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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 789: Power as High as a Great Mountain! Is This…a God-Like Figure?!

Chapter 789: Power as High as a Great Mountain! Is This…a God-Like Figure?!

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“How come I got so much gold? And I leveled up!” The dog-headed man’s dark eyes stared at the shop. “I think I can buy many items! My goodness!”

In the system version of League of Legends, there were also divisions of levels. Each level up would help the projected images of champion obtain more power from the real champion.

While he increased the level of his abilities, he browsed the items in the shop with widened-eyes, feeling a little dizzy.

“Frozen Heart… Increases armor…? I need to increase my defense… maybe I’ll buy this?”

Spirit Visage… increases magic resist… I think magic resist is better… the dog-headed man thought for a moment and remembered that his opponents had kept attacking him with magic spells.

But… is there anything that can both increase my defense and offense? With focused attention, he began to look for items in the shop.

After a short while, the elders from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode had revived one by one and came out.

– Outside the turret in the mid lane –

The five of them stood in one row with the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master in the middle controlling the Deathsinger.

“How come… it’s still not here?” They looked at the forest behind the turret.

“He must be afraid!” The old Daoist controlling the Chronokeeper sneered and said, “Seeing us revive again and again, how can he not be frightened?!”

“Then, should we…” another old Daoist said, “Destroy this turret?”

“It hit me hard and caused a mess!”

“It deserves to be demolished!” the old Daoist controlling the Chronokeeper said with a laugh, “After we demolish these turrets, they will be doomed!”

“Let the minions charge forward first!” After some discussion, they began to push the turret.

But they found that their magic power could only afflict very little damage to these constructions. Since the turret couldn’t dodge, the attacks were very casual. So…

“Have you felt that…?” The Chronokeeper said.

“Felt what?”‘ The Rogue Mage on the side asked in bafflement.

“The spells that these champions use! They are activated, controlled and cast by us through the projected images!” The Cryophoenix said in a loud voice, “I can even feel how it is controlling the ice.”

“Yes!” The Chronokeeper also said, “I can even distinctly feel how he changes the speed of time with the spells… I can even sense how he uses his future spells and mana in the present…”

“I can feel that even though the projected image has only a tiny part of his power, it can do many things unimaginable for average people!”

“You mean…” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master said, “We can learn and mimic these dharma spells?”

“There is more than that,” the elder said, “I think… since we can feel the casting process in person; it’s more effective than learning the pithy formulas from great masters!”

Lingxu Zi looked at the Cryophoenix on his screen. This creature appeared as permanent as ice and could manipulate extremely chilly ice and snow.

Even if he didn’t learn the spells that this creature controlled, he could obtain lots of inspirations in areas such as energy circulation, control of details, and understanding spells.

“Oh…” The old Daoists exchanged a look and stomped their feet while exclaiming, “Shame! What a shame! We lost!”

“We allowed the Heavenly Faction to learn this before us!”

The group of old men looked relaxed while they chatted and attacked the turret. At this moment, a dog-headed man in golden armor strode up heroically from the distance in the mid lane.

“Hey!?” The old men instantly stared at him, “The dog-headed man dares to return?!”

“He has little respect for us!”

“Now, I’ve mastered three spells of this phoenix!” Lingxu Zi said chillingly, “Don’t worry. If he dares to come up, I’ll give him a good lesson!”

“It seems like this man has forgotten the lesson that we taught!” another elder said with a sneer, “We must give him another lesson!”

At this moment, the turret still had half of its HP left after being attacked for a long while.

Giving up on attacking the turret, they walked toward the reckless dog-headed man with fierceness.

Level 3 was enough for him to master all of the Rogue Mage’s spells, other than his ultimate ability (old version).

The elder controlling Ryze, the Rogue Mage, had blue lightning and violent rune energy jumping in his palms, illuminating his tall blue-skinned body. He looked like a master mage who was controlling lightning and thunder.

On the other side, the majestic and tall Cryophoenix spread out its huge wings with the force of a winter storm, almost blocking all the exit routes of the dog-headed man.

In fact, it was what it did. An ice wall rose from the ground, cutting off the dog-headed man’s exit almost instantly!

“Rua! How come there’s such a spell!?” The dog-headed man became frantic!

On the other side, Ryze shot out an energy sphere that looked like a cannon ball, and it shot toward the head of the dog-headed man.

“You?! You still dare to come?!”

“You?! You still…” Before he could release the third spell, the dog-headed man seemed to have an accelerator with him and moved so fast that he left a blurry shadow behind him when he struck forward with his staff.

“Ya-! Haya-!” He brandished the staff wildly.

“Spirit Fire (E)! Wither (W)! Siphoning Strike (Q)!”

The turret also attacked!



A scream sounded.

“Double Kill!”

“???” The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master and other elders behind him immediately stopped.

The elders from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode opened their mouths in fear; their tongues almost sprung out.

“Hurry! Attack now!”

But this dog-headed man moved like a gust of wind and dodged most of the spells. Then, he smashed down the staff again.

“Ah–!” The elder who was playing as the Chronokeeper was knocked down.


At this moment, the remaining two players felt like the dog-headed man before them…

“It’s not a dog-headed man!” the remaining elder said in horror.

“He faked being weak and hid his strength! We got tricked!” the elder yelled.

“Run…! Quickly Run!” This man looked like a majestic god, the horrifying death god from a distant desert nation!

“How come he runs so fast?!” Obviously, the dog-headed man was much faster than these five people and quickly caught up with them.


“Triple Kill!”

“Quadra Kill!”

The elder playing as the Chronokeeper who had been knocked down slowly raised his head and got up from the ground. While looking at his companions who were already far away, he gasped in confusion. “Hiss-!?”

“Ohyoo… Run! Run!”


“Was that a god-like figure…?” After returning to their spawn spot, they exchanged a look of deep horror.

“This is… the god-like figure whom they talked about?!”

“His power is as high as a great mountain!”

“It’s… unthinkable! It’s… unrivaled!”

“People enter this mystical realm to become such horrifying existences…?!”

The elders exchanged a look and saw the firm determination in each other’s eyes. We’ll also become such great existences!

“Hu…” In the Canglan City Shop, the dog-headed man wiped cold sweat off his forehead and ate a fried chicken bite with great enjoyment.

He glanced at his match history for today – defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat… victory.

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