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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 791: Immortal Dream

Chapter 791: Immortal Dream

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Then, a light beam that was 30,000 meters long fell on one of the sky pillars of the Eight Mountain Pillars. Like a meteorite, the blazing flames fell from the Ninth Heaven and exploded on the grand mountain peak, pushing away the clouds in the sky!

Meanwhile, another light beam fell from the sky! The purple light triggered thunder and expelled the clouds around the mountain peak in the high sky! The shock waves shot into the sky while the horrifying and unrivaled force instantly razed the whole peak to the ground!

The person who appeared was dressed in a purple robe. When he pulled down his white mask, a pair of furious eyebrows that were as sharp as blades appeared.

The chiseled face looked grand and arrogant. His slightly squinted eyes had a trace of tranquil and sadness in them. “The eight mountains are the pillars, and the one who falls down from the mountains will lose!”

On the mountain top across from him, Yi Yeshu looked solemn as he lifted one of his hands vertically. “The sky and the land are my witnesses; I’ll have no regrets regardless if I die or survive.”

Looking down from the top of the 30,000-meter-tall cliff of the mountain, one could see a vast ocean of clouds.

With their cultivation strength extremely close to the godly realm, they knew each other like their own palms. When their hands collided, one of the eight mountains instantly sank for 300 meters! When they put more strength into their palm strikes, the mountain collapsed to the ground!

The huge mountain that seemed to be supporting the sky cracked open in the middle!

Then, it began to collapse continuously.

Instantly, it felt like the sky was falling while the land was sinking. As the whole mountain collapsed, debris, trees, and dust fell like a waterfall. In the waterfall of rocks, the two opponents continued to fight, using skills at a horrifyingly rapid frequency. The chaotic scene of the collapsing mountain was dizzying to the viewers, but for the two rivals, not a speck of dust could touch their robes.

While they fought, their fists and arms turned blurry, but they moved upward at a great speed against the falling debris!

Seeing this level of control, even Zhuge Qingyun, a pinnacle stage Ascendance Realm master, looked astonished.

Meanwhile, in the new shop at Canglan City, even the saint-level masters were dumbfounded.

This looked to be a power beyond mortals’ limit!

It was hard for them to imagine that a battle between humans could reach such a high level.

– Meanwhile –

Mr. Fang had watched this TV Series before, so he wasn’t as eager as the customers.

– In the Wind and Moon Pavilion –

While wearing a pair of big sunglasses, Mr. Fang chose a quiet spot by the window. “I’m starving after playing League of Legends for a whole day…”

“Sir… this is the unique fried chicken bites that our chef made by following your instruction…”

“It’s a rare delicacy when eating it with your iced red tea!”

After all, Mr. Fang was operating an internet café, not a food shop, so he only had breakfast in his shop and ate snacks as his lunch. However, it was evening now.

“What’s going on…? Is it because I played too many games lately…?” Mr. Fang shook his head, feeling like his eyelids were heavy and falling as if he was too fatigued to keep them open.

It seemed like an invisible force was pulling at him.

He seemed to have an extremely long dream. He hadn’t seen such a scene for a long time. It was a battleground that belonged to him.

Yes, a battleground.

Although it was only a virtual battleground, a group of people refused to live a peaceful life like the others. While others turned their focus to classic literature, these people were focused on heroic deeds and hearty revenge of the people in Jianghu. When their peers wrote exams for their future, these people were thrilled by the stories about the sword duel at the top of Hua Mountain and the rivalry between martial arts masters.

[TL Note: Jianghu is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories.]

The ‘fairy tales’ for that generation of people heated their blood.

It was why they were eager to battle on their own battlegrounds, regardless if the battleground was as they had expected or not.

Looking around, Fang Qi found that he was in a tournament arena, and a huge crowd was watching. Countless people stood up and cheered, and the chants rose like huge waves of a tsunami, getting stronger and stronger. On the stage where everyone was looking at, familiar and strange faces passed him while the audience cheered for them. Countless people from all over the world intently stared at the screens before them as if they were witnessing a great victory, and they watched as these people lifted the championship trophy.

When the flag of his country rose on the arena, for some reason, he had an indescribable thrill in his heart.

At that moment, something in the depths of his heart was stirred.

He was different from the people in this world.

It was glory… and it was also a chapter of his own dream.

However, they still had something in common.

“This Wuxia TV Series is awesome…” In the Jiuhua City Shop, Half City Shop, Yuanyang City Shop, Canglan City Shop, and the new shop in the East Continent, almost everyone was watching this duel with concentration.

Perhaps these Ascendance Realm and saint-level masters almost had the same level of strength as these figures in the TV Series, but they were deeply fascinated by the godly battle skills and concepts.

When Yi Yeshu fell into a disadvantage, he was able to react on the spot and deciphered the Dongying military god’s great techniques, including ‘Return to Nothing’ which could break every martial art move in the world and ‘Return to Root’ which could absorb every variation of every martial art in the world. The audience sighed in appreciation at his wisdom and determination during the battle and his meticulous control abilities.

When they tensed up, their hearts were in their throats. When they were thrilled, they wanted to shout out loud.

Perhaps the viewers were thrilled and envious since they were watching something that they lacked or had never considered before…

The Ascendance Realm and saint-level masters in the new shops in Canglan City and the East Continent were enthralled by the battle, and they were engrossed while watching it. It was a fascinating battle that they had never seen before!

“Are there any other TV Series or movies of the same genre?” In the Canglan City Shop, the elves who had just finished watching the newly released episodes almost jumped up in amazement.

Their excitement was evident on their faces and in their words, “When can we become such great masters…”

The masters and elders in the new shop at the East Continent felt unsatisfied and watched again.

Then, a group of people ran to the counter and asked, “Do you have other Wuxia TV Series or movies?”

“Yes. The Duel is in the same genre,” Li Lanruo explained.

“Let’s go and watch it…”

Perhaps they still didn’t understand the word ‘Xia’ (Brave and chivalrous people), but they seemed to understand the meaning of ‘Wu’ (martial arts).

In this context, strength perhaps wasn’t the most important factor.

It could be strength but also skills and represented a spirit!

It was a spirit to continuously breakthrough boundaries and thresholds.

– Meanwhile –

Fang Qi felt like he was slowly waking up, and he found that he wasn’t in the Wind and Moon Pavilion.

For some reason, he felt like he was no longer in the world he had been in.

He slowly looked up and saw that he was standing inside an extremely grand and spacious ancient immortal palace, and an ocean of surging clouds was outside the gate.

He clearly remembered that he had been eating dinner in the Wind and Moon Pavilion.

He shook his head with force and murmured, “Am I still in a dream…?”

“No need to look!” Fang Qi looked around and saw many blurry figures standing around him in the immortal palace. Then, a clear and cold voice that seemed to come from the Ninth Heaven sounded from the high and radiant golden main chair in the palace.

Instantly, Fang Qi had the feeling that this being was a true immortal and god!

“You can think that you’re in a dream, but don’t think that your body in the mortal world will be fine if you die here.”

“You violated the taboos, Mortal!”

“???” Mr. Fang scratched his head and thought, How can I, the owner of some internet cafes, violate taboos?

Just because I haven’t opened an internet café in your place?

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