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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1962 - Life or Death

Chapter 1962: Life or Death

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

In the backroom under Xuantian Peak which was exclusive to the Suzerain of Iron-Dragon Sect, Yun Zhongzi was being lingered with bloody mist as his face turned pale golden. Golden sage and silver sage were flying around him and gnawing the bloody mist and those carps which were coming out of Yun Zhongzi’s body every once in a while…

Carps in different sizes being absolutely made of black battle qi were indeed coming out of Yun Zhongzi’s chest, back, nostrils and ears and swimming back every once in a while.

If someone could realize such a magical effect on the stage, he could definitely make the audience feel fresh and win universal applause. However, this scene was not a magical performance; therefore, it looked very terrifying. When people saw it, their hair would definitely stand on the ends with fear.

Yun Zhongzis’ body appeared to be a carp nest. Whenever a carp came out of his body, Yun Zhongzi would knit his brow once slightly as if he was suffering a sharp pain. Meanwhile, the surrounding smell would be much bloodier.

Yan Feiqing was sitting in the air in the opposite of Yun Zhongzi, legs crossed. There was a fist-sized scarlet bead in her hand. Yan Feiqing was injecting her spiritual energy into that scarlet bead. Meanwhile, a wisp of scarlet qi was flying out of the bead and entered the top of Yun Zhongzi’s skull.

That scarlet bead was becoming smaller at a speed that could barely be noticed with human eyes.

When those black carps came out of Yun Zhongzi’s body, a wisp of odd energy came out of the scarlet bead and entered his body. Therefore, the balance between consumption and replenishment was maintained…

After one hour, the scarlet fog that lingered around Yun Zhongzi’s body gradually became thinner and finally dispersed. No more carps came out of his body anymore. That bead stopped releasing scarlet qi as well.

“Wuh…” Yun Zhongzi spewed out a mouthful of black blood. When the blood splashed onto the ground at lightning speed, it directly caused thousands of holes on the floor which was made of rocks. The black blood could even erode rocks.

“I must leave Iron-Dragon Sect…” Yun Zhongzi urged as he panted and wiped the blood froth off his mouth corners. Although being a bit weak, he could already speak, “I feel the wounds that Meng Shidao left on me are unusual. His battle qi was poisonous and could form constantly. I cannot eliminate it. Additionally, I feel that his battle qi was undulating in my body strangely recently. He might have already sensed my location. I’m afraid of bringing trouble to Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace…”

“Two hours ago, the president of the Supreme Court has already come to Iron-Dragon Sect with many imperial officers. They requested to search Xuantian Peak. The knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, Heavens Holding Pavilion and Qionglou Pavilion have already converged in the border of Youzhou Province. They have already known that you’re in Iron-Dragon Sect. They’ve already known your location,” Yan Feiqing said calmly as she teleported her scarlet bead in her portable space-teleportation finger ring, “Your concern is reasonable. The wounds that Meng Shidao left on you could indeed help him find you!”

After hearing Yan Feiqing’s words, Yun Zhongzi changed his face immediately as he sprung up and said decisively, “I will leave right now…”

“Those people from the Supreme Court have already gone. They will not come back in a few days!” Yan Feiqing explained calmly, “Additionally, you should never leave Iron-Dragon Sect at this moment. Now that they have known that you’re in the backroom of Xuantian Peak and could know your location at any time, they must have to take precautious measures to prevent you from leaving here through a secret tunnel, given their shrewdness when they ask powerhouses of the Supreme Court to search Xuantian Peak aboveboard. ” Yan Feiqing then let out a sigh. “I’m afraid that at least two people of Meng Shidao, Taiyi Old Man and Forebear Shenkong have already come to Iron-Dragon City. They might be waiting for you to leave the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect through a secret tunnel and directly kill you on the spot. Once you die, the three major sects will treat Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Palace more unscrupulously. They will definitely have more means to deal with us. The Supreme Court is just a piece that was used to help them cross the river on the checkerboard. They just want to use the Supreme Court to force you to leave Iron-Dragon Sect superficially…”

Yun Zhongzi was not stupid. After hearing Yan Feiqing’s words, he instantly realized that Yan Feiqing’s judgment was correct; additionally, he figured out the current situation——if he didn’t leave here, the three major sects and Meng Shidao could only use the Supreme Court to force him to leave there. When the Supreme Court confirmed that he was in Iron-Dragon Sect, someone in the three major sects and Xuanyuan Hill would launch an attack towards Yun Zhongzi and Jinwu Palace at the same time. If Yun Zhongzi left Iron-Dragon Sect, given his current situation, once being discovered, he probably was killed by Meng Shidao and Taiyi Old Man.

