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Can I Become an Adventurer Without Gift? (Web Novel)


While most of this world has a special power called gift (talent), Hal was not given a gift. Hal had a dream to become an adventurer because he was saved by one when he was little. But because of that everyone laughed at him. Even so, Hal continued to hold his strong feelings without giving up and participated in various parties as a Porter. But one day, he was betrayed by his party member and left in predicament. However, Hal’s situation changed drastically after that. Along with the gift “growth”, he awakened.

1085 • 2020-01-11 22:27:13


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 322020-06-28
Chapter 312020-06-24
Chapter 302020-06-07
Chapter 292020-05-29
Chapter 282020-05-24
Chapter 272020-05-24
Chapter 262020-05-18
Chapter 252020-05-16
Chapter 242020-05-13
Chapter 232020-05-13
Chapter 222020-04-23
Chapter 212020-04-23
Chapter 202020-04-23
Chapter 192020-04-03
Chapter 182020-04-03
Chapter 172020-03-29
Chapter 162020-03-21
Chapter 152020-03-17
Chapter 142020-03-14
Chapter 132020-03-12
Chapter 122020-03-11
Chapter 112020-03-10
Chapter 102020-03-10
Chapter 92020-03-10
Chapter 82020-01-15
Chapter 72020-01-14
Chapter 62020-01-11
Chapter 52020-01-11
Chapter 42020-01-11
Chapter 32020-01-11
Chapter 22020-01-11
Chapter 12020-01-11
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