into the Immortal World to battle with a demon lord!

It is a bit far-fetched, right?

Since when is going to the Immortal World as simple as drinking water or having a meal?!

It must be noted that no one had ascended to Heaven in a long, long time!

They found seats and sat down in doubt.

The moment that they sat down, the big white deer went to the counter and came back with a dark purple round bowl dangling in its mouth.

The newcomers stared at the big screen intently. “This place looks… indeed like the Immortal World.”

On the big screen, the immortal essence and auspicious clouds floated around, and colorful lights flashed in the grand and beautiful palaces. It indeed looked celestial.

While they watched, a special fragrance suddenly floated into their noses.

They sniffed subconsciously, and Wang Xie turned his eyes toward the source of the scent.

“Keep a calm and clear mind; watch carefully!” the white-haired old man said.

“Yes… Master.” Wang Xie immediately sat straight and continued watching.

Less than ten seconds later, a yellow-clothed young master and a burly man in a shirt walked over and sat down beside the big white deer. “Little Bell, your master is not here today?”

They each had a bowl of instant noodles in their hands.

“Ugh…? What’s this scent?” The black-robed Daoist of Heavenly Academy sniffed involuntarily, finding that the sour fragrance was even stronger.

He glanced over subconsciously and saw that the two men and one deer each had a purple round bowl in their hands, and the intense fragrance…

“Gulp.” Unconsciously, he swallowed his saliva.

“Concentrate and ignore all distractions!” the old man beside him reminded him.

“Yes, Master!” With a shiver, the black-robed Daoist immediately turned his head back and concentrated his attention on the big screen.

At this moment, the two people on the big screen hadn’t attacked yet, but their presences swept over the sky and the ground like tsunamis.

Neither of them moved.

Meanwhile, several cultivators walked over from the counter, each holding a purple round bowl and a paper cup with a big straw in it.

They sat down on the other side of the three newcomers.

The rich sour fragrance and intense milk fragrance floated into their noses alternatively.

Then, a loli came over with three girls, each holding a bowl of instant noodles, and they sat down beside the big white deer.

Zong Wu walked in with some guards…

With more people coming into the lounge area, the intense fragrances filled the whole space.

Wang Xie and the black-robed Daoist glanced over again subconsciously.

“Ahem!” A slight cough came from the old man.

With a shiver, the two guys looked back and watched the big screen with straight postures.

Then, they heard the old voice say, “You two, go and ask them what they are eating. We… will take some of those.”

In disbelief, they turned their heads and saw the white-haired old man taking in a deep breath of the fragrance, looking intoxicated.

The two men were speechless.

“Wow! The battle is beginning!” With a bowl of instant noodles in his hands, the black-robed Daoist stared at the screen with bright eyes.

Right now, Mr. Fang controlled Jing Tian and launched an attack before his rival did, flying across the sky as a light beam!

When his sword collided with the two blades in Chong Lou’s hands, the horrifying force spread out like a tsunami. With explosive earth-shaking noises, the immortal palaces around them collapsed in the blink of an eye!

The first round of attacks between an immortal and a demon was so explosive that all the audience felt dizzy with thrills.


“When can I be as powerful as this!”

The black-robed Daoist of the Heavenly Academy froze with the bowl of instant noodles in his hands; he said shakily, “Only immortals in Heaven can unleash such power! He is a real immortal!”

“Is this what the junior sisters and brothers have been talking about everyday?!” While swallowing a mouthful of instant noodles, Wang Xie said in a daze.

After their weapons separated, chilly lights flashed in the ocean of clouds like shooting stars while they exchanged dozens of attacks in the blink of an eye. The sword energy and devil energy spread out in all directions, and they left deep cracks in the surrounding clouds and palaces.

Excited, the players flooded the screen with bullet comments. They had been thrilled when they watched the great battle between Fei Peng and Chong Lou in the opening animation of the game, and their blood boiled. Now, they realized that they could control the main character to fight the final battle with this unkillable demonic god.

Only a battle of this scale could be called a battle, and it was worth it for the viewers to feel blood-boil over it. Fighting with an ultimate master was the dream of each master. Even the ordinary cultivators without great talents also wished that they could reach the summit and have a thrilling battle.

Now, the opponent was the unkillable Lord of the Demon World, Chong Lou. He could control most people’s life, death, age, and sickness, and he had mastered spatial powers!

Since Jing Tian was technically still a human, Chong Lou wouldn’t unleash his full power in this battle. Instead, he only used a force within the range of human achievement.

“F*ck! Mr. Fang is fighting so fiercely?!” On the big screen, Fang Qi didn’t show any disadvantage after controlling Jing Tian to battle with Chong Lou for dozens of attacks. Then, his left hand turned, and a small bronze wine cup appeared in his palm.

Light flashed on the small wine cup as if a tremendous amount of spiritual energy had been injected in it, and he tossed it out.

With a huge noise, the wine cup exploded in front of Chong Lou, and a great surge of flames that could cover Heaven and Earth instantly swallowed him!

“Nation-Destroying Silver Bullet Wave?” someone exclaimed.

The attack didn’t end here.

On the screen, Jing Tian withdrew his sword and cast a spell.

After Fei Peng reincarnated as Jing Tian, he knew more than just sword techniques!

Before the aftermath of the explosion disappeared from where Chong Lou was standing, flames of extremely high temperature rose around Chong Lou, shaking the sky and the earth.

“Shaking Star and Moving Earth?! Sky-Burning Flame?!”

“Even Chong Lou can’t escape from these attacks unscathed, eh?”

“He is merciless!”

Watching a battle of such scale, all the audience felt a force surging through their veins. Then, they flooded the screen with bullet comments.

However, a chilly light appeared in the depths of the thick smoke and the ocean of flames at this moment!

Meanwhile, a streak of eight trigrams spiritual light flashed around Mr. Fang.

Mr. Fang was intact, and the chilly light turned around, instantly shooting toward Chong Lou!

“What’s that?” The audience watched the scene in horror, wondering why it seemed like Chong Lou attacked himself.

“Damn! Awesome! He used Smoky Moon Godly Mirror!”

This was a consumable-type super spiritual treasure that Fang Qi obtained in the Immortal World. The godly force attached to the mirror could bounce back the opponent’s attack even though this attack came from Chong Lou who, after all, only unleashed a force within a humans’ capabilities.

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