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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 797: The Godly Court

Chapter 797: The Godly Court

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“Instant kill on landing!” Mr. Fang instantly killed the Blind Monk on landing and then leaped away like a dragonfly skipping on water. Caught off guard by this strike, the Smirk Face Emoji took its hands off the keyboard but saw no one when it snapped back. The result was quite fun.

The bullet comments appeared on the screen in the live show room.

[This is called ‘a mantis capturing a ball, instant kill on landing!’]


[I was watching the livestream of the other jungler. It was so startled that it threw away its virtual reality headset. Hilarious!]

[Huh? The other jungler is also livestreaming? I’ll check it out…]


Bullet comments flooded the screen.

At this moment, Mr. Fang asked in his jungling tutorial livestream, “Can anyone tell me why I instantly killed Lee Sin on landing? The person with the correct answer will get a bag of potato chips from the shop!”

“Potato chips?!” Sitting among the Heavenly Faction disciples as an exchange disciple, Jiang Xiaoyue froze and then sent a bullet comment with her quick answer, “Me! Me! Me! I know the answer! This must be Mr. Fang’s new skill with the mantis!”

“Wrong answer. Xiaoyue, please sit down.”

“How come it’s wrong?!” Jiang Xiaoyue returned to her seat in a huff, sulky that she lost her chance with the prize of free potato chips.

At this moment, the observant viewers saw some clues. “Did you notice? Mr. Fang’s mantis has reached level 5 while the enemy Blind Monk is only level 3!”

“My goodness… I didn’t notice until you mentioned it… Besides, the enemy Blind Monk only bought a longsword after going back to base, but Mr. Fang has a Tiamat!”

“How come the gap is so big?” In the Jiuhua City Shop, Song Qingfeng watched the game on a couch and asked in surprise.

“Do you remember how the Blind Monk invaded the shop owner’s jungle and then went to the top lane?” Nalan Mingxue analyzed.

“This invasion produced no result and cost him more than 10 seconds.”

“The shop owner told the Grand Duelist to back off and guard the tower, so the Blind Monk wasted another 30 seconds at the top lane with no gain.”

“During this time, Mr. Fang killed a camp of monsters in the enemy’s jungle and another camp in his own jungle. After he bought Tiamat, he set out and killed one more camp of monsters, reaching level 5.”

“Meanwhile, the enemy Blind Monk is still at level 3 without items.”

“That’s true…” Song Qingfeng said in surprise.

At this moment, Nalan Mingxue saw a loli’s avatar jumping up and down in QQ.

Jiang Xiao asked, [Do you have the answer to Mr. Fang’s question?]

Obviously, this little girl was eager to get Mr. Fang’s prize of potato chips.

Nalan Mingxue replied, [Xiaoyue, call me Big Sister 😏]

[Oh! Big Sister Xue’er is smart, witty, and beautiful. You are the best!] Jiang Xiaoyue said with exaggerated admiration on her face.

“Hahahaha…” In the lounge area in the Jiuhua City Shop, someone laughed convulsively. “Noob Xiaoyue, actually using this one on me!”

“Here’s the correct answer.”

“Oh! So, this is the right answer?” Jiang Xiaoyue had little stars in her eyes.

Mr. Fang announced the answer. “Congratulations to Xiaoyue for the right answer. Now, you can go to the counter and get a bag of potato chips!”

“Now, I will explain the combo to instantly kill someone on landing that can be used in a fight.” At this moment, Mr. Fang had finished farming all the monsters in his top half of the jungle and reached level 6. Then, he began to invade the enemy jungle.

“Did you discover? The Enemy’s top and bottom jungles as well as our bottom and top jungles… our square is forming!”

When Fang Qi came to the enemy’s top jungle, he saw that the enemy Blind Monk had just finished killing the Wight.

“When we attack, please remember that we’re the Voidreaver who has a unique battle style. We only need to make use of it perfectly.”

