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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1965 - Torture

Chapter 1965: Torture

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Because of the sudden interruption of Cheng Honglie, Li Yunji the supreme justice was forced to return to Xuanyuan Hill, the three major sects’ plans against Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace were temporarily disrupted. When everyone focused on Youzhou Province and waited for supreme justice’s return, two deacons of Iron-Dragon Sect suddenly rebelled two days ago. They declared in the Brightness Building in Youzhou Province that the No. 1 criminal Yun Zongzi in Taixia Country was hiding in the underground backroom beneath Xuantian Peak of Iron-Dragon Sect and hoped that all the bounty criminal hunters could come to Youzhou Province to kill Yun Zhongzi…

Such a sudden change aroused hot discussions across the country.

The two rebels were the native people of Youzhou Province. They had already joined Iron-Dragon Sect and become Zhang Tie’s disciples when Zhang Tie was in charge of Iron-Dragon Sect. Over the past three decades, they had promoted to deacons of the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect. Their sudden rebellion and public condemnation caused Iron-Dragon Sect to be in great danger.

According to the two deacons, the reason that they rebelled Iron-Dragon Sect lay in that they discovered that Iron-Dragon Sect was hiding the No. 1 criminal in Taixia Country. They felt deeply disappointed about Iron-Dragon Sect’s dirty and illegal behavior. Therefore, the two people determined to choose to cut ties with Iron-Dragon Sect for justice by exposing Iron-Dragon Sect’s “contemptible” and “dirty” behavior to the public and urged all the righteous men in the world to kill Yun Zhongzi together.

Coincidentally, when the two people were unveiling Iron-Dragon Sect’s dirty deed, a grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect was also asking about Yun Zhongzi’s whereabouts in the Brightness Building secretly. Therefore, the grand elder then escorted the two people back to an airboat of the three major clans. Out of “great fury”, the fleet of airboats which were suspending in the border between Youzhou Province and Yanzhou Province rapidly arrived at the mountain gate of Iron-Dragon Sect of Fiery Dragon Bounty Territory in an aggressive way as they urged Iron-Dragon Sect to give them Yun Zhongzi. Iron Dragon Sect asked for the two rebels from Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Both parties refused the opponent’s requirement. Taiyi Fantasy Sect and the other two major sects blamed Iron-Dragon Sect for hiding their common enemy and the No. 1 criminal in Taixia Country; Iron-Dragon Sect blamed the three major sects for arranging moles in Iron Dragon Sect. Therefore, the contradiction between the two parties was finally intensified.

Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace blocked the bolt from Supreme Court by a commander of a military region. However, the two rebels of Iron Dragon Sect pushed Iron Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace back to the front of the three major sects. After one round of the match, they finally collided with each other.

Being similar to how rogues preferred to fight each other privately on the street rather than asking for help from the criminal authorities, the Supreme Court couldn’t interfere with contradictions between major sects in Taixia Country on many occasions just like that the six major sects sent black invitation cards to Iron Dragon Sect…

The attle qi was colliding and booming in the sky above Yangui Mountain Range like fireworks. The protective battle qi and attacking battle qi looked more brilliant when the darkness fell.

It was a special battle. The onlookers had been in dead silence and the atmosphere on the battlefield had became depressed immediately since the battle broke out. All the people of the three major sects were watching the battlefield with a sneer. By contrast, many people on the side of Iron-Dragon Sect were clenching their fists and watching the battlefield with complex looks.

Iron-Dragon Sect assigned Mr. Bamboo of the Four Sages to attend the battle. Since the Four Freaks became the elders of Iron Dragon Sect, they had become Four Sages. After over 3 decades, Four Sages became much more powerful than before. Almost everyone across Taixia Country knew that there were four elders who were congenial with each other in Iron Dragon Sect, not to mention South Border.

The one who fought Mr. Bamboo on behalf of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, one of the three major sects was Lan Yunxi, the incumbent owner of Huaiyuan Palace.

The atmosphere across Iron-Dragon Sect had become pretty intense since Lan Yunxi drew her sword out of the sheath.

Nobody across Iron Dragon Sect, Jinwu Palace could imagine that they must fight Lan Yunxi in the public here.

