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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1960 - A Sudden Reversal

Chapter 1960: A Sudden Reversal

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Lord Li was the president of the Supreme Court, a major official in Xuanyuan Hill; Lord Cheng was the commander-in-chief of the Northeast Military Region. They were both shadow knights with independent responsibilities. Even though Lord Li’s agency was in Xuanyuan Hill, he couldn’t subdue Cheng Honglie with his official title either.

After hearing Cheng Honglie’s words, the president of the Supreme Court who was in the main palace instantly turned gloomy as he refuted, “Lord Cheng, what do you mean? Couldn’t Supreme Court handle cases and chase important criminals without your consent?”

“I don’t care how you handle cases or chase important criminals in other places, but your deed has already declined the stability of the entire Northeast Military Region and made everyone panic-stricken. You did that without my consent; however, you want me to clean your butt. Never dream about that!” Cheng Honglie urged with a black face in a very domineering way. He didn’t spare any chance for Lord Li to refute. As a result, the president of the Supreme Court instantly changed his face.

“Which is more authoritative, Taixia Law or you?” the president of Supreme Court roared, “Do you want to rebel?”

“Hahaha, don’t frighten me with that word. Do you think that I, Cheng Honglie, am afraid of threat? If you’re something, try to let those lords in Xuanyuan Hill take off my black gauze cap!” Lord Cheng burst into laughing shamelessly like meat with thick tendons that could barely be cut off. Closely after that, he took a glance at those imperial officers, pointing at their noses and cursing them aloud in fury, “You think you’re good men. You think you’re righteous, abhorring evils as deadly foes and enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven, right? You must have been stupid after reading too many books. You think you are upholding awe-inspiring righteousness while being taken as a gun by someone else. Do you know what situation would face Taixia Country without Jinwu Palace? Do you know how many hundreds of millions of people would die and how many provinces and prefectures would collapse in order to stop demons without Iron Dragon Sect? Who could defend the army of overwhelming LV 9 demon fighters? You… you… you… or you…”

At this moment, those imperial officers who were roaring and cursing aloud just now were absolutely subdued by Cheng Honglie as they all trembled their lips and couldn’t utter any word. Finally, Cheng Honglie pointed at Yuan Hua who spoke just now.

“Although you could impeach a provincial governor with a memorial to the throne, your memorial is nothing but sh*t in front of demons. Why not impeach a LV 9 demon? Let’s see whether the demon cares about you or not? Let’s see which is more powerful, demon fighter’s saber or your memorial? You can present your memorial to the hundreds of millions of generals and fighters in the frontline. Let’s see which is more useful, the great truths in your memorial or the inflammable grenades of Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace? Do you know how many vials of all-purpose medicament, inflammable weapons, grains and chariots will Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect provide for the generals and fighters in the frontline for free annually over the past decades?”

Listening to Lord Cheng’s furious words, Yuan Hua, the imperial officer, became silent. The duty of the imperial officer was to find faults. However, he didn’t know how many materials had Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect donated to the generals and fighters in the frontline of Taixia Country last year. Although he had heard about it before, he still couldn’t remember the concrete figures.

“Let me tell you about that. Last year, Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect donated 120 million vials of all-purpose medicament, over 180 million inflammable grenades and bolts and over 370 million tons of grains to the generals and fighters in the frontline. Do you know their value? Do you know how many lives could they save? Do you think all of your lives could match 1/10,000 of the value of these items? You’re imperial officers; however, you don’t maintain the reputation of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect which are pillars of Taixia Country; instead, you’re instigated to show your righteousness, loyalty and dauntless spirit in Youzhou Province. When the generals and fighters in the frontline are drinking all-purpose medicament and fighting demons at the risk of their lives with fiery-oil weapons in order to protect stale and pedantic scholars like you from being beheaded; however, you want to stir up trouble in the rear end and have fighters in the frontline run out of grains. Without any sharp weapon, you even claimed to do all these for the sake of Taixia Country. How dare you talk about righteousness and law here? Do you know what is righteousness and law? This father will tell you about that, anyone who could kill demons would be righteous; anyone who props up fighters in the frontline would be law! If this father were the emperor, I would chop off all your heads and feed dogs with them in case of trouble. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Idiots!”

“Who said that you were going to ram against the column with your head in no fear of spraying your brains over the ground? Give way to him. Spare that column over there to him. You stale and pedantic scholars, queue up and ram against it one after another. I, Black Face Cheng, would like to see how many drops of blood do you have. Motherf*cker, even this father has chopped off so many demons’ heads since I was a LV 9 fighter, I still dare not say such words. The corpses of demons that Immortal Qianji killed at the bank of Weishui River were like mountains; their blood almost formed an ocean; however, when Immortal Qianji woke up, he still didn’t say that he would die for the country; how dare trashes like you who could only wait for death with closed eyes in front of demons dare say such heroic words in the place where Immortal Qianji founded his sect? Hurry, do it! If you’re not able to kill yourself, I could give you a push. Today, this father will see you die here. President of the Supreme Court and all the others here will be the witnesses. If you die here, this father will assume responsibility for that… life for life in the worst scenario…”

Cheng Honglie cursed those imperial officers straightforwardly while pointing at their noses, causing them to tremble all over in fury. They almost spurted out blood.

However, nobody really hit it. If someone rammed against the column just now, they might get a good reputation of being not afraid of major clan and dying for Taixia laws; additionally, their lives would be assumed by Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace. However, if they rammed against it now, they would be regarded as committing suicide out of spite with Black Face Cheng, the shameless guy. As it was in the holy war, how could the commander-in-chief die for those scholars. Therefore, they would die for nothing.

