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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 798: A Commemorative Album of Youth

Chapter 798: A Commemorative Album of Youth

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Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

Only the truly great existences had the right to enter the Godly Court.

This was the place where truly orthodox and core existences lived.

Undoubtedly, the existences who could enter the threshold of the Godly Court had ultimate immortal divinity and was way beyond the level of mortals. If mortals were the earth, then these existences were the heavens. They couldn’t be compared.

They had endless life span to study anything in the world. For them, the small antics and tricks of mortals were lower than dust.

It was because some of them could do much better than mortals with only one thought.

No mortal dared to measure the strength of such existences regardless if the latter was strong or weak. For these existences, mortals were like particles of dust which they could send flying for 108,000 kilometers with one breath.

At least, it was the case before these mortals could ascend and become true immortals.

Perhaps only after the mortals had ascended could they see the tip of the entire iceberg regarding this world beyond the sky.

As for the mortals…

They were just as the Green Sky Immortal said, “They are just dust. In my years that I supervised the Innumerable-Immortal Sea, I’ve discovered few and received fewer who truly have the potential to ascend. Today, I saw one, but he didn’t appreciate my help. Therefore, his case will be handled by the Godly Court…”

“I planned to help this ignorant mortal and give him a great fortune.” A trace of anger seemed to flash across her cold face. “He was so arrogant! If I see him again, I’ll show this mortal my true power!”

“Maybe you were too aggressive, Immortal?” The old Daoist chuckled.

“Huh?” Her almond-shaped eyes glared with vicious light. “Do you mean that I have to plead to these mortals with a begging tone?”

The atmosphere calmed down a bit.

Looking at the teacup before her, she seemed to be trying to see the other world through the mirror-like water in the cup. “Regardless of which god is behind you, regardless of how many people are involved in it…”

“They will be wiped out!

“For the reckless and ignorant ants…” she signed indifferently, “It will be a huge catastrophe!”

“No one will be able to escape from it!”

“But…” The old Daoist said with a grim expression, “Is it necessary to deal with a group of mortals this way?”

“Old Daoist,” the Green Sky Immortal said, “Have you forgotten why the Martial Arts Ban was issued?”

“It’s a pity that they happened to stand on that path,” the Green Sky Immortal said, “So, they were ground to dust together.”

“…” The old Daoist fell silent with regret on his face.

“That kind of existence can easily destroy the world and create a new one like flipping over the palm.” Green Sky Immortal’s eyes looked mild as if she was telling an absolute truth. “They are extremely stupid. When the time comes, even the god behind you is in danger, and what methods would a mortal like you have to battle with us with?”

– Meanwhile, in Origins Internet Club –

Mr. Fang had just got off the livestream.

However, the bullet comments were still flooding the screen.

The elves sitting on the couches couldn’t stop giggling.

[Hahaha! It was so funny to watch the shop owner capture the Smirk Face Emoji!]

“Mischievous!” Rowling mimicked the shop owner’s play when he instantly killed his enemy on landing. “I’ll see how mischievous you can be!”

“Hehehehe! I felt like it almost turned into a real ball during the process.”

“Sir,” a group of people walked up and said, “How come you stopped the livestream; do some more, please.”

“Yeah.” Sala held Mr. Fang’s arm and wouldn’t let him go. “Didn’t you say that there’s a Triangle Mid Laner? I want to learn it too…”

“I agree!” Kellybel stood out and said in a huff, “You told us that you’d show Triangle Mid Laner! How come you stopped!?”

Hey-?! Beside her, the Elf Clan’s First Elder Hyru widened his eyes. Are you the queen or not?!

You even want to watch Triangle Mid Laning?

While holding a bag of potato chips, a bottle of iced red tea, and a box of spicy sticks which were obviously prizes granted by Mr. Fang, Jiang Xiaoyue posted a message in a group chat in QQ, [Sir, why did you stop the livestream… do some more…]

“That’s all for today. Tomorrow, I’ll livestream how the Grand Duelist can attack five times in a second.”

“Wow-! Great!” The elves who were the first to hear the news had glints of excitement in their eyes. The previous instant kill on landing was already a big challenge to players’ overall control ability, and it was a powerful technique. They wondered, What advanced skill is this attack five times in a second?

In the Jiuhua City Shop, Nalan Mingxue obviously had also received the news, and her lips curved as she walked out of the shop.

“Ms. Nalan,” Lan Yan snickered beside her. “You seem to be smiling more and more often recently.”

“Do I?

“Perhaps.” Maybe only at this moment could she show her sincere smiles. “After all, only in this place can I forget the trivial business and schemes in the family.”

This rare moment of peace was a great enjoyment for her each day.

Holding the newly published official novel of Dungeon Fighter Online, she sighed lightly. “I wish we could live like this every day.”

“What are you talking about, My Lady?” Lan Yan said with a chuckle, “We have so many people with us. Besides, there is the dumb alliance army in Half City and the sedate-looking old Daoists in Yuanyang City. Also, we encounter dumb and cute newbies each day. With us visiting the shops each day, do you think that the shop owner has the heart to shut them down?”

“You’re right…” Nalan Mingxue sighed, “Before we notice it, several years have passed. How time flies.”

“Yeah…” Lan Yan mumbled, “I wonder why the shop owner hasn’t organized any activities in the past two years. Before that, we had annual parties and all kinds of small prizes. Now, there’s nothing…”

“I don’t know…” Nalan Mingxue said, “After the business expanded, he must have been very busy.”

She showed her understanding. “He has to livestream for us. Besides, seeing the high-level strength of the people in the West Continent, the shop owner must be working hard to increase his strength.”

“You’re right…”

“Oh-!” Lan Yan’s eyes lit up as she said, “Should… we can organize an activity ourselves!”

“We can prepare prizes ourselves even if we have to!”

“This idea sounds good.” Nalan Mingxue and the Nalan Family were shareholders of the research institute of the Wuwei Daoist Alliance, and she knew that there were some newly developed items, such as the weapons made according to the recipes from Dungeon Fighter Online, runewords made according to Diablo, and even some mimic items of previous prizes.

“Then, we can do a trailer too!” Lan Yan suggested, “Oh, Ms. Nalan, have you saved the gaming pictures when we played Diablo, the Legend of Mir 2, and the Legend of Sword and Fairy?”

“I’ll have a look when I’m back.”

“Let’s name the video… Commemorative Album of Youth! What do you think?”

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