Among those onlooking forces, those knights who knew the identity and story of Lan Yunxi became silent as they all heaved a sigh in relief and shook their heads inside; especially those knights of the major sects and clans within Northeast Military Region.

‘You are from the same clan. Why do you torture each other so much? What an anguished scene! After this battle, Jinwu Palace and Huaiyuan Palace might never reach a peaceful settlement anymore.

With a boom, the light&shade suddenly broke apart. Mr. Bamboo’s protective battle qi was collapsed as he was sent flying backward with a dreadfully pale face, which was almost covered with his blood.

Three light&shades hurriedly flew out of the camp of Iron Dragon Sect and escorted Mr. Bamboo back. They were Mr. Plum, Mr. Orchid and Mr. Chrysanthemum.

Lowering her eyes, Lan Yunxi was standing still in the air while holding her sword; instead of chasing after Mr. Bamboo.

She was in white mourning dress made of linen. Besides, her black and beautiful hair was also bound by a white cloth strap.

Lan Yunxi was avenging her master’s death. Although being solemn and resolute, she felt weak.

Many powers in the sky were focusing on Lan Yunxi.

“The 34th round, Taiyi Fantasy Sect wins…” A cold voice reverberated in the sky above Iron Dragon Sect.

When Lin Huanxi was going to fly out of the camp of Iron Dragon Sect, she was stopped by Zhang Yang. After taking a complexed look at Lan Yunxi in the distance, Zhang Yang shook his head and said, “Elder Lin, it’s the private affair of Zhang Clan. Just let us solve it ourselves…” After saying that, Zhang Yang took a look at a junior on the airboat as he said, “Chengting…”

Among Zhang Tie’s sons, Zhang Chengting was the most powerful one so far. He had just come back from South Border and was already in the nine changes realm of earth knight. He would soon promote to a shadow knight. Additionally, Zhang Chengting had mastered a lot of secret methods and battle skills just like Zhang Tie when he was young. He could definitely defeat Lan Yunxi.

Zhang Chengting stood up and took a look at Yan Feiqing who stayed calm. When he saw Yan Feiqing nodding slightly towards him, Zhang Chengting flew towards the battlefield at once.

“President Lan, whatever happened today had nothing to do with Huaiyuan Palace. What are you doing this for!” Zhang Chengting said as he heaved a sigh. At this moment, Zhang Chengting felt pretty complex facing Lan Yunxi. Through his seniors, Zhang Chengting had already known the old scores between Lan Yunxi and his father Zhang Tie.

“Cut the crap. I won’t show mercy on you. You don’t need to show mercy on me either. Yun Zongzi couldn’t live under the same sky as me. He’s already been severely injured. Now that you want to protect him, you’re my enemy. Let’s start!” Lan Yunxi said icily.

Zhang Chengting didn’t explain too much; nor did he launch a strike first. He then reached out his hand and said in an imposing manner, “If so, President Lan, please!”

“He’s Zhang Tie’s son. If you killed him, Jinwu Palace will definitely be in great chaos. By then, you can use tricks to force Yun Zhongzi to come out of there himself…” Feng Yexiao uttered secretly. After hearing his warning, Lan Yunxi felt his heart palpitate once.

However, when Lan Yunxi was going to launch a strike, she suddenly heard a long, grieved sigh over the sky above Iron Dragon Sect.


It was a light sigh; however, it reverberated around the 18 fantasy mountain peaks of Iron Dragon Sect over 600 square miles.

After hearing this sigh, Yan Feiqing and Zhang Yang suddenly sprung up…

Lan Yunxi’s heart trembled together with her hand. At the same time, she gnashed her teeth and slashed towards Zhang Chengting…

However, her sword qi didn’t fell on Zhang Chengting; instead, her sword got rid of her hand and rushed into the sky in terms of light with a boom…

Almost at the same time, all the long swords within 600 square miles rushed into the sky from the ground, knights’ hands and inside knights’ bodies like living objects with booms including ordinary long swords made of high-quality steel and silver secret items hiding inside knights’ bodies, forming shiny stars in the sky.

Zhang Tie appeared at the highest step in the sky as he slowly descended like a deity…

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