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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 794: Square Jungler and Triangle Mid Laner

Chapter 794: Square Jungler and Triangle Mid Laner

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Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

“System upgrading?!”

Can’t you upgrade earlier?! Do you have to upgrade after I was beaten senseless?!

Mr. Fang glanced around and checked the messages in QQ with his communication jade.

Then, he wiped the sweat off his forehead guiltily.

It was fortunate that no one saw that embarrassing fight. Otherwise, the haters would have forced him out of the various groups.

[Hey! Say something!]

The System replied, [System upgrading…]


[System upgrading…]

“…” Mr. Fang looked frustrated.

Not long after Mr. Fang opened his shops, many people had begun to study the things in the shop that they didn’t have to fill the gaps.

Even in the new shop, a group of dwarves and mages were studying the blacksmith and enchantment techniques in World of Warcraft, let alone the Wuwei Daoist Alliance which was the first group of people who embarked on this journey.

With Mr. Fang as a shareholder, they had the most complete research infrastructure to study the scientific and magic artifacts in the gaming worlds. They even had distinct divisions of work among them.

Some of them focused on the artifact-making techniques in the Legend of Sword and Fairy and Shu Mountain; some were learning dissembly, enchantment, puppet-making, and item-making with recipes; some focused on the study of runewords in Diablo; and some even ventured deep into high-tech areas.

This might be the frontline of research and development of this world.

Not every research project could make money, so Mr. Fang had gradually turned from an average shareholder to a big investor of these projects.

After all, the assets of the Wuwei Daoist Alliance couldn’t support the ever-growing huge group of cultivator-researchers.

In some areas, this group had surpassed the East Continent and the West Continent long ago.

Right now, the Wuwei Daoist Alliance had a complete production line of new communication jades, and they also produced special weapons for the classes such as mechanics and launchers.

While looking at the objects that were as perfect as spiritual artifacts being produced, one would have the illusion that it was another world.

Of course, most of the items were still in the research phase and hadn’t been produced yet.

For example, the Animus machine which could recover ancestors’ memories in Assassin’s Creed was still being studied.

This research project was led by Jun Yanzi of the Wuwei Daoist Alliance and his disciple Li Haoran.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, which had a super high degree of freedom, one could even see cultivators who read books diligently like students preparing for post-graduate or doctorate entrance exams. In Dungeon Fighter Online, one could see cultivators tinkering with machines and a bunch of computer stereotypes which were the ‘super evolved communication jades’.

Obviously, they were still in the preparation stage.

At this moment, Mr. Fang suddenly received a message.

Li Haoran asked, [Sir, in my preparation for the upcoming exams, I find that some problems are hard to understand. Can you explain them to me?]

Then, he sent another message. [In the process of mutation, what is the result when an extra nucleotide is inserted in a DNA?]

[Option a: …]

[Option b: …]

“???” Mr. Fang was dizzy.

Mr. Fang replied. [Read a book one hundred times, and its meaning will present itself to you. If not, go and memorize the Periodic Table of Elements.]


Damn it… Mr. Fang looked sulky as he thought, Who had traveled through time and space? Me or you?

At this moment, Fang Qi stood on the bank of Red Maple Lake outside the Canglan City Shop with an ordinary bronze sword in his hand. He lit up a cigarette from himself and murmured, “Life… one must have an aim.]

Perhaps that special dream alarmed him, or he owed it to that spellcaster.

As for his wish, the dream had shown it to him.

It contained all his memories and glories on the journey from being mocked and looked down upon to being admired by many people. It wasn’t something that he could easily put behind him.

Thinking of that, Fang Qi felt like he owed it to that despicable system. This time, the System found its conscience and issued a task that corresponds to the dream at the bottom of my heart.

The number of players right now wasn’t too big nor too small. It was just enough to hold a worldwide E-Sports tournament.

“Hu…” A faint circle of smoke floated out of his mouth, seeming to echo his sentiment.

While extinguishing the butt of the cigarette, his face cleared. After realizing the only dream that I have, I’ll put the shops in the hands of my staff and tour the world, enjoying the great views of this world which is totally different from my old world.

Suddenly, he remembered a meme he had heard before he traveled through space and time. “In the end, you will still realize that games are more fun after quitting it and doing other things.”


Anyway, he brandished the sword on the bank of the lake as a silent protest to the idle system which even denied him access to the cultivation room while it was in the process of upgrading.

At this moment, Mr. Fang suddenly saw a group of elves walking up on the bank of the lake.

Sala blinked her eyes in a cute way and said, “Sir, what are you doing here?!”


You’re an elf; why are you acting so cute? Do you think that you’re Xiaoyue? You learned nothing useful and picked up these useless tricks.

Therefore, Mr. Fang looked at her in bafflement. “???”

“Sir, have you eaten today? We bought delicious fried chicken bites and iced red tea and are planning to have a picnic here. Would you like to join us?” Sia acted cute and nice.


Mr. Fang’s face turned confused.

Can’t you let me practice sword techniques in peace?!

“You must have a scheme under the sudden show of hospitality!” Mr. Fang became cautious. “Tell me your scheme!”

“What scheme are you talking about?!” Sala said with a pout, “You’re so kind as to give us discounts and even free games in the shop. Can’t we show you our appreciation with some food?”

“You’re so nice?”

The elves looked sincere. “Yes! Of course, if you can teach us some skills in playing LOL, it would be better!”

[TL Note: We will be using LOL as the abbreviation for League of Legends.]

“Here’s your true intention.” Mr. Fang had a funny expression on his face. “You were tortured by others in LOL, right?”

“Humph!” Standing beside them with arms crossed before her chest, Rowling said, “Xuexue always calls us noobs. It’s infuriating!”

“We must become sharp!” Sala encouraged herself. “We must learn the high-level skills that can make us sharp!”

“Sir, do you have such skills?”

“What positions do you usually play?” Mr. Fang thought for a moment and asked.

“I take mid lane!”

“I take jungle!”

Mr. Fang scratched his head. “Then, I’ll teach you Square Jungler and Triangle Mid Laner today.”

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