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Carefree Path of Dreams (Web Novel) - Chapter 839: Female Captive

Chapter 839: Female Captive

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Elizabeth swore she would never trust the fairy tales told by wandering poets again.

In the countryside, the songs passed on had described the adventures at sea as a game that was filled with excitement and mystery while having high returns.

Even pirates were given the heroic image of robbing the rich to feed the poor. They were gentlemanly, pursued freedom, and pitted their wits and courage against all kinds of evils.

Furthermore, there were published novels that specialized in this field, even being best sellers at one point.

In the fantasies of the numerous inland girls who had been duped, a real pirate was similar to a knight of the sea. The most distinct image of them was that they had handsome features and well-built bodies while also being young and rich.

… But now, Miss Elizabeth only wanted to pull that wandering poet’s tongue out and then squeeze it into his ***… Hmm, a real lady should not be using such words, or even thinking about them. However, may the heavens take pity on her. Elizabeth was truly tragically duped.

Her family operated the Rose Chamber of Commerce and had always been living in one of Ettoman’s colonies.

As her father had helped her find a partner, she was about to return to Ettoman’s mainland to get married.

It was said that the other party was a respectable gentleman who owned huge amounts of land. Just his income from the land was already over a thousand gold coins every year!

Regarding her partner, Miss Elizabeth was very pleased.

Furthermore, she could experience a voyage across the ocean before getting married, which was also quite good, even if it was not brimming with fantasy like described in the legends.

However, after the initial feeling of novelty had passed, Elizabeth finally discovered the sufferings of going on a voyage.

Every fraction of space had to be reasonably utilized. Even though her lodging conditions were already the best on the entire ship, it still made her feel claustrophobic.

Needless to say, poor Elizabeth suffered from insomnia practically every night ever since she boarded the ship, as it would rock violently when met with stormy seas.

Oh, and freshwater!

Without mentioning how monotonous the food was, they were so stingy with fresh water that it caused Elizabeth to almost break down.

In such an environment, regardless of whether they were sailors of merchant ships, pirates, or even the navy, they all did not bathe. Thus, the smell on their bodies was naturally not very pleasant.

The longer they traveled, the closer she was to breaking down.

However, the jokes that destiny was playing on her had only just begun!

Just when they were approaching Ettoman’s coastal waters and Elizabeth thought that she could finally free herself from this hellish life, she was shockingly informed that they had run into pirates!

Unlike the image of knights of the sea that she had expected, the pirates of the Ferocious Tiger Pirate Team were practically the combination of scoundrels and scum, giving Elizabeth an enormous shock.

After she saw the granny who followed her being dragged into a room, Elizabeth finally revealed her identity to the pirates that resembled a pack of wolves.

The consolation amid all her misfortunes was that after Tiger knew about the identity of her fiance, he happily kept her captive and told his subordinates not to violate her in the slightest.

It was not because he was some gentleman. It was merely because he felt that people would only be willing to pay a higher ransom if the merchandise was ‘in good condition’.

For this reason, he even specially let her original granny and servants continue to serve her.

In reality, Elizabeth was practically resigned to her fate.

However, what she had never anticipated was that after falling from one hell to another, there was still a third hell waiting for her!

Amid gunfire and battle cries, she had thought for a time that it was the heroic navy coming to save her. However, when Butcher’s ugly face broke into the ship’s cabin with a huge cutlass stained in blood, Elizabeth knew that she had been thinking too much.

She had encountered a battle between pirates. Furthermore, her upcoming fate would depend on whether the victorious pirates would still have the patience to deal with her like the previous pirates.

“The pirates that defeated the Ferocious Tiger Pirate Team…”

When Elizabeth was brought to the deck of Ferocious Tiger, she saw Fang Yuan.

Overall, this pirate captain actually corresponded the most to the rosy dreams of girls.

Not only did he have a handsome face with fitting clothing, but he was also valiant and wild, unlike the usual gentleman. It could be said that if there was such a pirate in the mainland holding a rose in his mouth and knocking on the window of any lady, he would basically not receive any rejections.

Elizabeth composed herself. Just when she thought she might have gotten lucky, she saw Fang Yuan casually brandishing his officer’s sword.


In a flash of the blade’s brilliance, the row of pirates kneeling in front of him had their heads chopped off. Blood was instantly gushing out.

“Still unwilling to work for me after becoming captives, aren’t you forcing me to kill you?”

Fang Yuan wiped his officer’s sword using one of the corpses’ clothes and looked at the remaining captives. “What about you guys?”

“We’re willing to obey you, great captain!”

The other pirates were practically pissing their pants. They were shouting loudly, afraid that they would be following the footsteps of their comrades if they were slightly slower.


Elizabeth could hear a clear and crisp sound coming from her body. As a young lady who fantasizes, her heart was thoroughly shattered.

