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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1961 - A Vicious Trick!

Chapter 1961: A Vicious Trick!

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

At this moment, the golden Xiemao plate in the hand of the president of the supreme court was actually not important anymore. What counted was that Cheng Honglie the commander-in-chief of the northeast military region, as an influential official in Taixia Country, had pointed out publicly that the golden Xiemao plate was “fake”. Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace had believed in Cheng Honglie’s words too. On this occasion, if the president of the supreme court insisted on searching over Xuantian Peak with the “fake” golden Xiemao plate, even though Iron Dragon Sect killed the president of the supreme court, they would not shoulder any responsibility for that.

On this occasion, the president of the supreme court only had two choices: first, to continue searching across Xuantian Peak at a high price even at the cost of his life; second, to leave here first and prove that his golden Xiemao plate was real; arrest Cheng Honglie the commander-in-chief of northeast military region; search across the entire territory of Iron Dragon Sect; make Jinwu Palace disgraceful; finally, completely ruin the reputation of Iron Dragon Sect.

The president of the supreme court wisely chose the latter between committing suicide and killing Cheng Honglie and Iron Dragon Sect in a few days.

Now that he had made a decision, the president of the supreme court left there fast with those sergeants and powerhouses of the supreme court.

“Lord Cheng, you’ve made a capital offense. Hopefully, you don’t feel regretful of your decision today,” the president of the supreme court told Cheng Honglie with a gloomy look when he left there.

“Hahahaha, hopefully, Lord Li doesn’t feel regretful of your decision today. I remember that Immortal Qianji once said that everything in this world had a price. You cannot rely on someone without any cost!” Cheng Honglie said as he burst out laughing.

The president of the supreme court then swayed his sleeves and left there with fury.

However, when he left there, the president of the supreme court suddenly had a question——Why did Cheng Honglie show up at this moment and force me to delay it for a few days at the cost of his life and future?

The president of the supreme court and those sergeants then boarded their airship and left the base of Iron Dragon Sect. After Zhang Chenglei left some words, those knights and disciples of Iron Dragon Sect who had just surrounded those people from the supreme court also left the main palace of Iron Dragon Sect. Cheng Honglie, Lu Dingzhi, Zhang Chenglei and some core elders of Iron Dragon Sect then came to the backroom in the palace of the sect.

A person was waiting for them in the backroom.

He was Feng Cangwu.

Before entering the main palace of the Iron Dragon Sect, Cheng Honglie, Lu Dingzhi and Zhang Chenglei were actually with Feng Cangwu. When they arrived at Xuantian Peak, given that it was inconvenient for Feng Cangwu to show up in that situation, he just waited for them in the backroom of the main palace.

After about 30 years, Feng Cangwu, who was once young and handsome, also got his beard. He looked much more mature now. However, he still maintained his debonair nature. As time passed by, he carried an indescribable, profound demeanor. If those maidens, who preferred elder men, caught sight of Feng Cangwu, most of them would screech with excitement.

“Uncle Feng…” Zhang Chenglei greeted Feng Cangwu with full respect when he entered the backroom.

“What’s going outside?” Feng Cangwu whispered.

“They’ve gone!”

Feng Cangwu then nodded.

They then sat down in the backroom.

After taking a seat, Cheng Honglie, who behaved like a hero outside just now, suddenly heaved a deep sigh. “I’ve already taken my life as the stake. If Heavenly Fortune Sect screwed me, my name might rank among the top 10 in the supreme court’s wanted list after a few days. Immortal Qianji had a body-changing immortal bloodline and could travel wherever he wanted in the identity of Cui Li without being recognized; however, I don’t have that skill. My black face is like my brand. I will definitely be recognized wherever I am. I could only hide in Heavenly Fortune Sect. I will never leave the Dongtian of Heavenly Fortune Sect until I promote to a heavenly knight.

“Commander-in-chief, don’t worry! The owner of Heavenly Fortune Sect has deduced the result and delivered the verbal order. No matter what, as long as we could delay it for a few days i.e., 5 days to 7 days, we will have good luck and be able to reverse the situation!” Feng Cangwu explained in a low tone.

“Hope so!” Cheng Honglie nodded. Closely after that, he looked at Zhang Chenglei. After being hesitant for a second, he asked, “Is Yun Zhongzi…”

“Senior Yun Zhongzi is in the underground backroom of Xuantian Peak…” Zhang Chenglei said frankly.

After hearing Zhang Chenglei’s confession, Cheng Honglie was still startled although he had already guessed it. If those people of the supreme court didn’t have great confidence, they would never come to Iron Dragon Sect’s base for Yun Zhongzi suddenly; because it was meaningless; not to mention that they took action with the three major sects. Apparently they were ready to frame up Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace with the event of Yun Zhongzi.

“Why is Yun Zhongzi staying in Iron Dragon Sect?”

“Senior Yun Zongzi suffered heavy injuries. He’s recuperating in Iron Dragon Sect…”

After hearing his words, Cheng Honglie widened his eyes in amazement. “Who could heavily injure Yun Zhongzi? Did Taiyi Old Man and Grand Master Shenkong fight him together?”

“Taiyi Old Man, Grand Master Shenkong and Meng Shidao!”


After hearing this reply, everyone in the backroom was greatly shocked.

“Meng Shidao has already promoted to a sage-level knight and has already finished his secluded cultivation. Additionally, he has many unpredictable, odd tricks. Previously, Senior Yun Zhongzi always paid attention to the situation of the three major sects; meanwhile, he also restricted Old Man Taiyi and Grand Master Shenkong. He had not imagined that his trace was discovered by Meng Shidao who had promoted to a sage-level knight. A few days ago, Senior Yun Zhongzi fell in the trap of the opponents. After Meng Shidao restricted him by launching a sneak attack towards him, Old Man Taiyi and Grand Master Shenkong suddenly arrived. Senior Yun Zhongzi broke the siege of the three sage-level knights in the end; however, he also suffered heavy injuries…” Zhang Chenglei explained in a low voice.

This piece of news was too shocking. As it was the first time for Cheng Honglie and the others to hear about it, they remained silent for quite a while. Cheng Honglie suddenly understood why the opponents dared launch an attack towards Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace all of a sudden. It turned out that they had long prepared for it.

“There should be secret tunnels in the backroom of Xuantian Peak. Actually, as long as Senior Yun Zhongzi could leave Iron Dragon Sect secretly and hide somewhere for a few days, even though the president of the supreme court comes back, he won’t do any harm to Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace anymore!” Lu Dingzhi said with a frown.

As the provincial governor of Youzhou Province, Lu Dingzhi had long been marked as a bosom friend of Jinwu Palace; Lu Clan had long been sharing weal and woe with Zhang Clan. They were inseparable from each other.

“Uncle Lu, you don’t know that. Senior Yun Zhongzi’s situation is special. The wounds that Meng Shidao left on Senior Yun Zhongzi are very odd. When the people of the Supreme Court urged to look for him in the underground backroom of Xuantian Peak, my eldest aunt has already guessed that someone could sense the wounds of Senior Yun Zhongzi. If Senior Yun Zhongzi leaves Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace at this moment, he would definitely be killed by the three major sects. As Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace have been under the protection of Senior Yun Zhongzi for dozens of years, of course, we should return his kindness. This time, Zhang clansmen of Jinwu Palace swear to protect Senior Yun Zhongzi even though we have to fight the three major sects at the cost of our lives…” Zhang Chenglei said firmly.

“Meng Shidao and the three major clans are too vicious…” Feng Cangwu sighed suddenly.

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