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Cannon Fodder is Always Lucky E (Web Novel)




Romance Shounen Ai

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As a cannon fodder, Xia Heng’s biggest wish is to earn more points and strive for a better life in the task world.

But fate is not what he wants, the protagonists he met always do not play according to the routine.

Xia Heng looks at the progress madly rush all the way like a prolapse. The plot is so crooked that ten horses can’t pull it back.

There is mmp* sentence in heart. Don’t know what to say.

358 • 2020-01-11 19:49:26


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 102020-01-11
Chapter 92020-01-11
Chapter 82020-01-11
Chapter 72020-01-11
Chapter 62020-01-11
Chapter 52020-01-11
Chapter 42020-01-11
Chapter 32020-01-11
Chapter 22020-01-11
Chapter 12020-01-11
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