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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 795: Catching a Smirking Face Emoji with Square Jungling

Chapter 795: Catching a Smirking Face Emoji with Square Jungling

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Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Triangle Mid Laner?”

“Square Jungler?”

The elves looked at Mr. Fang in puzzlement, and they thought, We are playing LOL, not learning middle school physics and high school geometry like the artifact masters in the Jiuhua City Shop do.

How come there are triangle and square?

“Are you serious?” The elves looked at Mr. Fang in bafflement.

“Of course!”

“Okay. We’ll learn this triangle and square after eating!” Then, they handed a box of delicacies to Mr. Fang. “This is for you!”

Although they didn’t know what Mr. Fang was going to teach them, they knew… as he said, everything he did was of top quality.

“Xuexue said that we can believe whatever the shop owner says blindly.”

Sala thought for a while and convinced herself. Eh… it must be true.

– In the new shop at Canglan City –

Both the active and passive players stood around the shop owner.

“The shop owner is going to do a tutorial on League of Legends?” As a saint-level master, Kellybel didn’t have time to come to the shop each day, which was why she often made confusing plays in the games despite her high combat force.

Immediately, she brought a stool over and sat down.

The other saint-level masters also sat down in the lounge area.

In the other shops such as the Jiuhua City Shop and the Yuanyang City Shop, large groups of people were sitting in the lounge area. They watched Mr. Fang’s livestream while eating snacks.

Casually, Su Tianji opened a bottle of Coke and asked, “What’s the shop owner going to livestream today?”

Nalan Hongwu said, “League of Legends, I guess.”

“Grandpa, you came to watch it too?” Beside them, Xiao Yulv, with a heavy bandage around his neck over the Bone Ointment, was sitting on a couch with his neck in a stiff position and a plate of dried fruits in his hands.

Next to him sat an old white-bearded man holding a dragon-headed walking cane made of 3,000-year-old agarwood. Dressed in an elder’s robe, he was Xiao Yulv’s grandfather, Tiangang Elder Xiao Changlong, who had come out of seclusion cultivation.

“You haven’t recovered yet?” Nalan Hongwu looked at Xiao Yulv and froze. “Don’t we have holy light healing spells?”

“What holy light healing spells?” Xiao Changlong’s mustache bristled as he said with glaring eyes, “Our faction had top quality Bone Ointment; we don’t need spells outside our faction.”

With his palms that were as big as fans, he patted Xiao Yulv on the shoulder and said, “I assure you that this kid… will be up and healthy in one month! It will be a speedy recovery!”


“Hehehe! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! This Bone Ointment is indeed good,” Nalan Hongwu cupped his hands and said.

“Sir…” With a frustrated expression, Xiao Yulv secretly sent a text message to Mr. Fang. [Can you secretly arrange a priest who can use holy light healing spells to heal me?]

[I’m doing a livestream. Talk to me later.]

“…” Xiao Yulv looked as if he was going to cry.

– At this moment, in Mr. Fang’s livestream room –

“Let’s first do the Square Jungle. We’ll choose this mantis (the Voidreaver). We’d better choose a champion with powerful fighting ability to do the Square Jungling.”

“Since our teammates are still choosing champions, we can play a round of Fight the Landlord.” Mr. Fang glanced at his teammates and saw that they were still choosing characters, so he decided to play a round of Fight the Landlord. “Since we’re confident with this champion, we save lots of time.”

[TL Note: In China, all the popular streamers like to play Fight the Landlord card game while waiting to play LOL.]

Meanwhile, the six major disciples of the Heavenly Faction led by Elder Senior Sister Yu Yin and Elder Senior Brother Zhuge Qinlong were all sitting sedately on the couches.

Around them were a large group of core disciples.

On both sides of them were the white-robed and black-robed elders who solemnly supervised them. “Do you see that? The graceful manner of a supreme master? The calmness before danger?”

“Learn it with all your heart! Watch how Senior Fang plays it. At the end of the year, the faction will allocate more resources to the disciples who learned the most and have the deepest understanding!”

“Hiss-!” The disciples quickly watched with concentration as Mr. Fang played Fight the Landlord.

Meanwhile, they thought to themselves, We will also quickly choose champions and then play Fight the Landlord! It will show off the grand calm presence of our Heavenly Faction, a famous grand faction!

Then, they heard yells such as ‘a pair of threes’, ‘a pair of sixes’, ‘a pair of kings’, ‘bomb’ from the screen.

“It begins! It begins!”

With Coke or potato chips in their hands, the viewers watched while eating snacks.

Mr. Fang bought the Hunter’s Machete with great familiarity and set out.

– Meanwhile, in the Half City Shop –

Demonic Woman Ning Bi was also sitting on a couch and watching Mr. Fang’s livestream while eating potato chips.

She glanced at the ID of the jungler who was playing against Mr. Fang – Almighty Demonic God?

With the bag of potato chips in her hands, she looked around and saw a familiar figure busy playing in a corner.

She glanced at the win rate: seven-win-streak.

“Ahahaha! I’m unrivaled! If you like my stream, please click ‘Follow’!” Obviously, it was still on the livestream. Anyway, Black Demon and other cultivators in Half City loved to watch its livestream.

Then, it took a large gulp of Immortal’s Happy Nectar with great enjoyment while it thought in pleasure, Old Demon Fang! Even though I can’t absorb spiritual essence, I’m living as happy as an immortal!

“The game has started. The other jungler is the mantis. This champion is easy to fight, and I’ve crushed most of them. They can’t even farm the jungle camps.”

While drinking Immortal Happy Nectar that it bought with money that it had earned through its livestream, it felt like its body had become fatter than before.

Mr. Fang switched out and glanced at his personal chats in QQ.

[Sir, your opponent is the Smirk Face Emoji!]

“Ugh?” Mr. Fang glanced at the ID of the opposing jungler. “This style… indeed looks like it?”

The viewers of the livestream saw this scene.

[Hahaha! Let’s see how Mr. Fang catches the Smirk Face Emoji!]

[Go! Master Ball!]

[Catching the Smirk Face Emoji with Square Strategy!]

Mr. Fang was calm and steady.

Mr. Fang’s blue side had Fiora the Grand Duelist as the top laner, Xerath the Magus Ascendant as the middle laner, and Zyra the Rise of Thorns and Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover as bot laners.

The opposing mid laner was Varus, the jungler was the Blind Monk, and Vayne and Nami the Tidecaller were the bot laners.

“Now, I explain to you why this is called Square Jungling.” Mr. Fang controlled Kha’Zix to circle around the Lizard Elder (Red Buff) sleeping in the forest while he explained, “This method might have fewer confrontations, but there will still be some fights.”

“But it focuses on a sense of strategy. It’s a strategy that you must use your brain to do.”

“You have to make good strategies and see the big picture from small details.

“Ugh. You just watch how I do it.”

“League of Legends needs strategies and calculations?” Sala watched in surprise. “I thought it is just fighting to win and stealing kills to buy items?”

At this moment, the cultivators from the Xiaoyao Cave Abode watched it too. “Ugh…? We fought together as five in the mid lane; how come they fight this way?”

At this moment, Mr. Fang had come to his blue buff.

Meanwhile, in the Half City Shop, the Smirk Face Emoji played as Lee Sin and called its mid laner over to stealthily move toward Mr. Fang’s blue buff together.

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