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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 793: The Enemy Is Too Powerful. System, Let’s Surrender?

Chapter 793: The Enemy Is Too Powerful. System, Let’s Surrender?

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Pale blue spiritual light condensed while the pale blue light lines flowed before Fang Qi, turning into a tall figure wearing a grey-blue Daoist robe and a silver headpiece.

In his hand was a pale-green longsword. The green light engulfed the sword and was as clear as a pond of water. It was Fei Peng’s godly sword, Demon-Suppressing Sword.

The invisible sword essence seemed to condense and turn into tangible items.

Her cold eyes turned grim, and Green Sky Immortal’s face fell as her body vanished in the blink of an eye as if she had teleported!

In the next moment, Fang Qi’s expression changed abruptly!

Having experienced countless battles in the cultivation room with all kinds of masters far more powerful than himself, he dashed to one side without thinking.

In the next instant, the ground that he had stood on vanished as if some strange force had struck it!

A trickle of cold sweat slid down Fang Qi’s forehead. He had never felt such a huge pressure ever since he entered this world.

“Hehe… stupid mortal!” The clear and cold voice seemed to come down from Ninth Heaven while Green Sky Immortal was nowhere to be seen.

In the huge immortal palace, the pale glassy flames suddenly burned more aggressively!

Like furious dragons, the flames devoured everything around them!

Instantly, a sword gust that could shattered everything slashed over and forced the flames to back off a bit.

“Do you think I’m a stupid mortal?” A cold voice came from the sky. “If the immortal general beside you is here by himself, I might be more cautious. But do you think that he has a chance to leave your side?

“You’re 10,000 years too young to battle with me!” Water vapor rose while the moisture in the air instantly evaporated. Fang Qi felt like the blood in his body began to boil with the rise of the temperature, and his skin was going to be scorched.

In the next moment, Fei Peng slashed his sword at the ceiling of the great palace. The sharp sword energy opened a crack in the immortal palace which even the horrifying immortal flames couldn’t penetrate. Carrying Fang Qi, he shot out like a shooting star!

But in the next moment, fire dragons flew into the sky. Beneath them, two pale fire dragons roared and bit at them like two prehistoric man-eating fierce beasts.

Also, Fang Qi even saw the immortal spiritual essence around them had caught on fire.

Then, the spreading flames were sucked in by the two fire dragons, and they expanded so large that they turned into two huge 3,000-meter-long dragons that were as giant as rolling hills!

With ear-grating wind whistles, a huge tail swung toward Fang Qi!

A chilly light flashed; it was too fast to see!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the huge tail was cut into two halves neatly by the sword!

But with it came a horrifying, hurricane-like hot wind from the sky. Even though Fei Peng had cut the tail of a dragon into two halves, the horrifying heat made Fang Qi feel like his body was going to melt!

He even felt like his mouth and nose would catch fire while he breathed.

The cold voice sounded again. “So weak.”

“You’re just a mortal. With your strength, you dare to issue a challenge to the gods? Do you think that you’re in a dream and can do everything you want?

“If not for you, the immortal general beside you might be able to fight with me.”

“But now, look at your pathetic state. Do you think you are qualified to fight me?”

Before Fang Qi could reply, the other fire dragon lifted its head and let out a soundless roar, and a streak of pale immortal flame shot toward Fang Qi with vicious force!

All the clouds evaporated. In the vast sky, the two fire dragons with blazing glassy white flames chased after him tightly.

“Um… What did you say?” At this moment, Fang Qi said, “I’m 10,000 years too young? Then, how old are you?”

“Huh?” The Green Sky Immortal froze, not knowing why Fang Qi suddenly brought it up.

“You’re an old grandma who is countless years old but still acts like a young girl. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

“People say Asia has three evil skills, which are photoshop, plastic surgery, and make-up. Is yours is the fourth evil skill?

“You’re hiding because you’re too ashamed to see people? Are you afraid that your evil skill will be broken in the battle?

“You’re an old woman who is trying to act cute and all?”

“Are you jealous of little girls who are young and cute?”



Although she didn’t understand Mr. Fang’s words, she was angered, being called ‘an old woman’!

An indescribable fury instantly rose in her mind. “You are seeking death!”

In the past, every mortal was respectful to her and didn’t dare to speak in a loud voice for fear of offending her. No one dared to speak like this to her!

Her essence condensed into a solid form and almost crushed Fang Qi into pieces!

But in this instant, a sword energy tore through the void.

Meanwhile, the existence who was staying beyond the endless space-time continuum suddenly grunted.

Then, a crack appeared in this dream world, and Fei Peng flew out from the crack immediately while carrying Fang Qi.

“Very good, old woman. But a small distraction is enough… goodbye!”


– In the Wind and Moon Pavilion –

“Sir! Sir!”

A waiter patted Fang Qi in bafflement.

Fang Qi slowly woke up from lying on the table.

“Mr. Fang, you… fell asleep?” the waiter asked worriedly, “Are you tired? We have a place for you to rest. You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here.”

“Oh…” Fang Qi rubbed his eyes and said, “I’m fine. You can go and do your work.”

Then, he touched the fried chicken bites on the table and found that it was still warm. Also, the iced tea beside the chicken was still cold. It was a long time in the dream but was only one instant in the mortal world.

“Hu…” Mr. Fang wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and thought, The immortals in this world are indeed horrifying. With one immortal already this powerful, one group of them would be unthinkable!

It would be deadly…@

Even though he had summoned Fei Peng, it was a narrow escape.

Meanwhile, he felt that the Green Sky Immortal’s combat strength was completely beyond any opponents whom he had encountered before.

His previous opponents’ battle skills were still weak and in the stage of recovery, and their spiritual spells and sword techniques were average as well. That was why Fang Qi could defeat them with ease.

But this Green Sky Immortal was totally different.

Even though Fei Peng had to protect him and thus couldn’t unleash his full force, the Green Sky Immortal saw through it in one glance and forced Fei Peng to stay around him, which meant that she had extremely sharp eyes and immense battle experience.

The most important thing was that she showed no sign of being at a disadvantage when she battled with Fei Peng, at least in the few moves that they exchanged.

“System? The enemy seems too powerful for me…? Should we surrender… and hand the internet café to them? And I’ll go and cultivate with this old woman for 3,000 years?”

[System upgrading…]

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