At this moment, even though they knew that Yun Zhongzi was in Iron-Dragon Sect, Meng Shidao and the three major sects dared not blatantly attack Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace; because Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace were top sect and clan respectively in Taixia Country and had marital relations with royal households. They were related to Taixia Country on many aspects and had a very deep background. If the three major sects and Meng Shidao launched an attack, once Yun Zhongzi determined to detonate himself, they would not get any evidence of his existence here. By then, the three major sects and Meng Shidao would have big trouble. By attacking Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace aboveboard and arousing civil strifes in Taixia Country, they committed a felony and would incur condemnation across the country. Even the three major sects and Meng Shidao could barely bear such a consequence. Therefore, they could only take the Supreme Court as their shield.

As for the three major sects and Meng Shidao, Yun Zhongzi was a turtle in a jar. There were only two results: Yun Zhongzi left Iron-Dragon Sect and was killed by them; they would further deal with Jinwu Palace and kill Yun Zhongzi in the end…

After figuring out all these, Yun Zhongzi closed his eyes and looked calm. After a short while, he opened his eyes and let out a sigh lightly in a pretty calm way although his voice still sounded a bit frail, “Mistake after mistake! I’ve not imagined that Meng Shidao has already promoted to a sage-level knight and would collude with the three major sects. Therefore, he seized the opportunity and involved Jinwu Palace in this predicament!”

“Senior, it’s not your fault. Nobody could predict that Meng Shidao has promoted to a sage-level knight and colluded with the three major sects. They indeed have made use of you; however, it’s not your fault. Nobody is almighty. Senior, never mind it!”

“Previously, I was just the only disciple of Great Wilderness Sect. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether I’m alive or not now; because the secret methods of Great Wilderness Sect have already been carried forward by someone else; I’ve almost satisfied my dream. Over these years, I’ve killed enough knights of the three major sects. Even though I die now, I will have no regret either!” Yun Zhongzi then stroked golden sage and silver sage who were still flying around him and said, “The spiritual bonds between golden sage and silver sage and master have not disappeared. It means that the master is still alive. He will come back sooner or later. Even if I die, Jinwu Palace will definitely rejuvenate again after tiding over a short period of time. I feel that the master will be much more powerful than before when he comes back. He can definitely take revenge for the Great Wilderness Sect and I and return a bright day to Taixia Country by wiping out all the evil forces in the three major sects. Therefore, I’m not afraid of death. If Jinwu Palace could chop off the claws that they reached towards Jinwu Palace at the cost of my life, I will regard it as a valuable death!”

At this moment, Yun Zhongzi was not afraid of death at all. He was just thinking about dying in the most valuable way.

“Senior, if you didn’t constrain the three major sects and the two sage-level knights alone and prevented the three major sects from dealing with Jinwu Palace at their full strength, how could Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect reach this scale so smoothly? Senior, although you’re an elder of Great Wilderness Sect superficially, you have already been taken as an elder of Jinwu Palace by all the members of Jinwu Palace over the decades, not to mention the bosom relationship between you and my husband. You even taught and took care of some juniors of Jinwu Palace well. They have absolutely treated you as their teacher and grandpa. Therefore, Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect would never allow you to die in the hand of the three major sects and Meng Shidao. Otherwise, the members of Jinwu Palace would feel ashamed staying in Taixia Country!”

“But, if so, Jinwu Palace will be involved in this predicament…”

“The three major sects have been thinking about devastating Jinwu Palace for long. Without your case, Jinwu Palace has long been totally incompatible with the three major sects. Additionally, senior, do you think that Meng Shidao only wants to deal with you and Jinwu Palace this time?”

After hearing Yan Feiqing’s warning, Yun Zhongzi knitted his brows and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Their ultimate target is neither you nor Jinwu Palace, but that throne in the royal palace of Xuanyuan Hill. By dealing with you, they’re actually dealing with Jinwu Palace and the direct descendants of the royal prince that we prop up. However, they’re overambitious. They want to shut out the heavens with one palm only with three sage-level knights. Of course, they cannot meet their demands in all aspects. When they care for this, they must lose for that. Jinwu Palace is not afraid of any tricks. Senior, you only need to recuperate here without any concern. Even if the president of the Supreme Court couldn’ access to Youzhou Province casually. Additionally, Heavenly Fortune Sect says that this case will see a favorable turn in a few days. Let’s see what’s that favorable turn. In the worst scenario, even the royal prince of Taixia Country could be assassinated, it’s not a big deal for a president of the Supreme Court who left Xuanyuan Hill to be killed by demon powerhouses…” Yan Feiqing’s face turned a bit cold in the end…

Half an hour later, Wu Dingtian, the owner of Demon-Killing Valley arrived at Iron-Dragon Sect alone. He said that he favored the winter landscape in 18 Xuantian peaks of Iron-Dragon Sect; especially the rime which was the No. 1 scenery in Youzhou Province. Therefore, he wanted to live in Iron-Dragon Sect for a few days…

However, it was just August now. He needed to wait at least 4 months for the rime.

Only after a few hours, the news that the president of the Supreme Court of Taixia Country suddenly arrived at Iron-Dragon Sect and intended to catch Yun Zhongzi had spread over the country and aroused shock from all parties. In an instant, all the forces across the country focused on Iron-Dragon City in Youzhou City…

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