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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 787: Newbies Are All Monsters

Chapter 787: Newbies Are All Monsters

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Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

In the new shop at the East Continent, every cultivator from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode had a bottle of Coke in their hands.

“Coke?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master said coldly with the empty Coke bottle in his hand. “This liquor’s name is Coke?”

“It’s not a liquor…” Li Wu immediately explained on the side, “This… this is Coke!”

“It’s not a liquor… it’s Coke?” The cultivators from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode looked at the bottles in their hands curiously. “Then, what is Coke?!”

“Coke is…” Li Wu waved his fingers and thought for a moment. “Um… Coke is… is… Burp!”

“It’s…?” Lingxu Zi and other elders looked at the disciple in puzzlement. “It’s…? Burp?!”

“???” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master looked at Lingxu Zi in bafflement. “Burp?!”

“???” Nonplussed, the elders from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode looked at their Ancestral Master and then…




Horrified, the other customers in the shop stared at the new players who kept burping. “…”


“No… I just couldn’t control myself!” After a long while, Lingxu Zi finally regained his breath.

The few elders also exhaled deeply.

Then, they stared at Li Wu and asked, “What’s wrong with this Coke?!”

“This…” Li Wu had sweat on his forehead. “This… you didn’t drink it right!”

You drained one big bottle in one breath. Of course, you’d burp!

“Is there a special way to drink this Coke?” One elder glared at him and said, “When I drink liquor on the regular, I don’t need a special method to drink it!”

“The common liquor doesn’t need a special method,” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master said, “However, when I drank the Immortal Grape Nectar, I did it in a complicated method. Of course, this Coke has to be drunk in a special way!”

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master instantly got interested. “Then, tell me how to drink this Coke.”

Li Wu took a straw from the counter and inserted it into the Coke bottle. Then, he sipped it with an intoxicated expression, looking as happy as an immortal.

Li Wu praised exuberantly, “This is the right way to drink Coke.”

Then, he sipped again through the straw and said, “Some people… drinking directly from the bottle… it’s…”

“It’s almost as rude as cows chewing on peonies!”

“I think this beverage shouldn’t be called Coke,” one elder said eagerly, “This should be called Immortal Happy Nectar!”

“Good name!”

“From now on, we’ll call it Immortal Happy Nectar!”

Seeing Li Wu sip Coke through the straw, the newcomers understood that they couldn’t drink too much in one sitting and reluctantly turned their eyes from Li Wu’s Coke.

Feeling uneasy under their stares, Li Wu said in a hurry, “Elders, Ancestral Master, there are several other kinds of… Happy Nectars in the shop.”

“There are more?!” They immediately looked at him.

“What Happy Nectars?!”


One minute later, they each had a bottle of Happy Nectar on their desks and finally started the journey in League of Legends.

“What’s the situation in this mystical realm? Are there any dangers?” The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master asked, “From the few words that I’ve heard about it, I think this mystical realm is very dangerous since we’ll have to put all our spiritual awareness into it!”

Lingxu Zi said, “Li Wu, hurry up and explain the mystical realm to Ancestral Master.”

“Ancestral Master, don’t worry!” Li Wu patted his chest and assured Xiaoyao Ancestral Master, “I’ll first invite Ancestral Master and the elders into my lobby.”

Soon, Lingxu Zi and the elders from Xiaoyao Cave Abode all accepted Li Wu’s invitation and entered his summoner’s lobby.

Li Wu said, “When we fight, the five of us won’t be separated.”

“There’s such a method?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master laughed and said, “Well done. You’ve already understood the rules of this mystical realm. Does it have a name?”

“This is called Sitting Five in a Row in the Internet Café!” Li Wu explained.

“Good name! Sitting Five in a Row in the Internet Café!” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master sipped the Happy Nectar cheerfully and started the journey of Sitting Five in a Row in the Internet Café.

Since they skipped the tutorial, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master obviously knew nothing about the game, and so did Lingxu Zi and others.

“How do I choose from these options?”

“That’s easy!” Li Wu said, “Ancestral Master, you choose the… Deathsinger. This is awesome!”

“And this… Cryophoenix.”

Then, he explained some basic operations to them.

“Deathsinger?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master looked this champion in bafflement.

“Karthus is a harbinger of oblivion, zealously devoted to the beauty and clarity of death… Yearning to be one with death, he journeyed to the Shadow Isles and willingly offered himself to the undead. Karthus transformed into the Deathsinger, the only horrifying lich in the world to deliver the blessed gift of annihilation…”

“He’s so powerful? Then, I’ll choose him…”

“Also, these so-called summoner’s abilities…?”

“Teleport! Revive,” Li Wu said, “I saw others use them. This Deathsinger can revive after death. When he has these on, he’s unrivaled!”

[TL Note: This is the old league, so some skills have been reworked.]

“He can revive? And there’s a summoner’s spell to revive?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master imagined the scene in which the champion was killed and then revived, was killed again and revived again…

His lips curved up. “This is awesome!”

Then, he looked a bit worried. “If this champion is so powerful, isn’t it… unfair to others?”

“It means that no one can defeat me?”

“How about my champion?” Lingxu Zi pointed at his Cryophoenix and asked.

“Such an auspicious bird has great abilities, right?”

“Rebirth!” Li Wu introduced, “This Cryophoenix is very powerful with the ability of rebirth of a phoenix. It can revive after being killed!”

“Do I also have…” Hearing the champion that he chose was also so powerful, Lingxu Zi asked with some excitement, “Can I also bring Teleport and Revive?”

“Or course,” Li Wu said.

“Hahahaha! Good!”

“Then, we want Teleport and Revive as well!” The other elders said immediately.

“This… can be done,” Li Wu said after a moment of consideration.

“Very good!” Lingxu Zi said, “We made the right decision by sending you here to gather information. You prove to be a person with great potential!”

They imagined the scene in which the enemies took great efforts to kill them in battle, but they stood up again. Even if they were killed again, the five of them would revive together and teleport back to the battleground…

Just thinking of such a battle method gave them great excitement!




The game began!

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