Damn it… creatures like pirates should be completely annihilated!

Elizabeth was shouting hysterically in her mind, but she recalled the teachings of her home tutor at that moment. She held her head high and stood straight, subconsciously having the manner of a lady.

“Hmm… Butcher, you did pretty good!”

No matter what, Butcher could not be counted as bearing malice.

Fang Yuan sized up this noble female captive. The first thing he saw was her milky skin and her dazzling, golden, and wavy hair.

This female captive truly had pretty good looks. In addition, her haughty expression made it easy for others to have the desire to conquer her.

For instance, Bill, who was beside him, was already enthralled.

But no matter how beautiful she was, it was merely fleeting beauty to Fang Yuan.

At this moment, he threw a bag of water to the ship’s doctor.

After gulping down the healing water, the pirates who had suffered heavy injuries all stood up one after another with zealotry in their eyes.

Having such a captain would almost be like having countless lives during future boarding battles.

Knowing that their lives were safeguarded, they would be able to display 120% of their strength during hand-to-hand combat.


Fang Yuan clapped his hands, and two pirates carrying a wooden chest came forward.

He went forward and kicked open the chest. Golden rays poured out along with various other colors, blinding their eyes.

Undeniably, regardless of which world, which era, it was always benefits that could touch the hearts of people.

Even the establishment of the Golden Sea Route was only for the purpose of obtaining numerous benefits.

A chest of gold coins mixed with other gems was spilled onto the ground, immediately making the breathing of all the pirates intensify, and even Elizabeth was forgotten by them.

However, for this missy, she was gritting her teeth in anger.

This was because a large portion of the Ferocious Tiger’s fortunes inside the chest was from the Rose Chamber of Commerce’s merchant ship, and some were even her dowry!

“I am a fair captain. I absolutely won’t deprive you of the wealth that belongs to you!”

Fang Yuan stepped onto the gold coins with his boots. He grabbed a handful of gems in varying colors and threw them onto the ground. “First, everyone that participated in the attack will receive a basic reward. Those who killed someone in the boarding battle will be rewarded with three gold coins… Those who used ranged weapons such as bows, firearms, and cannons will have half the rewards. Any opinions?”


“Whatever you say, boss!”

The Mockingbird pirates were already perfectly satisfied with being able to accomplish this impressive feat. On top of that, they would still receive gold coins. This immediately boosted their morale, and they burst into cheers.

“Hmm, I would like to particularly commend someone here! Butcher!”

Fang Yuan motioned with his hand to suppress the clamor and had Butcher step forward. “Your performance was the most outstanding in the battle. I intend to honor my promise and bestow you with stronger powers!”

While he was speaking, he threw the Ferocious Tiger Ring to him.

“This is a ring imbued with black magic, containing the speed and strength of a ferocious tiger inside… By tomorrow, you’ll be able to use it… The incantation to activate it is…”

After the brief introduction about the ring, Butcher’s eyes immediately brightened. “Thanks, Captain!”

Looking at his excitement, it seemed like this ring was the only thing in his eyes. Even if there were another ten Elizabeths, it would still be incomparable.

“Ferocious Tiger Ring! Extraordinary powers!”

When the pirates witnessed this scene, all of their eyes were red with envy.

Especially Bill. With a pensive expression, he looked at Butcher and also at Elizabeth.

“Hmm, there’s still this…” In the end, he finally turned his attention to Elizabeth. “What’s your name?”

“Elizabeth!” This young noble lady took a deep breath and said, “I am Viscount Quaid’s daughter, and I am headed to Ettoman to marry Viscount Charlie. My future husband is a respectable noble gentleman, and he has an income of a thousand gold coins from his lands every year…”

When she finished speaking, her back was even straighter. It was only because the previous pirate captain had believed her words that he kept her captive. Presently, this pirate captain appeared to be more civilized, so he should be even more understanding.

“Oh… a noble’s fiancee!” Fang Yuan nodded. “Just sell her off at the next port. Who has the time to slowly bargain with a noble on land… Kidnapping and blackmailing…”

That amount of time would be sufficient for several pillages.

“You can’t do this!” Elizabeth was about to break down. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan only waved his hand. Two pirates stepped forward, harboring evil intentions as they pulled the hemline of her skirt.

“No… I am the daughter of a noble. My father and husband will absolutely be willing to pay the ransom…”

Elizabeth screamed, feeling her change in fate.


Her skirt was ripped apart, revealing large areas of skin.

The smiles of the surrounding pirates immediately harbored even more evil intentions.

Elizabeth sank into deep despair.

A valuable hostage could make the captain restrict his crew, but merchandise about to be sold? Most likely, no one would mind if some things happened.


But right at this moment, Fang Yuan swung with the back of his sword, sending one of the pirates flying. “I’m setting up a new rule. From now on, no one is allowed to humiliate female captives on my ship!”

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