When scholars met a general, their reasons would become useless. As a result, after Cheng Honglie arrived, those imperial officers who absolutely subdued Iron-Dragon Sect just now immediately declined their morale and dauntless spirit and wilted like eggplants being covered with frost…

“Was that you who wanted to ram against it just now? Just do it! Don’t wait. Be a good model for them. Hurry, die as fast as you can! This father will definitely bury you in a place with good Fengshui in the territory of Northeast Military Region!” Cheng Honglie said as he pointed at that imperial officer who urged to die for righteousness just now.

“You’re too rude! You’re too rude! You’re impervious to reason; impervious to reason…” That imperial officer who was impassioned just now mumbled a few words as his face changed colors with shame and fury. Closely after that, he swung his sleeves and turned around in an innocent way. He avoided from Lord Cheng’s condemnation like an ostrich who buried its head in sands in order to ignore what happened outside. Of course, he would never commit suicide at this moment.

“Lord Cheng, enough is enough…” The president of the Supreme Court finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Enough? Alright. Go back where you come from!” Cheng Honglie followed the trend and seized the opportunity.

“Lord Cheng, I mean don’t you consider your future by behaving such unreasonable? Even though it’s Northeast Military Region here, you’re still unable to shut out the heavens with one palm!” The president of the Supreme Court threatened.

“Hahahaha, I, Cheng Honglie, never care about my future. On this point, I know that I cannot match you. Lord Li must have considered your own future well and made proper arrangement before coming to Youzhou Province. Therefore, you behaved such dauntlessly. Lord Li, you know that one’s future could never be determined by oneself. If the relief that Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect provide to the frontline is declined and cause any severe outcome, do you think that there’re no dauntless men among those hundreds of millions of generals and fighters in the frontline who dare not avenge their brothers’ death in the name of cleaning up evil forces in Xuanyuan Hill?”

After hearing Lord Cheng’s words, Lord Li’s face turned gloomy as he clenched his teeth and determined his mind before saying, “No matter what, I must search Xuantian Peak today. Supreme court has already received a certain message——Yun Zhongzi is hiding in the backroom under Xuantian Peak. It’s supreme court’s responsibility to preserve laws across the country. We don’t mind offending someone!”

“Iron-Dragon Sect is founded by Immortal Qianji. Due to the marital relations between Immortal Qianji and late Royal Prince Changying, Iron-Dragon Sect is a royal clan. Even though Lord Li is the president of Supreme Court, you still couldn’t search this place casually. Lord Li has mentioned about laws just now. As the president of supreme court, do you want to break the laws?”

The president of Supreme Court sneered as he thought that he finally seized the opportunity to strike back Cheng Honglie. He then took out the golden Xiemao amulet from his portable space-teleportation finger ring and asked, “Lord Cheng, do you know this item? It’s made by Emperor Xuanyuan. Nobody dare say no to it. With this item, I could even search the imperial palace of the emperor, not to mention Xuantian Peak!”

“Hahaha…” Watching that golden Xiemao amulet in the hand of the president of the Supreme Court, Cheng Honglie suddenly burst into laughter. “Lord Li, how could you show off your power in Youzhou Province with a fake golden Xiemao amulet?”


“I mean your golden Xiemao amulet is fake!” Cheng Honglie said with a stern look.

“Nonsense. How could my golden Xiemao amulet be fake?” the president of the Supreme Court yelled.

“Of course, it’s fake; because the real one has long been sealed up somewhere by the late His Highness royal prince!” Cheng Honglie explained. He then looked up at the beams in the main palace and sighed, “Before being assassinated, His Highness royal prince felt that the Supreme Court was too authoritative; if Supreme Court is taken advantage of by evil forces in the holy war, the entire country would be in great trouble. Therefore, His Highness wanted to decline the authority of supreme court. He has long taken back the golden Xiemao amulet that he once gifted to supreme court. When I went to court before, I saw His Highness leaving a mark on the golden Xiemao amulet in Xuanyuan God Sutra. This one doesn’t carry that mark at all; of course, it’s fake…” After saying these words, Cheng Honglie directly talked to the elders and disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect in the main palace, “The golden Xiemao amulet in the hand of the president of supreme court is fake; if he dares tread on Xuantian Peak today, Iron-Dragon Sect could kill him immediately. I will assume all the responsibilities!”

The young owner of Iron-Dragon Sect took a glance at those elders and disciples in the main palace silently. Those elders and disciples then promised in unison, “Yes, Lord Cheng!”

“Lord Li, I’ve not imagined that you could show off your power in Iron-Dragon Sect with a fake golden Xiemao amulet today. If not that your fake golden Xiemao rune was identified by Lord Cheng, I was almost cheated by you. Given that we’re fellowmen of Taixia Country, Iron-Dragon Sect will not make you embarrassed today. Please leave here. If you don’t know what’s good for yourself, don’t blame for our merciless deed…” Zhang Chenglei warned the president of the supreme court in a muffled tone.

“Good… very good…” The president of the Supreme Court shuddered all over with fury. After looking at the solemn looks of those members of Iron-Dragon Sect and Cheng Honglie, he pointed at Cheng Honglie with a quivering finger and said, “We will know whether the golden Xiemao amulet is real or not when we come back to Xuanyuan Hill… Cheng Honglie, how dare you commit such a capital crime here for the sake of Iron-Dragon Sect? Even your nine generations will be sentenced to death. You will face a poor outcome! Many heads will be chopped off because of you. Let’s see it…”

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