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Carefree Path of Dreams (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: Recruitment

Chapter 842: Recruitment

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In a market at Dearborn Port.

Bill was rather astonished looking at Fang Yuan, who was squatting in front of a small stall.

Although this market was very bustling, its management was very chaotic. There were numerous stalls occupying the roads, making it nearly impossible to walk. This was also a favorite place for informants.

Fang Yuan was visiting a book stall.

There were all kinds of books messily stacked together, emitting some kind of moldy smell.

Among them, there were tomes that used bovine leather as the cover and sheepskin parchment for its content. There was also a huge mass of papyrus papers and even some bizarre scrolls.

But they were not really in good condition. Apart from being damaged by worms, there were also many traces of seawater stains and unknown filth.

Evidently, it was no different from a pipe dream for pirates to understand the principle of protecting knowledge.

“Hmm, very strange characters. They seem to be from different countries…”

Fang Yuan took a few glances, discovering that some of the characters on them were quite interesting.

“Of course, Sir… My books are from the mysterious East!”

The vendor was an emaciated middle-aged man, who revealed his black and sparse teeth when he smiled at Fang Yuan.

Simply from the signs in his appearance, Fang Yuan could determine that he was an experienced sailor and most likely a retired pirate.

“Enough of that…” After hearing what he said, Bill immediately rolled his eyes and interrupted. “I can’t be sure about the others, but these books are obviously using characters from the Star Clusters Archipelago!”

These vendors liked to make their goods be involved with the East to multiply their value.

“I swear that the majority of the items here were really obtained from a merchant ship from the East!” The vendor made a solemn vow and pulled at his collar, revealing a centipede-like scar on his abdomen. “Do you see this? In order to obtain them… my chest suffered from such a ruthless cut!”

“…” Fang Yuan was speechless. “Are you sure you didn’t stick this scar on yourself? The top part has already begun to peel off. Next time, remember to find someone with better workmanship…”

“Oh… Damn it!”

The vendor’s face reddened, yet he covered the front of his coat as though nothing had happened. “To think that Dalaman claims to be the best tattoo artist in this area.”

“All right. I’m not someone who would buy a pig in a poke anyway. You must be dreaming to be trying to sell one book for three gold coins… However, I do indeed have some interest in the East’s culture!”

Fang Yuan casually picked a few huge books. “All these for one gold coin in total!”

“Oh gods, you might as well kill me!” The vendor’s eyes immediately reddened, as if Fang Yuan were going to take his life. “Anything less than five gold coins is absolutely impossible!”

“Two gold coins!”

“Four gold coins and four silver coins. I won’t give in anymore!”

“Let’s go find a pub!”

A moment later, Fang Yuan paid three gold coins and got the items that he wanted.

Following behind Fang Yuan, Bill asked expectantly, “Captain… you can recognize characters from the East?”

“No… I can’t recognize them!”

Fang Yuan was using his finger to lightly rub the cover of one of the huge books.

The pages inside the book had used top-notch sheepskin parchment and were laden with history. Furthermore, its dark red cover had an air of mystery to it.


His right hand exerted a slight force and tore the cover apart. He immediately pulled out a map fragment from in-between the layers.

“A treasure map?!”

Bill and the other pirates’ eyes brightened.

After pirates pillaged, they would usually find a hidden place to bury their savings. In order to prevent themselves from forgetting, they would even draw all kinds of treasure maps.

Of course, the value of these things could not be determined with certainty.

Nine out of ten treasure maps circulating in the market were fake. As for the remaining one, even if they followed the map and found the treasure, it might only be a small bag of copper coins or just worn out socks of no value.

Only extremely few people were truly lucky enough to be able to unearth the hidden treasures left behind by great pirates and become rich overnight.

“It’s merely a map fragment. Before all the fragments are collected, it’s simply not possible to make out where it’s trying to lead us to nor know what’s going to be waiting for us…”

Fang Yuan indifferently stuffed the map fragment into his pocket. However, he did not make light of it in his mind, unlike how he appeared to be on the surface.

After all, his system had already given him a clear reminder. This seemingly unremarkable treasure map fragment actually had the property of indestructibility. It was an extraordinary item, making it somewhat interesting.

The things that it was supposed to lead to would certainly not be too ordinary.

“Pig’s Head and Chimney Pub?”

Fang Yuan raised his head and was rather speechless looking at the pub’s name.

It was not yet night, so there were few people in the pub, and they immediately found a relatively spacious corner. They ordered honey roasted pork and huge mugs of beer to enjoy heartily.

“Boss, the merchant is here!”

Just when Fang Yuan was halfway through his beer, Bill returned with a man in black wearing a high collar shirt following behind him.

“Mockingbird’s new captain? I’m Michael. Very honored to be at your service!” Michael said in an enthusiastic yet pretentious tone. “Could I take a look at the list of goods?”

