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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 796: What Did We Find? a Smirk Face Emoji That Is All Alone

Chapter 796: What Did We Find? a Smirk Face Emoji That Is All Alone

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At this moment, Mr. Fang was dueling the Ancient Golem (Blue Buff) and explaining to the viewers what Square Jungling was.

Mr. Fang controlled the mantis with the magic mini-map showing his eyes. The map also appeared in the bottom-right corner of the screen. “We’ve connected our top and bottom jungle areas with our enemy’s top and bottom jungle areas. You can see, it’s a perfect square, and this is the jungling path that we’ll take.”

“Ugh…? So simple?” The large group of viewers in the lounge areas stared at the big screens intently, and the others were watching it on their communication jades.

In a group of elves, Sala asked curiously, “Then, we’ll have a fixed route? What if someone ambushes us?”

Mr. Fang continued to explain, “Some of you might ask, ‘Mr. Fang, you’ll have a fixed jungling path, right? What if someone ambushes you?’ I can tell you that it’s impossible.”

“There is a saying ‘Know yourself and know your enemy, and you’ll never be defeated.’” Mr. Fang said, “We must use this strategy in the game. For example, we know that the opposing jungler is a Blind Monk who has a high win rate, thus a good player.”

Mr. Fang lured the Ancient Golem to a remoter spot while still dealing with it.

“This champion, the Blind Monk, controlled by a good player can certainly kill monsters more easily than us.” He kept an eye on the magic map as he said, “So, he must have killed the wight camp in the jungle by now and will invade us.

“Right now, he should be in this place.” The Ancient Golem was easy for Mr. Fang to deal with, so he had the time to draw a circle on the map.

At this moment, Demonic Woman Ning Bi glanced at the spot in one corner of the Half City Shop. Sure enough, the black cloud was sneaking from the bush where Mr. Fang had circled toward the position of the blue buff while sending signals to the mid laner wildly.

Cheerfully, it found the location of the blue buff in the jungle.

However, it saw nothing.

“Pu-!” Seeing this scene, Ning Bi almost spat out her Coke. “The scummy shop owner is cheating!”

Sala and the other viewers saw the Blind Monk sneaking out from the jungle right after Mr. Fang defeated the Blue Buff. The Blind Monk wandered in the location of the blue buff like a headless fly.

“Where’s the Blue Buff?!” In another livestream room, the Blind Monk with the ID ‘Almighty Demonic God’ was circling in the jungle frantically. “It’s a big one! Is there a bug in the game?!”

“F*ck…!” Sala and the other elves were stupefied by the scene, and so were the other viewers.

“How could he predict this?!”

“This is called strategy.” Mr. Fang continued to explain, “Of course, this is the most basic. As a jungler, you must know it.”

The newbies sitting in the lounge area in the new shop at the East Continent stared at the screen dumbfoundedly. “Such an awesome strategy is the most basic one…”

“Hohahahaha-!” The Heavenly Faction’s black-robed Elder Dugu Xiao, who was supervising the disciples as they learned, laughed and said, “This is the difference between a supreme jungler and you guys. Do you see the difference?”

The disciples’ eyes almost popped out. “Supreme Master Fang’s jungling is way better than ours!”

It must be noted that different from the original game, the monsters such as the Red Buff and the Blue Buffs had energy fields around them despite their slow movements. Therefore, when the players fought the monsters, they would receive some damage even if they dodged all the attacks. The smaller jungle monsters also had different settings to achieve the same result.

Clearly, it was designed to make players in the game have a more equal footing since no players could use skills to kill monsters without taking damage. After all, the competitive games focused on the competition between players instead of with the jungle monsters.

This way, the players wouldn’t spend all their time on farming monsters and getting gold due to the easiness of killing jungle monsters, being very passive. Meanwhile, the players also wouldn’t forsake fights with other players to challenge the jungle monsters which might be too difficult for them to defeat with their own skills.

Therefore, at this moment, Mr. Fang’s HP wasn’t high.

After killing the monster in the top half of the jungle, Mr. Fang went to the location of the last camp in the bottom half of the jungle.

Meanwhile, the Blind Monk didn’t find the enemy jungler after invading the jungle. With no monsters to farm, he chose to gank the top lane.

“At this moment, we can just ignore him. We’ll just ping the teammates and tell them that the Blind Monk is close to the top lane. That’s enough for now,” Mr. Fang said, “Then, we’ll continue killing monsters including the last camp on the opposite side. We know that the Blind Monk is in the top lane, which means that we’re safe in his jungle areas even though our HP is low.

“Then, we will go home and buy a Tiamat. The game will be over.”

“Ha-?!” Sala and the other elves froze for a moment and then ran to Mr. Fang’s computer. “Sir, the game just started, right? How come it’s over?”

“Because now, we can draw the square.”

“Draw the square?” Sala said in surprise, “Sir, didn’t you say that you are going to take all the jungle camps on both your side and your enemy’s side?”

“How can it be? The mantis can’t defeat the Blind Monk in the early game, right? Don’t try to fool me!”

“I’m not fooling you.” Mr. Fang set off and killed a wave of monsters before crossing the river and walking into the jungle. At this moment, the Blind Monk walked past the small path in the jungle before him carelessly.

The viewers were surprised, “Huh-?!”

At this moment, Demonic Woman Ning Bi was standing behind the Smirk Face Emoji player and staring at its screen with widened eyes. “Ha-!?”

The elves and the players in Half City Shop and Jiuhua City Shop entered the Smirk Face Emoji’s livestream room and watched this Blind Monk closely. “Yeah-!?”

“Hush…” Mr. Fang whispered, “Look what I found. A Smirk Face Emoji that is all alone. Now, let’s try to capture it.”

“But this Smirk Face Emoji isn’t easy to handle, so we must get close from behind stealthily and silently.”

In the Almighty Demonic God’s livestream room, the Smirk Face Emoji was also staring at its livestream room. “Huh…?”

“How come I feel like my viewers increased?”

“They are all here to watch me play Lee Sin? Everyone knows that the mantis can’t defeat the blind monk, so…”

The moment it said that, it turned around abruptly and saw a mantis lunging at it from behind!

“First Blood!” The announcement instantly sounded.

“Ahhh-!” A shrill scream sounded as if a pig was being butchered.

In the livestream room, the startled black cloud that was wearing the virtual reality headset fell under the desk and almost threw out its headset.

A black head stuck out from under the desk and said, What the heck was that?!

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