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Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 799: Recovery

Chapter 799: Recovery

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“Commemorative Album of Youth…” Nalan Mingxue froze for a moment. “Okay. Let’s go and do it. We’ll show it to the shop owner and see what he says.”


At this moment, Fang Qi was standing in the Red Maple Forest outside the Canglan City Shop with an ancient sword engraved with pine patterns. He had never looked so serious before.

Perhaps… as time went by, his youthful clumsiness and recklessness had gradually faded while a mature and steady presence appeared in his eyes.

The sunlight pierced the dense leaves of the forest and shined on the blade of the ancient-looking sword which reflected a beautiful sword aura.

The blade lifted with an invisible essence attached on it, and the entire sword blade lit up with a soul-absorbing chilly light as if it had become alive.

Level 8 wasn’t a high cultivation strength.

However, he didn’t mind the low level of his cultivation strength.

Right now, cultivation strength was the basic. But obviously, if he relied purely on his own cultivation strength to fight the battles that he faced, he wouldn’t be able to do it even after cultivating for thousands of years.

His blade slowly drew an elegant and strange arc as if he was mimicking the path of a sword technique with great care.

One slash, another slash, again…

He moved from slow to fast to even faster.

Finally, when he struck out, he seemed to overlap with another person’s shadow in that instant.

It seemed like he had achieved Complete Synchronization in the moment when he used the sword technique.

The sword blade cut through the huge boulder before him. In the next instant, the shadow that overlapped with Fang Qi suddenly vanished.

At this moment, Fang Qi’s expression changed abruptly.

A streak of horrifying energy far more powerful than level 8 cultivation strength, which seemed to be the residual power of that sword technique, instantly sent him flying like a cannon ball!


Instantly, he smashed onto countless ancient trees and destroyed them before he could stop.

“Cough! Cough! Cough…” Fang Qi climbed out of the ruined trees and debris with a pale face. “I still can’t do it.”

He tried to instantly reach Complete Synchronization with a master far more powerful than him. In fact, sometimes it was even a godly master. After attacking, he would immediately remove Complete Synchronization so that he could extend the synchronization time. But obviously, an average mortal would look like a child brandishing a huge hammer far heavier than himself when he tried to control the godly level strength. It was difficult to lift the huge hammer as a child, let alone lifting it as if it weighed nothing.

It was absolutely not an easy task.

– Meanwhile, in the Innumerable-Immortal Sea –

“According to the information that we have right now, this mortal has never engaged in a prolonged battle despite his godly-level combat strength.” As an immortal who had lived countless years, the Green Sky Immortal was far more insightful than mortals, and she analyzed, “In each fight, he would wait for his opponents to make the move first, and then he would end the battle as fast as possible.”

“Immortal, you mean…” the old Daoist said, “This person doesn’t excel in prolonged battle?”

“It’s against nature for mortals to be in possession of godly strength,” the Green Sky Immortal said, “It’s inevitable that he can’t battle for long.”

“When I tested him, that immortal general had the chance to obtain the upper hand but still chose to leave with him… it proved my point.”

“Obviously, the god behind him is afraid of the Godly Court and doesn’t want to show his or her face, which was why only a projected image was used and they avoided engaging in a prolonged battle.”

“Indeed. It’s not worth it to reveal one’s true form just to obtain the upper hand,” the old Daoist said with a sigh, “But… if we were able to figure it out, I’m afraid that the Godly Court would have made the discovery long ago.”

With a frown, he lifted his teacup and sipped. “He lost his only trump card, and there is no longer a need for concern…”

“It’s already a taboo that a mortal has control over godly power…”

A drop of sweat fell on the sword blade as Fang Qi continued to swing the sword.

It was no longer enough to rely only on reflexes and control ability; he must make his body memorize this feeling through muscle memories.

His body in the real world must memorize the feeling of making each move with perfection in the game and engraved it in his bones.

Then, he returned to the shop.

He continued to battle with Chong Lou in the Legend of Sword and Fairy 3.

But different from the previous battles, Fang Qi had nothing, no items or equipment, but a sword with him.

He tried to perfect his skills.

Meanwhile, Nalan Hongwu was playing as the Wuju Bladesman in his livestream. “This mantis has instant kill on landing and other techniques such as the flying mantis. The Grand Duelist has the so-called attacking five times in a second. I wonder if other champions have advanced techniques too?”

Different from the new players, the veteran players had been engaging in all kinds of high-level battles in the shop and had much more advanced skills compared to the new players.

Meanwhile, some players who were semi-new and had extremely high talents were also studying and mastering these techniques.

As a player with a high win rate, Nalan Hongwu would encounter opponents who had high win rates as well.

There were no weak players on this level.

At this moment, Nalan Hongwu’s enemies had pushed to the inhibitor tower on his blue side.

The enemy top laner was Zed controlled by a saint-level master in the new shop at the Canglan City.

At this moment, both sides gathered inside and outside of the inhibitor towers.

At this moment, a gloomy figure abruptly flew from the shadows on one side into the base. In the blink of an eye, it used Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash together, stealthily appearing beside Nalan Hongwu’s ADC. The Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash slowed down and hit the target, and then the whole shadow solidified!

In this moment, everyone reacted swiftly and cast control spells and attacks toward this Zed like a storm.

The support stepped up and planned to use Exhaust after getting in range.

But at this moment, they heard a cold sneer from Zed.

Death Mark! The solidified figure instantly merged into the shadows and dodged all the attacks with great precision.

In the next moment, he appeared again.

The ADC flashed, but the Zed almost flashed at the same time.

After the auto attacks triggered Zed’s innate ability, Contempt for the Weak, he left intact as if he had changed positions with his shadows.

The series of plays were finished in one breath. The viewers felt dizzy as they watched the Zed take the enemy’s head with great ease among the enemy troop. When it was finished, some viewers still didn’t understand what had happened!

Without the ADC, the blue side was instantly at a big disadvantage.

The other teammates were dragged into the disadvantage as well.

“They are going to lose…” The viewers watching Nalan Hongwu’s livestream held their breaths subconsciously.

At this moment, they saw Nalan Hongwu’s Wuju Bladesman charging forward.

The moment the attack arrived, his blade swiftly flew across the battleground like a light beam.

Immediately, he landed beside a figure on the enemy side with great precision, and he slashed out with his sword while turning around.

Then, everyone saw what happened.

Alpha Strike, first hit!

Alpha Strike, second hit!

Alpha Strike, third hit!

Alpha Strike, fourth hit!

Quadra kill!


“My goodness!”

All the viewers stood up from their seats.

Like sponges, they continued to absorb all kinds of knowledge. At this moment, something seemed to… recover and wake up in their bodies.

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