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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 792: The Powerful Enemy in the Dream… Immortal General Fei Peng!

Chapter 792: The Powerful Enemy in the Dream… Immortal General Fei Peng!

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Humans, of course, were not rulers of this world.

The gods living beyond the Ninth Heaven and watching the world with cold eyes were the rulers.

According to the legends, each of the gods was an ultimate existence, and they had a level of energy and spiritual power unimaginable to humans. In the legends, they were immortal existences that lived in the eternal void that was unreachable for humans.

Regardless if the legends were true, they were undoubtedly the most perfect life form that could overpower mortals in every aspect.

“Don’t try my patience, Mortal!” A cold female voice came from the vast Ninth Heaven. The thick and rich spiritual essence in the palace turned into a horrifying gust as if driven by the fury of this existence.

Fang Qi could only hear her voice but couldn’t see her. It felt like she was sitting above the thick clouds of the Ninth Heaven and looking down at him from an absolute lofty angle.

“Seeing your unrivaled talent, I decided to give you a warning. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want arrogantly since you are unrivaled in the mortal world. In our eyes, your most powerful tricks are just insignificant skills that we can use at any time.” While she spoke, an immortal light shot down from the high sky. In the blinding radiant light, a figure solidified and appeared out of the blue!

The dazzling light made people have a hard time opening their eyes. The horrifying force that was above the mortal world instantly swept across the whole palace!

More horrifying was that the omnipresent pressure that seemed to rule over everything in the world made Fang Qi feel like he was at the bottom of a deep ocean, and the horrifying pressure was coming at him from all directions. For an instant, he had a feeling that he would be compressed to dust in the next moment!

“You mortals listen up. I’m the Green Sky Immortal, the Heavenly Supervisor of the Innumerable Immortal Sea.”

“The sun and the moon rise and set, and the seasons changes. Everything in the world is in order, and no disturbances are allowed.”

“Your behavior in the mortal world is a great violation of these rules! If you don’t repent, you’ll bring destruction to yourself!” The voice was as chilly as ice and as grand as immortal lightning bolts above the Ninth Heaven, and it continued, “You are so arrogant as to say that you’d open a shop where the immortals and gods live. How outrageous you are!”

“I can’t open a shop here?” Mr. Fang looked baffled. “Then, what do you usually do? Do you have any entertainment?”

“Reckless!” With an angry reprimand and a wave of her purple sleeve, a purple lightning bolt struck down. The lightning bolt wasn’t thick. Instead, it was as thin as a hair. However, Fang Qi felt a sense of death from all directions when the purple lightning bolt crashed down.

He even felt that if he blocked it with his own strength, and the attacker didn’t intend to go easy on him, his body and soul would be destroyed by this strike!

In the blink of an eye, Fang Qi instantly raised his arms over his head while ugly scales covered his arms.


The lightning bolt struck Fang Qi’s arms. Even his extremely tough demon body felt numbed, and he stumbled, almost dropping to the ground.

Meanwhile, a string of red data flashed across Fang QI’s eyes. The synchronization ended!

The consumption at this moment had caused the synchronization to end!

“So powerful!” Facing the existence completely beyond the mortal world, Fang Qi sensed a giant threat in his life for the first time.

In the radiant light, Fang Qi couldn’t clearly see her face, but he could recognize a trace of indifference and coldness as if everything that happened was within reason. “Unorthodox tricks! If it was your own strength, I would be more alert. But one strike from me returned you to your true form.”

“It’s ridiculous. Now, you know how overconfident you were when you said those words? Your tricks in dealing with mortals are child’s play in my eyes! I have no interest in the small trickeries in your shop!”

“Humans have Mortal Dao and gods had Godly Dao. Mortals invade each other’s homes and wage wars nonstop, causing the sky to collapse and the land to crumble. Countless lives were ended. Therefore, the Godly Court issued the decree to ban martial arts, ordering that the mortals can only cultivate essence and destroying all the combat and killing-focused techniques. After that, the world have had peace for many years.”

“I’ll give you one last chance to give up all your shops and explain their background. Then, you can go with me and cultivate in the Innumerable Immortal Sea for 3,000 years. I’ll handle the rest for you.”

