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Carefree Path of Dreams (Web Novel) - Chapter 841: Dearborn

Chapter 841: Dearborn

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The Golden Sea Route was the paradise of adventurers.

Ever since the beginning of the Great Voyage Era, pirate ports proliferated and the number of pirates increased.

Some ports only accepted pirates, and they were particularly targeted by the navies of various countries.

And some ports were purely known for their high level of freedom. They allowed pirates to enter very easily, but public order was still extremely well-preserved in the ports.

These were typically the best places for pirates to sell off the goods they had plundered and spend on entertainment. The pirates brought endless fortune and business opportunities to the ports.

Every grain of pepper from the Spice Archipelago was worth one gold coin, but pirates would sell the pepper at two or three silver coins per grain. The goods could then be sold again at double the original price!

The attraction of 100% profits allowed these private ports to survive and thrive.

For these enormous profits, those port owners could become connected to great noble families and even royal families, thereby concentrating strong powers.

Even navies would not dare eliminate such a port unless they wanted to make half the world their enemies!

“Dearborn Port!”

Mockingbird dragged the merchant ship and slowly sailed toward the port.

Through a spyglass, Fang Yuan saw a good port built beside mountains and water. It was surrounded by many ships, and numerous buildings could be seen on the mountains.

“This is the Dearborns’ private port. The first Viscount Dearborn was a great voyager. He acquired this island after retiring from the navy and built Dearborn Port here, which is now the entire family’s greatest source of income!”

Bill murmured to Fang Yuan obsequiously, “Of course… this is only a lie told to the public. The Dearborn family is merely a tool used to launder money. At the very least, the traces of a duke can be found involved in the commercial activities of this port, and it has deep connections with the palace! Therefore, the navy seldom interferes unless wanted pirates blatantly appear here or there’s any large-scale public disorder.”

“Hmm! As long as it’s safe.”

Fang Yuan was not surprised at all because he had witnessed many cases where exalted nobles had covertly groomed men to launder money and participate in illegal trade indirectly.

“Safety is definitely not an issue. All fights are forbidden within twenty nautical miles of Dearborn Port. Otherwise, they’ll become enemies with the entire Dearborn Family! And they’ll definitely offend the navy as well!” Bill said while thumping his chest.

Although the pirates in this world were powerful, the navies of Ettoman and other large coastal countries were by no means useless.

For example, the navy of Ettoman was known to have the largest fleet in the world, and it could be expanded without limit when necessary.

Even pirate governors would not want to offend such powerful navies and wage war against them.

In fact… even a pirate governor with legendary pirate ships may not be able to defeat the Ettoman Royal Navy… Fang Yuan thought silently. In this world, the relationships between pirates and navies as well as between pirates and countries are indeed profoundly intriguing.

However, nobody seems to have noticed the nuance. Perhaps I can catalyze the change…

These subordinates were not all he had. He still had other people concealed in Ettoman and various pirate teams.

This was sufficient for him to accomplish many things at the right time.

Bill watched the ship enter the dock and advised Fang Yuan about the port. “Captain… Dearborn Port isn’t a pure pirate port. The ship behind us belonged to the Rose Chamber of Commerce, which is run by nobles, so it may be somewhat troublesome to sell the goods. Moreover, this place isn’t very suitable for selling that captive…”

If he had been the navigator, he would definitely not have chosen this port.

But what could he do after Fang Yuan had given the order? As a second officer who had just been promoted, he had to do anything ordered by the captain, no matter how dangerous it was.

“Hmm… I understand!” Fang Yuan nodded and said calmly, “Even if we can’t sell the goods, we can still rest here temporarily to replenish other resources and manpower!”

Having just been through two fierce battles, his subordinates were in dire need of a place to relax and recuperate.

Although Dearborn Port was unsuitable for other things, it was the closest one to them.

An armed merchant ship dragging a large ship immediately attracted a lot of attention upon reaching the port.

Even the most stupid sailor could tell that it was a pirate ship that had just plundered another ship. Some merchants’ eyes were already glistening.

And some people gazed at the symbol on Merchant Ship Rose and pondered.

“Good morning, respectable captain!”

Fang Yuan came onto the wharf, and a tax collector wearing a wig approached him. “Entrance registration!”

“Hmm!” Fang Yuan nodded in a reserved manner and tossed out a bag of coins.

“We are from the Rose Chamber of Commerce. We have just encountered pirates and need a good rest!” Bill stepped forward and started to make up a story.

“All right, captain of Merchant Ship Rose, Roger! Welcome to Dearborn Port. We wish you a pleasant experience here!”

As expected, he did not investigate the validity of this explanation at all, passing a completed file to them directly.

“Let’s go to the market!”