Then, a streak of sharp spikes shot out with chilly lights.

Almost at the same time, the wings flapped, and Kha’Zix shot out with the sharp spikes, defying the laws of physics!

The mantis slash out with Tiamat in the left hand while its right hand turned into an extremely sharp blade.

Fang Qi launched three attacks separately, but they perfectly fell at the same time from three different directions.

In this instant, the Blind Monk felt as if he was attacked by three people!

In the Half City Shop, Ning Bi watched as the Smirk Face Emoji player screamed, “Wayaa-!”

Flash! Flash!

This was so horrifying! Its scalp tingled in fear!

When it snapped back to its senses, the Blind Monk was on the verge of death.

“This… Tiamat and Taste Their Fear (Q) can be used in mid-air at the same time,” Mr. Fang explained, “With swiftness, accuracy, the three attacks launching at one target in synchronization, it is impossible to block or escape! Instant kill at landing!”

As an assassin champion, Kha’Zix would either fail or succeed in one strike.

“So powerful…” Exclamations rose in the shops.

“Then, can we borrow the idea when we use mechanical hidden weapons…?” Tang Yu was inspired and started to think. As a young man in an era of battle skills recovery, he was obviously absorbing such combat experience continuously.

He thought for a while and realized that despite the simple appearance of this strike, to achieve the best result, one must have perfect control in many things including timing and angle. After all, in the system version of the game, the players could do all kinds of fancy moves such as dodging and parrying.

The system version of League of Legends that was played in the complete virtual reality mode had perfectly simulated the battle in the real world.

If the three attacks all missed, then the assassin was virtually dead.

“This is the basic combo in Square Jungling. Many champions have their own corresponding high-level techniques.”

“This is only the basics?” In the new shop at the East Continent, the Heavenly Faction disciples who were learning earnestly stared at the screen and gasped.

At this moment, refusing to admit defeat, the Blind Monk took some potions to recover his HP and then returned with his mid laner, Varus, to surround Mr. Fang.

“My goodness…”

“The shop owner is in danger…”

“The mid laner is level 6 as well!”

Controlling the Voidreaper, Mr. Fang stepped into the jungle again. “Now, let’s begin the tutorial – Flying Mantis.”



“Apart from instant kill on landing, there’s also flying mantis?!”

“Then, do the other champions also have super powerful high-level techniques?!”

The viewers were excited while they watched.

Meanwhile, in the distant Innumerable-Immortal Sea beyond the sky.

The so-called Innumerable-Immortal Sea wasn’t a real ocean but a vast ocean of clouds.

Here, countless immortal birds soared in the ocean of clouds like fish, and the immortal isles floated on top of the clouds like a forest. Every miraculous sight and view could be seen here. This was the Immortal Realm.

Standing opposite to the Godly Palace that was sitting in the ultimate west, this was said to be the place where immortals had lived for generations.

Above this place was the Godly Court, the official ruler of immortals and gods and the loftiest palace in the universe.

In the immortal isles, there was a place where rich immortal spiritual essence gathered.

With abundant spiritual essence filling the space, even breathing felt different than that in the mortal world.

A blue-clothed woman had a cold face, with eyes as chilly as ancient ice.

Sitting across from her was a weird-looking Daoist in a white-and-black Daoist robe with two strands of hair dangling from his temples.

Before her, a pot of immortal tea was boiling on the fire that was as glassy white as those in the battle with Fang Qi.

When the water was boiling, white mist floated up like colorful clouds; it was a vivid immortal sight.

There was a tiny crack on the tea pot.

“It’s a pity that this fine 10,000-year-old Purple Cloud Pot is damaged,” the old Daoist said in a chuckle.

“I thought that I could end the whole thing before the Godly Court gets involved,” the cold-looking woman said, “Now, the Godly Court must be making a move, right?”

“We’ll know it tomorrow at the morning meeting in Godly Court. I wonder whom they will send.”

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