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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 786: Ancestral Master, That’s Coke…

Chapter 786: Ancestral Master, That’s Coke…

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“Good! Good! Good!” The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master looked to be a young man who was about thirty years old. With his shoulder-length white hair and handsome face, he looked to be a figure walking out from a painting scroll at first glance.

Before him, the spiritual masters and elders trembled in fear.

The young man flew down lightly like a feather as if he was weightless.

The strange thing was that there had been no signs or phenomenon for such a big event.

Except for the spiritual essence that was gathering in the mountain, there wasn’t a special sign.

Everything was silent as if the signs had been suppressed purposefully.

“Don’t be surprised.” With his hands clasped behind his back, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master walked forward silently, and it seemed like his feet didn’t really touch the ground.

If one looked at the ground carefully, one would see that each of his steps was only millimeters above the ground, and each step had the same distance from the ground.

However, not a particle of dust was disturbed when he walked on the ground.

It seemed like his movements didn’t disturb any particle in the air.

Almost no one in the world could achieve such a control ability!

Behind him, Lingxu Zi and the elders were discussing in fear. “Why did the Ancestral Master come out so suddenly?”

“How come there was no sign at all?” It must be noted that such rare saint-like existences would cause natural phenomena when they made a sudden appearance.

“A while ago, we heard collective singing from auspicious beasts and smelled rare scents all over the mountains… I told you that something huge would happen in our cave abode, but then it coincided with Palace Master Fang’s appearance in our Continent of Immortal Village.”

While slapping his thigh, Lingxu Zi suddenly understood it. “We thought that the signs are for the arrival of Palace Master Fang who is like a sage!”

But it turned out that we were wrong!

“Maybe the signs are for both of them…” another elder said, “Otherwise, the Ancestral Master wouldn’t have come out so suddenly…”

He glanced at the great palace behind him and said in fear, “The Ancestral Master came out from there just to visit Origins Internet Club!”

“Are you sure that… we can find clues in the so-called Origins Internet Club?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master looked back at them.

“We’re sure!”

“We’re very sure!”

The elders yelled.

The middle-aged man named Li Wu said as if he was asking for a compliment, “Ancestral Master, I heard it with my own ears.”

“The Grand Elder and all the others in Heavenly Faction are determined to have at least have one of them become a god-like figure!”

“Hehe… Hahahaha! A bunch of little guys in the new generations. How can they do that?” The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master said with a sneer, “Listen up!”

While pausing his steps, he said overbearingly as if he was looking down on the whole world, “Even at the time when our cave abode was just established, those few most powerful masters in the world didn’t dare to say this in front of me.”

“God-like figure?”

“Only the most powerful people can rule the world!”

“Ancestral Master, you’re right!” Lingxu Zi said solemnly, “Only the true masters in the world deserve to make that step. If everyone could do it, what is the worth of the title ‘god-like figure’?”

Soon, they came to the door of the internet café.

“Origins?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master shook his head and stepped into the shop.

“Attendant!” Upon entering the shop, Li Wu yelled, “Attendant! I’ll buy…”

He looked back and counted, “One, two, three…eight, nine, ten…

“Get us ten membership cards and ten bottles of Coke!” After saying that, he tossed a bag of top-quality jade crystals, the equivalent of magic crystals in value, onto the counter.

“Okay!” Having managed a new shop before, Li Xin’er had become Mr. Fang’s special new shop manager. Besides, Li Lanruo, who had come over as an exchange student with Jiang Xiaoyue, often helped out in the shop.

“Hua-! Who’s he? He looks so grand!” Before she issued the cards, Li Lanruo looked up and saw a young man dressed in an antique blue robe walking over. With shoulder-length white hair, he had an ancient presence.

“He has a great background,” Li Wu said proudly, “All you need to know is that he has a very high and noble status; he will be a god-like figure in the future!”

“Well done!” While slightly squinting his eyes, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master carefully sensed and found…

I sensed the presence of that godly item from this little girl named Li Lanruo… Even though it’s very vague. His lips curved up. She must have had some contact with that godly item, or something on her once came in contact with it… Even though it is well hidden, the little tricks of juniors in the new generations can’t escape my eyes!

At this moment, Li Wu handed the membership cards to everyone and turned on League of Legends. “Please take a look.”

He lowered his voice slightly and said, “If you want to become a god-like figure, you must do it through this mystical realm in the shop.”

“Mystical realm?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master thought for a moment and remembered that back in his time, there were ancient and mysterious scrolls containing unimaginable opportunities and fortunes.

Right… this is it! In his mind, everything connected, creating a ripple in his heart that had been as calm as an ancient well.

I’m surprised that I, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master, am the first one to find it! He had only seen a little but could make more connections in his mind. According to his treasure-hunting and cultivation experience before he established the cave abode…

This girl must have the key which can open this mystical realm. In this mystical realm, I can find the location of that godly item!

Pinnacle stage of Ascendance Realm… Then, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master coldly glanced at Grand Elder Zhuge Qingyun who was sitting not far from him. I’m surprised that after so many years, there’s such a powerful master among the new generations.

“Are you here for that path too?” He said coldly, “I will not lose to you, a bunch of little guys in the new generations.”

Grand Elder Zhuge Qingyun seemed to sense something as well. He looked over and said with a mild smile, “You’re a senior, but on this issue, we must see who has the ability do it without backing away.”

“Humph!” With a snort, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master sat before a computer and turned on League of Legends. Then, he opened the cap of the Coke bottle and sipped it gracefully.

Then, he stared at the Coke bottle so intently that his eyeballs almost popped out. After that, he took a big swig.

“Ahh! Good liquor!” He wiped off the residue on his lips and said heartily, “Hahaha! What liquor is this? It feels strong in the mouth and stings like a hot knife in the throat. The color looks like that of Immortal Grape Nectar but has a deeper tint and a richer taste. I’m surprised that there’s such great liquor in the new generations… I haven’t tasted such good liquor for a long time!”

“It’s really good liquor!” Abode Master Lingxu Zi also lifted a bottle of Coke and said in a loud voice, “With this great liquor, I’ll propose a toast to Ancestral Master for his return!”

“To show my respect, I’ll empty it first!” Then, he gulped down the whole bottle.

“A great drinker! A great drinker indeed!”

“Ancestral Master, that’s Coke…”

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