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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 790: The Turbulent Homeland: the godly battle at the peaks of Eight Mountain Pillars begins!

Chapter 790: The Turbulent Homeland: the godly battle at the peaks of Eight Mountain Pillars begins!

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– One day later –

“What’s the damn Sitting Five in a Row in the Internet Café?! We didn’t have a single victory!” Having been defeated all day long, the Xiaoyao Ancestral Master slammed his hand on the desk and stood up.

“You…” He glared at Li Wu in anger. “We were wrong from the first match!”

“When the five of us charged at the turret to kill the dog-headed man, where was your crowd control?! Why didn’t you stun him?!”

Since he had skipped the tutorial for the new players, he didn’t know what class of champions offered crowd control. But after one day of playing, he had obtained lots of knowledge.

“I…?!” Li Wu’s face turned red, and he took a moment to organize his words before saying, “We have five people! I thought that if I went up alone, he wouldn’t run. I could injury him with spells and lower his HP. When he sees you guys coming up and decides to run… I would cast Rune Prison to freeze him!

“In short, I wanted to lure him to us and then freeze him when he tried to run!”

Li Wu stomped his foot and lamented, “But he didn’t run at all!”

How could I know that this player is so tough?! He dares to charge at five champions after seeing all five of us!

“Did he know how powerful we were when we joined hands?!” Li Wu commented, “Reckless! He’s purely a reckless player!”

Th eXiaoyao Ancestral Master froze. “You seem to have a point…”

Then, he glared at the elder playing as the Chronokeeper. “Where were your time spells? They were supposed to slow him down, right?!”

“I cast the spells… I cast Time Warp on Li Wu to increase his speed!” the elder said, “Otherwise, Li Wu’s Ryze wouldn’t be able to get there before us… If he couldn’t get there before us, how could he carry out the plan…”

As a skill, Time Warp could both grant bonus movement speed to allies and slow down enemies.

“…?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master thought for a moment and found that the latter had a point too.

These two people’s thoughts… although they were still new players, their heads were full of these textbook-like fancy plays. One couldn’t really find fault with them.

The Xiaoyao Ancestral Master turned his furious eyes toward Lingxu Zi who controlled the Cryophoenix.

“As an Ascendance Realm master, how could your key spells miss the target?!” After all, when the Flash Frost of the Cryophoenix exploded, it could stun all the enemies in an area!

But you missed the target…??

“??… I don’t know why my spells missed!”

Strange… how could the dog-headed man dodged my spells…?

– Meanwhile, in the new shop at Canglan City –

“My goodness! Dark Souls?”

“Dark Sword is on livestream?!”

On the dog-headed man’s screen was a huge and horrifyingly distorted demon covered in chaotic flames. Its huge ax hacked down viciously like a shooting star engulfed in blazing flames!

Almost at the same time, the character on the screen seemed to anticipate the move and shifted before his opponent made the move. He dodged this strike narrowly with millimeters to spare!

He wiped off cold sweat and gasped, “Hu… It was a close one…”

By now, Mr. Fang’s shop had obviously expanded to a quite large scale.

There were all kinds of players in his shops. For example, while League of Legends attracted many new players, some were still suffering in Dark Souls.

Some players played other games such as Dungeon Fighters Online and World of Warcraft, etc.

So was the situation with the newly released TV Series, the Turbulent Homeland.

Even the elders and disciples from the Heavenly Faction in the new shop on the East Continent would watch the new TV Series whenever new episodes came out.

“My goodness…”

“Has the Turbulent Homeland released new episodes?!”

“The livestream of Turbulent Homeland on the big screen will be updated tonight too!”

In the past, the big screens only showed half of the episodes released each week. Only the paying customers could watch all the episodes.

However, beginning from Turbulent Homeland, the TV Series shown on the big screens had the same progress as the content behind the paywall. The only difference was that… viewers watching the big screens couldn’t obtain the benefits that they could have by watching in the virtual reality mode. It was almost the same as watching from the TV before Fang Qi traveled through space and time.

As mentioned before, the audience had seen Dongying Region’s 10,000 battleships setting off together to invade the Central Region in the previous glance. By now, the grand main force from the Dongying Region had crossed the vast ocean. The Central Region was in a gloomy state before the great storm.

As the war turned fiercer, it now came to the white-hot climax moment.

At this moment, Elder Xiao Yunhe and Elder Dugu Xiao lounged in their chairs before the computers and drank Immortal Happy Nectar with great enjoyment, and Elder Senior Sister Yu Yin, other disciples, and even the elves and knights in the Canglan City Shop were all doing the same. They all turned on today’s new episodes of the Turbulent Homeland.

In the scene before them were eight huge mountain peaks emerging in the clouds; they looked as tall as the pillars supporting the sky and the human world!

Like the most majestic and tallest mountain peaks in the world, they were amazing miracle-like grand peaks. They were the legendary Eight Mountain Pillars.

In the ocean of surging clouds, the eight mountains seemed to stand proudly beyond the sky!

“Taller than 3,000 meters and standing as high as the sky, the Eight Mountain Pillars could be seen in the depths of the ethereal clouds. A martial arts duel that would decide the fate of the Central Region and Dongying Region will take place here!”

The No.1 Master of the Central Region was going to duel with the unrivaled myth-like figure of the Dongying Region! Would it be an unfulfilled heroic ambition or the end of the military god’s unrivaled legend?

“Wow-!?” Everyone stared at the screen with widened eyes. “Can we watch this today?!”

At the foot of the mountains were countless troops with flapping flags, but the greater number were top-level masters from the Central Region and Dongying Region.

At this moment, First Elder Hyru of the Elf Clan finally got some free time and arrived at the shop.

He saw several familiar faces such as the saint-level masters including St. Willy and St. Leidon; they were all watching something with concentration while wearing virtual reality headsets.

“What are you doing?” First Elder Hyru asked in bafflement.

They used to play games here, right? I’ve been absent for a while; how come you’re not playing games anymore?

“Oh. Move away!” St. Leidon said without turning his head. “I’m watching the… Wuxia TV Series!”

“Wuxia TV Series? I only heard of Xianxia… are the Wuxia TV Series good?”

Then, he saw an elf rogue who looked like Queen Kellybel, and she was also watching the TV Series intently while wearing a virtual reality headset.

He recognized her in one glance.

How come you’re watching it too?! To watch this Wuxia TV Series, you didn’t even return to the Elf Royal Palace?!

Elder Hyru sneaked a glance from behind. “The Turbulent Homeland… Episode 21st?”

Should I watch it too?

Immediately, he found a spot and sat down.

Among the surging clouds, the grand mountains shot up into the sky.

Suddenly, everyone saw a light appearing on the horizon!

It looked like a distant shooting star falling from the Ninth Heaven in the universe!

With it came a clear long roar similar to that of a dragon. The sound came before the person!

“The worldly affairs are like a chess match. The universe is mysterious and immeasurable, and even heroes could only laugh and accept their fate!”

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