“Otherwise, this incident will be reported to the Godly Court, and a godly punishment will be issued. Anyone related will not escape from the tribulation!”

Meanwhile, in the new shop at the East Continent.

“Ancestral Master! Ancestral Master!” the elders from Xiaoyao Cave Abode and Abode Master Lingxu Zi walked out from the shop with heart-felt envy. “Can you tell us about your era? What was it like?”

“In my era?” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master pointed at the river of stars in the sky and said with a chuckle, “Do you see the countless stars in the sky? There were as many masters in my era as the stars in the sky.”

“It’s said that before I truly understood Dao, some masters even ascended and became true immortals by cultivating on their own and opening the Heavenly Gate.”

He lamented reminiscently, “That was a truly prosperous era.”

“Then, with your cultivation strength…” Lingxu Zi asked, “You still didn’t reach the realm where you can ascend at anytime?”

“I was not able to ascend. Without the immortal spirit essence to temper the body, I’m a fake immortal. To put it lightly, I’m still at the pinnacle stage of Ascendance Realm.” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master sighed and said, “I don’t know when it began, but the space beyond the sky has been taken by giant waves of tribulation lightning bolts of void, making it difficult to ascend and become true immortals. The people who forced their way up were turned into ashes without exception.”

“Otherwise…” Xiaoyao Ancestral Master thought grimly and said, “A mere Dao Seed wouldn’t be so crazily pursued by the talented ultimate masters in that era.”

“Then, those existences…?” Lingxu Zi felt uneasy and thought, Since Ancestral Master had his way around the limitation of life and lived until now, then have those existences also found ways to…

If it was true, even the thought of it scared him.

“They must have reincarnated.” He looked toward a distant void. While he spoke, Xiaoyao Ancestral Master’s face which was usually as calm as an ancient well had complicated emotions on it. “They pursued Dao all their lives and finally got to the door. However, they ended up dead with the destruction of their Dao. Don’t you think… it’s ridiculous?”

Xiaoyao Ancestral Master frowned slightly. After thousands of years, his mind finally turned serene. The immortal path had been blocked. However, such a Dao Seed appeared. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence or…?

– In the Canglan Shop –

After watching the Wuxia TV Series, the knights of the Golden Griffin Knight Legion were thrilled and baffled at the same time. “Don’t people say that these skills are all unorthodox and evil…? How come they are so powerful?”

“What a nice ban on martial arts.” At this moment, Fang Qi said with a sneer, “It’s no wonder that they are all so weak. Despite their great strength, they can only utilize a small part of it.”

They are indeed a large group of noob cultivators… Mr. Fang thought to himself while covering his forehead with his palm.

“I guess…” Fang Qi said with a chuckle, “All the people who did the same things as I’ve done were invited here for ‘tea’?”

“They didn’t deserve our attention.”

Mr. Fang shrugged and said, “Sorry. I only have little interests. If you take my only hobby, what’s the meaning of life for me?”

“In fact, in the ancient time in our world, we had similar bans.” Fang Qi seemed to be stating a fact. “They did it to protect their domination.”

Green Sky Immortal’s face turned cold. “Regardless of which god is behind you, your behavior is a blatant challenge to the order of the Godly Court! If you continue with your mistake, the whole world will be your enemy!

“Have you made your decision?” A glassy flame jumped in her palm and then surrounded Fang Qi from all directions; there wasn’t an exit for him!

“I know you as well as my palm. A normal god can’t even block one attack from me.”

“Ah… it seems like the negotiation failed.” Mr. Fang stretched and said casually, “I say…”

“What?” Green Sky Immortal’s pupils slightly contracted while she stared at Fang Qi.

“It’s not me who’s mistaken; it’s the world that’s mistaken.”

“Ugh!??” Green Sky Immortal’s face instantly froze. “What did you say?!”

“Summon!” At this moment, Fang Qi took out a strange rock with his hand. It was the Carrier Rock rewarded to him by the System. It could summon a character that Fang Qi had a synchronization rate over 10 percent with.

At this moment, the rock emitted an extremely radiant light!

“Immortal General — Fei Peng!”

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