“Of course!”

Fang Yuan passed over a piece of parchment that had a list of their loot along with the respective quantities written on it.


Michael had a composed expression, making it difficult to tell his emotions, but Fang Yuan was able to tell from the slight shiver in his body and palms that his mind was not composed.

“These quantities are very large… It’ll be quite troublesome to sell them… But since its the first time you’re doing business with our chamber of commerce, we’ll definitely give you a generous price… Two thousand gold coins!”

The contact bent the index finger of his right hand and knocked on the tabletop.

“Too little… My valuation for these goods is three thousand gold coins, and you can resell them for more than five thousand gold coins at the very least!”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

“However… we also bear the risk of distribution!” Michael emphasized, doing his utmost to lower the price.

“No matter how great the risks are, they won’t be greater than us fighting with real weapons to rob merchant ships!”

Fang Yuan said indifferently, “Three thousand gold coins, it can’t be any less than this.”

“Impossible!” the contact resolutely refused, but he did not get up and leave. This made Bill’s eyes brighten.

When discussing business, it was naturally a mutual exchange and a process of continuously probing each other’s bottom line. Since he did not leave immediately, it meant that there was still room for discussion.

In the end, both parties came to a compromise of 2700 Gold Coins, which was a more appropriate price.

In this regard, the contact was somewhat at a disadvantage.

Fang Yuan had seen through his inner thoughts and knew that this batch of goods was in demand. Thus, he naturally had the advantage.

“We’ve shown a lot of sincerity in this price…” Michael emphasized again. “However, since it’s the first time we’re doing business, our chamber of commerce is willing to make a friend like you!”

“Of course. May our friendship last long!”

Although he clearly knew that in the eyes of pirates and chambers of commerce, the so-called friendship was merely nonsense, Fang Yuan still put on a full show and celebrated with a toast.

“Let me gather the funds and we can deal at the dock. Is that okay?”

More than two thousand gold coins was not a small sum. A fence also needed some time to raise money.

“All right!” Fang Yuan nodded.

He then went over to the bar counter and threw a silver coin over.

“Dear Sir, how may I be of service?”

The bartender behind the counter was all smiles.

People like him usually served concurrently as a source of intelligence. They could be considered the people with the most up-to-date information here.

“Hmm, I’m a captain and I need to recruit some sailors. Also, I need one chief officer and one navigator!”

Fang Yuan was rather sad when he mentioned this.

His people were largely captives, and his authority was not strong enough.

If he had not shown astonishing abilities one after another and was extremely generous with his rewards, perhaps he would have ended up alone after coming ashore this time.

Despite the preparations he had made earlier, he reckoned that when he returned, his manpower would be slightly decreased.

This was still under the premise of leaving Butcher, his loyal follower, to keep watch.

Presently, the people that he could truly count as his trusted henchmen were just his assault leader, Butcher, and his second officer, Bill.

“What requirements do you have for crew members?”

The bartender could see that something was amiss.

After all, as the captain of a ship, how could he hastily head out to sea without even having a chief officer and a navigator?

“Hmm, I need ten, no, twenty well-built crew members. And they all have to be able to fight a little. As for the chief officer and navigator, I need people with ample experience!”

Fang Yuan deliberately emphasized the words ‘able to fight’ and ‘ample experience’. He believed that the bartender would surely understand his meaning.

“I see!” The bartender nodded. “I don’t have a suitable candidate for the navigator role, but Mr. Wilson has had many years of experience sailing and being a chief officer. Currently, he’s rather hard-pressed for money, so perhaps he might accept this job! I’ll help you contact him and other sailors. You should be able to meet them tonight at the latest…”

At this point, he became rather hesitant to continue.

“You can tell them that if they come for the interview, they’ll at least get a free dinner!”

Fang Yuan naturally caught the implied meaning and threw a gold coin over. “This is your remuneration this time. If I’m satisfied with the candidates tonight, I’ll give you an additional reward!”

“Hmm, I think I can go and get Mr. Wilson now!”

After receiving the tip, the bartender immediately displayed his exceptional initiative.

Fang Yuan withdrew to a sofa and watched his subordinates abandoning all restraints, flirting with the curvy bargirls.

Barely half an hour had passed before the bartender returned with a man following behind him.

This man had distinct features and was approximately thirty-five years old. The joints on both of his hands were thick, and his forehead already had some wrinkles.

“Sir, this is Wilson!”

The bartender briefly introduced them and soon retreated, giving them space.

“Hmm, have a seat. Would you like a drink?” Fang Yuan pushed a glass of alcohol over. From his clothes, this man was definitely financially hard-pressed. However, some matters still had to be confirmed. “You should know… the nature of my work, right?”

“I’m aware!” Wilson’s face twitched and nodded. “However, I need money. I need to raise a large sum of money in a short time! Even if its a contract with a devil, I can only accept!”

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