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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1964 - Zhang Tie's Return

Chapter 1964: Zhang Tie’s Return

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

On the noon of August 17, the 932nd year of Black Iron Calendar, inside the tower of time of Golden Crown beneath Garby City, the capital of Sterland Republic on the Western Continent, Zhang Tie finally opened his eyes after sensing that the time torsion inside it was reduced to zero. Meanwhile, the brilliant Milky Way behind him also slowly faded away like how a peacock contracted its beautiful tail feather.

Zhang Tie then slowly picked himself up. After taking a deep breath, he relieved his limbs and looked up at the Milky Way overhead. Then, he said with a smile, “It’s been 5 years. I’ve finally recovered…”

Gradually, Zhang Tie started to laugh loudly inside the tower of time, causing the entire tower of time to tremble.

Over the past 5 years, Zhang Tie had not only easily passed the ‘frail’ period which was left by his secret skills. Additionally, he had already reached one change realm of his first immortal chakra. As a result, his overall strength had reached a higher level than that of his heyday in Motian Realm.

When in Motian Realm, he didn’t have the colorful energy which he acquired from the mezzanine between spaces. The colorful energy alone could enable Zhang Tie’s overall strength to increase at least 30% than before. Plus so many secret skills, he was much more powerful than before.

As he started to form an immortal chakra, he was going to promote to an immortal emperor from a sage-level knight and become the No. 1 powerhouse in this world.

Being different than sage-level chakra, earth chakra, water chakra, wind chakra and fire chakra. Immortal chakra carried endless secrets. Each scale of immortal chakra would bring Zhang Tie wholly new strength and enable him to better understand universal laws.

Zhang Tie didn’t understand the immortal chakra till now.

Immortal chakra was free, mysterious and ever-changing. It was the most concrete product of the combination of universal laws and individuals. The combination of universal laws and individuals was as different as one’s face and DNA. Even the twins who looked alike had different DNAs.

The universal laws that people could realize determined the variety of their immortal chakras. Even for those two people who cultivated the same secret method and both promoted to immortal emperors, their immortal chakras were also different; because they couldn’t have the same feeling about anything in the universe. Even though their feelings were almost the same, they were different in depth and breadth.

The sharp differences between different secret methods couldn’t be discovered until their cultivators started to form their immortal chakras.

When he started to form his immortal chakra of ‘Infinite King Roc Sutra’, he displayed a 9-level light halo, which indicated that Zhang Tie could at most form 9 immortal chakras, which was the supreme realm of cultivation. By contrast, those who cultivated throne-level secret methods below emperor-level secret methods could at most form 7 immortal chakras. It meant that those who cultivated throne-level secret methods could never reach the supreme realm of cultivation, not to mention those who cultivated inferior secret methods. The highest realm and achievement of a cultivator had been fixed since the beginning.

When he formed the first immortal chakra, Zhang Tie had a deep realization of rules about strength, speed and space. The former two came from his comprehension and accumulation that Zhang Tie had since he started to cultivate. His realization about the rules of space benefited from the secret skills of Infinite King Roc Sutra and various hardships and realizations that he had in the chaos and the mezzanine between spaces in the decades after he left Motian Realm.

After realizing the universal laws, Zhang Tie started to better form his immortal chakra, which further deepened his realization about universal laws and constantly enhanced his control ability about strength, speed and space. To be honest, with each scale, his control ability of strength, speed and space would enhance evidently.

It was the right moment for the emperor-level secret method to show its power. The process of forming earth chakra, water chakra, wind chakra and fire chakra in the former stage was a couple of times even dozens of times harder than that of other secret methods. By then, he finally started to get his great return. In the process of forming immortal chakras of Infinite King Roc Sutra , each scale would bring him a couple of times even dozens of times greater overall strength than the other secret methods.

No pain, no gain. You reap what you sow. The previous hardships, blood and tears finally turned into sweet pulp and great halos, which was Zhang Tie’s great return.

It was no exaggeration to say that Zhang Tie had already been in the peak of both human and demon cultivators. He was unrivaled.

“Congratulations, Castle Lord, you’ve been at the peak of cultivators!” Zhang Tie heard the familiar voice from his mind sea again. Meanwhile, he got the same feeling of controlling the Castle of Black Iron at his will.

“Was everything in Castle of Black Iron okay over these years?” Zhang Tie asked Heller.

“Everything is well in Castle of Black Iron. Thanks for your concern, Castle Lord. Additionally, I’ve got good news for you. Castle of Black Iron has already completely integrated the space ball in Motian Realm. As the space force in Mountains Ruins was steadiest in Motian Realm, Castle of Black Iron has already engulfed the entire Mountain Ruins. Mountain Ruins has already been one part of Castle of Black Iron!”

“One part? What does that mean?” Zhang Tie asked Heller as he walked towards the gate of the tower of time.

“It means that there’s no mountain ruins in Motian Realm any longer. Neither humans nor demons in Motian Realm could enter mountain ruins anymore; instead, the mountain ruins appeared in Castle of Black Iron. Everything in mountain ruins belongs to Castle Lord…”

“Everything in mountain ruins?” Zhang Tie slowly slowed down his footsteps.

“Yes, everything in mountain ruins, including thousands of air-floating mountains, Buzhou Mountain in the core of mountain ruins and those mysterious areas…”

“What about those humans and demons in mountain ruins?”

“They have been driven out of mountain ruins in the process!”

When Zhang Tie realized that those immortal palaces of demons and humans could not scramble for treasures in mountain ruins later on, Star Emperor and the other immortal palaces might not know that mountain ruins had already become his private property and the entire Motian Realm would be in his hand in the future, Zhang Tie suddenly felt funny about it. Therefore, he burst out laughing and pushed open the gate of the tower of time.

What shocked Zhang Tie was that it was Ockham who was waiting outside the tower of time; instead of Bordili.

Strangely, Zhang Tie wondered why Ockham was here.

Ockham looked a bit anxious and intense. When he saw Zhang Tie push open the gate of the tower of time, he instantly revealed a big smile as if he had relieved a heavy burden. Closely after that, he explained, “Jinwu Palace has big trouble. The three top sects have already surrounded the entire Iron-Dragon Sect…”

“What?” Zhang Tie abruptly raised his eyebrows as his eyes turned cold. Closely after that, he said, “I’ve not found them trouble yet; how dare they find Iron-Dragon Sect trouble first?”

Ockham explained the whole thing about Yun Zhongzi as quickly as possible. Closely after that, Zhang Tie disappeared right in front of him…

Ockham didn’t confirm that Zhang Tie had already left there till he stood there for a few minutes in a daze.

——Sacred Alliance Empire will not be able to produce fiery-oil soon. The overall situation facing the Western Continent will change. Make preparations for that…

When Ockham tried his best to curb his shock and was going to leave there, he suddenly received such a message through the remote-sensing finger ring which he used to contact Zhang Tie…

After hearing that the three top sects had been going hostile against Iron-Dragon Sect, Zhang Tie instantly left Garby City for Taixia Country at the greatest speed.

Before dusk, the Embracing Tiger City in Youzhou Province had already appeared in front of Zhang Tie…

Zhang Tie was finally back after leaving Taixia Country for over three decades…

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