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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 788: Secret Technique! Feeding Double Kill!

Chapter 788: Secret Technique! Feeding Double Kill!

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“Well… very good!” Thinking that they had made a good plan to defeat their enemies before they even entered the game, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master felt very satisfied with the wits of the disciples in the new generations and sipped some more of his Happy Nectar. “People of great achievements are always well-prepared with strategies before making a move.

My Xiaoyao Cave Abode mostly needs people who have an agile mind and can do things with good plans. Lingxu Zi nodded again and said, “Very good.”

At this moment, the game already started.

The projected images of the ten champions from both sides had been teleported to the spawn points.

Although they hadn’t been through the tutorial, with Li Wu’s reminders and explanations, they could handle the basic operations.

Under the summon, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master controlled the projected image of the Deathsinger. Instantly, he felt like a pair of cold and horrifying eyes were staring at him from behind this projected image.

The being that this pair of eyes belonged to seemed to have the ability to control people’s life and death.

Almost instantly, the fine hair on Xiaoyao Ancestral Master’s body stood on end.

This was the first time that he sensed danger since he woke up!

Even though they were separated by endless space and time, and he knew that they were in different worlds, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master still felt alarmed.

“We must control the projected images of such existences to battle?” With slightly squinted eyes, he was even more convinced despite his little knowledge of this strange ‘mystical realm’.

This is it… Anyone who can build such a grand mystical realm must be related to that godly item in some way.

As mentioned before, since the champions were summoned to this rift in the form of projected images, the items that the players bought were in a form similar to projected images to fit with the champions.

Therefore, even if they bought many weapons such as an Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv, or Last Whisper, the champions could carry them all.

At this moment, every player had bought enough health potions and mana potions. Then…

Li Wu said, “We won’t use the offensive strategy of advancing in three lanes as taught in the tutorial. According to my experience in many matches, I think we can have a better starting position.”

“Really?” Lingxu Zi looked at him meaningfully.

“Yes!” Li Wu said, “The five of us are like five chopsticks. If we fight separately, each of us will be broken easily. But if we advance on one lane and fight together… we can also teleport and revive…”

“The tutorial teaches such a mistaken method?” Lingxu Zi said, “Then, we don’t have to follow it. Li Wu’s right. If the five of us stick together, we won’t be broken easily. We’ll work together and take the giant nexus in the center of their base!”

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master said, “Since you’ve got a plan, let’s do it accordingly.”

Soon, the five of them appeared in the mid lane as if they owned it.

They were the Rogue Mage, the Cryophoenix, the Deathsinger, the Magus Ascendant, and the Chronokeeper – mage-type champions.

– At this moment, in the new shop at Canglan City –

A dog-headed man controlled the Curator of the Sands and sent it to the outer turret in the mid lane with a vocal command.

On the magic letter for the livestream, the audience complained, [Embarrassing. Are you going to stream Dark Sword or not?]

[You suck in League of Legends too. How many matches have you lost now?]

They saw Mr. Dog-Head who hadn’t activated virtual reality mode cheerfully taking a bite from the fried chicken bites, the most popular take-out food from Wind and Moon Pavilion in Jiuhua City and sipping the Happy Nectar.

Suddenly, he saw something on his screen.

Five fierce men aggressively walked toward the Curator of the Sands under the turret. Startled, he almost dropped his fried chicken bites!

“What’s happening?”

“So many people?!”

He immediately returned to the game, and the viewers saw the dog-headed man in the game hugging the turret while trembling.

“Hahahaha!” Lingxu Zi laughed and said, “Do you see that?”

Before he could finish, he saw the dog-headed man testing the water at the edge and casting E, Spirit Fire, at them.

It was unbearable!

“Outrageous! It’s outrageous!” Lingxu Zi controlled the Cryophoenix to move. With a clear chirp, an ice ball full of magic energy that could freeze the air around it crashed toward the Curator of the Sands like a ghost.

Meanwhile, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master controlled the Deathsinger to cast Q, Lay Waste, which exploded at his opponent’s feet.

The other champions also used their spells. Instantly, blue and red magic lights flew in arcs and exploded.

Under their attacks, the dog-headed man jumped frantically under the turret.

Obviously, he had been hit many times.

Soon, his HP decreased quickly.

At this moment, the minions had killed the enemy minions and charged forward.

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master had glints in his eyes. “Since we outnumber our enemy, why don’t we take his head under the turret?”

“Good!” Lingxu Zi agreed cheerfully. “We’ll show him the temperament of masters! He will know what price he must pay for acting recklessly before the five of us!”

“Then, I’ll lead the way!” Li Wu yelled and controlled the Rogue Mage to charge up.

Everyone else followed closely!

People who were watching saw five fierce men chasing after the dog-headed man to the turret.


“Flash Frost!”

“Lay Waste!”

The dog-headed man raced frantically under the turret while brandishing his staff wildly, tossing out the skill with his eyes closed. “Rua! Rua! Spirit Fire-!”

“First Blood!”

“Double Kill!” The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master glanced at his stats. Sure enough, he could still cast spells even though he was dead.

“Stay calm! He is dying!”

Then, he cast Lay Waste one after another.

“Ah! Ahh-! Wither!” With tears on his face, the dog-headed man brandished his staff and gulped down health potions.

“Triple Kill!”

“Ahh-! Heal!”

“Quadra Kill”

“Penta Kill!!”

“Hu… Hu…” The dog-headed man lay on the ground and panted heavily. He wasn’t killed yet but was dying of fatigue. If he was in the original game, he would probably only have a few HP left.

At this moment, he saw a scene as horrifying and scary as a nightmare!

Light beams fell from the space above the minions charging in the front – those dead figures were teleported here again!

Five figures stood before the dog-headed man magnificently!

“Hahahaha!” Lingxu Zi laughed and said, “Surprise!”

“Ah-!” The dog-headed man was scared witless. How come there are still so many people!?

Are these people cheating?!

With a wild roar, he raced toward the inner turret.

“Go get him!”

“Don’t run!”

“My goodness! My goodness! Spirit Fire! Ahh-!” The dog-headed man fell to the ground.


“Double Kill!”

“Triple Kill!”

“Hahaha!” Lingxu Zi and the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master were the only two remaining standing on the battleground.

“I think that dog-headed man… is scared witless!”

“Yeah-! He could never guess that it’s useless to kill us. We can revive on the spot!” Victorious, Lingxu Zi exited from the virtual reality mode and sipped his newly-purchased Happy Nectar (Red Tea) before entering the game again. “Now, we’ll fight all the way to their base. I’ll see who dares to block us!”

“Right! Die, revive; die again and revive again to be teleported back…” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master laughed and said, “I think no one has ever seen such a horrifying tactic!”

On the other side, the dog-headed man suddenly widened his eyes in horror. “Damn! How come I got so much gold!!??”

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