Fang Yuan left Butcher behind to guard their base and brought Bill along with him. “And… next time, don’t fake my name!”

“I apologize, Captain!” Bill kept silent immediately.

“Captain! If you want to sell any goods, please consider the Violet Chamber of Commerce!”

“Captain, do you need strong sailors?”

“I’ve got the best bar and the hottest women in Dearborn Port here…”

As soon as Fang Yuan left the dock, he was immediately surrounded by enthusiastic merchants. They might have even pounced on him if he had not been followed by a few muscular subordinates.

Truly great pirates had their own ways of selling plundered goods, and some even ran chambers of commerce covertly.

Even a small group like the Ferocious Tiger Pirate Team had regular traders that they would sell their goods to at relatively higher prices.

Fang Yuan looked askance at this lackey from the Violet Chamber of Commerce, who was a plump man with an oily face. He was certain that if he really did business with this guy, he would need blessings from the Luck Goddess to sell his goods at even thirty percent of their value.

“Move aside! Move aside!”

In this situation, Bill took the initiative to clear the path and bring Fang Yuan out of the dock.

“Captain, Mockingbird has some connections as well. Although Fred is dead, that is absolutely normal for pirates…”

Having made sure that there were no strangers near them, Bill told Fang Yuan about this, his eyes glistening.

“Oh? So Mockingbird had ways to sell plundered goods here. Very well, you can contact them!” Fang Yuan nodded. “And… if I want to purchase a ship, what can the shipyard here provide?”

“I’m afraid that it has, at best, an armed merchant ship like Mockingbird. After all, this is a small port…”

Bill observed Fang Yuan’s expression. “If you want larger and more powerful warships, such as the third-level battleships used by the navy, the best place to go to is the Nightmare Ocean. It seems there will be a large-scale auction at Bloody Mary Port soon, and the shipyard there can build third-level battleships or other ships according to the buyer’s needs…”

“Nightmare Ocean, Bloody Mary Port?” Fang Yuan rubbed his chin.

The most prosperous sea route in this world was the Golden Sea Route from Ettoman to the East, passing through the Nightmare Ocean, the Golden Ocean, Pirate King City, the Coral Ocean, and the Spice Archipelago.

After entering the Nightmare Ocean, ships would be completely away from inshore waters, so it would be much more likely to encounter giant sea monsters and other dangers.

But at the same time, the chance to get rich would also instantly rise.

“The Nightmare Ocean is part of the Golden Sea Route, and even the weakest pirates there are by no means inferior to the Ferocious Tiger Pirate Team…”

Fang Yuan said with a hidden meaning, “Of course… if we enter and leave quickly, we won’t even encounter them unless we’re too unlucky…”

The pirate governor of the Nightmare Ocean should be Blackbeard. He’s known to be extremely bloody and ruthless… And that acquaintance of mine, Orlando, is in the Octopus Marauder Team, which used to be active on the Nightmare Ocean but was forced to leave after going through a crisis…

He brought to mind even more information.

While Fang Yuan and the others were walking in the market…

A dark silhouette gazed at Merchant Ship Rose for a long time before turning around, going through streets and alleys, and finally entering a grand villa.

This was the Dearborn family’s residence.

This piece of intelligence was soon passed to this generation’s Viscount Dearborn.

“A ship belonging to the Rose Chamber of Commerce…”

The viscount was about fifty years old, and some of his hair had turned white at his temples. He had a cold, hard, and sharp expression, thin lips, and a hook-like nose. “Was it plundered by pirates?”

Honestly, such things would not normally draw his attention.

After all, in order to attract more pirates to sell their goods here, Dearborn Port had to be strictly impartial.

However, if there was a noble lady on the ship, it would be worth his consideration.

“Viscount Quinn’s daughter, Elizabeth… That’s the noble lady who’s about to marry Viscount Charlie…”

Viscount Dearborn pursed his lips.

Viscount Charlie was not only handsome, but he possessed many assets as well. Moreover, he had a rich and powerful family backing him in Ettoman.

Strictly speaking, Elizabeth was going to marry someone at a much higher station than herself.

Furthermore, Viscount Dearborn knew clearly that Charlie’s family and his own backer had many complex connections.

Although others did not know about it, there were plenty of reasons for him to lend a helping hand.

“I’ve just learned that Elizabeth was to take Merchant Ship Rose to return home… It’s unexpected that they would encounter pirates…”

The viscount was a bit uncertain.

First, in order to maintain his reputation and protect his businesses, he could not oppose Fang Yuan openly.

Moreover, he had not confirmed Elizabeth’s situation. Was she killed, captured, or did she undergo anything else? Or perhaps she was on another ship and did not experience anything unpleasant?

Deluged with numerous thoughts, the viscount was having a headache.

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