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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1966 - Shocking!

Chapter 1966: Shocking!

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Watching Zhang Tie walking out of the void and going downstairs along the tens of thousands of sword blades, all the knights above 18 Xuantian Peaks were dumbfounded…

After more than three decades, Zhang Tie’s look remained as same as that at Yinhai Desert. The only difference was his qi. It was an unprecedented, powerful and sacred qi that none of the knights on the spot had ever felt. As Zhang Tie went downstairs step by step, they felt that all the elements across the Elements Realm had rocked. Those restless elements started to escape out of the Elements Realm and formed many colorful strips of light belts like Aurora on polar regions in different shapes in the sky. These light belts twisted and lasted thousands of miles in the sky like flying colorful banners and flags in temples as if they were welcoming Zhang Tie. As a result, the sky which had just turned dark became as bright as daytime again…

When the four elements swarmed out of the earth, they directly turned into golden lotus flowers. From the sky, trillions of golden lotus flowers poured out of the undulating earth-centered with 18 Xuantian Peaks. As a result, the land became a grand ocean of lotus flowers. Even the greater part of the Northeast Military Region could see these abnormal phenomena in the sky and on the earth.

Besides, the four elements even combined into an ethereal and airy fragrance that smelt as fragrant as orchid and musk. Floating over thousands of miles, they could even be smelt by almost everyone across the Northeast Military Region.

After coming back, when Zhang Tie released his full qi in this world, he had reached the state of combining the heavens with himself. In an instant, he had caused many brilliant abnormal phenomena. Not to mention those onlookers, even those knights of the three major sects became petrified. Some were kneading their eyes as they wanted to check whether they had a visual hallucination; some were pinching their own thighs and wanted to check whether they were having a dream; some were even sniffing the special fragrance in the air forcefully.

Zhang Tie walked onto the battlefield step by step and came to the front of Lan Yunxi.

Watching Zhang Tie, Zhang Chengting became so thrilled that he even started to choke with sobs as an earth knight in the 9 change realm.


“Not bad. You didn’t let me down. As for the following, it’s my business…” Zhang Tie said as he nodded towards his son with a smile. After that, he waved his hand and slightly sent Zhang Chengting flying 60 miles back into the crowd of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect with an irresistibly tender wind of elements like how a golden king flapped its wings. Watching this scene, all the excited people on the side of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect became quiet at once.

At this moment, facing so many powerful enemies, it was not the right moment for them to chat with each other. Some even didn’t believe that Zhang Tie was back till now…

At this moment, thousands of knights were watching Zhang Tie.

However, Zhang Tie was watching Lan Yunxi who was right in front of him with a complex expression.

Lan Yunxi’s face suddenly turned ashen. Her white mourning uniform and her sudden ashen face made her especially sorrowful and beautiful. Therefore, Zhang Tie’s heart ached all of a sudden.

Lan Yunxi’s eyes were filled with tears; however, tears didn’t roll down her eyes. Meanwhile, her fingers were quivering. However, Lan Yunxi didn’t notice her natural responses. She just raised her head and watched Zhang Tie with a pale smile. “It was you who killed Xuanyuan Wuji in front of me, right?”

After hearing Lan Yunxi’s first question, all the surrounding knights felt that their hearts palpitated heavily. Even those people of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect were in dead silence at once.

After two seconds’ silence, Zhang Tie nodded as he broke the silence. “Yea, I killed Xuanyuan Wuji!”

Zhang Tie’s words caused all the knights around 18 Xuantian peaks to feel dizzy.

‘Wasn’t Zhang Tie at Yinhai Desert on that day? How could he appear in Jiangzhou Province hundreds of thousands of miles away and kill Xuanyuan Wuji over there?’

Even though it had been so many years, the case of Xuanyuan Wuji’s assassination was still the biggest pending criminal case in Taixia Country.

Nobody could imagine that the No. 1 pending criminal case in Taixia Country would be unveiled in such a strange way by Lan Yunxi at this moment.

“Did you know that Xuanyuan Wuji was already my fiancee at that time?”

“Yes, I did!”

Lan Yunxi revealed another pale smile as she asked in a heart-broken voice, “Did I tell you that the one who cared about me the most in Taiyi Fantasy Sect was my master?”

“Yes, you did!”

“What’s the relationship between Yun Zhongzi and you then?”

Zhang Tie closed his eyes. He didn’t open his eyes until two seconds later. He knew what his answer meant for Lan Yunxi. However, he couldn’t cover it anymore at this moment, “By a lucky chance, I acquired Great Wilderness Sutra in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Later on, the secret cave of Great Wilderness Sect was discovered. I entered the secret cave and became the new owner of the Great Wilderness Sect coincidentally. Yun Zhongzi was the only elder of Great Wilderness Sect!”

When those knights, who were still immersed in the news that Zhang Tie killed Xuanyuan Wuji, heard that Zhang Tie was the new owner of Great Wilderness Sect and had mastered Great Wilderness Sutra, many people became absolutely dumbfounded like being hit by a heavy hammer.

“Hahahaha…” Lan Yunxi guffawed as her hairband fell off, causing her black hair to flutter crazily in the wind. Her guffaws were filled with grief and despair. Meanwhile, her tears finally rolled down her eyes. “Well done. Well done. Who else on my side can you not kill? Here I am. A humble earth knight is nothing in your eyes. Just kill me…”

With the cold guffaws, a dagger instantly appeared in Lan Yunxi’s hand. Closely after that, Lan Yunxi charged at Zhang Tie as she determined to fight Zhang Tie to death.

Zhang Tie didn’t even dodge. He just allowed Lan Yunxi to hit his chest with the dagger casually.

As a result, Zhang Tie was safe and sound; however, Lan Yunxi’s dagger was completely broken into pieces…

Zhang Tie lightly put his hand on Lan Yunxi’s forehead, causing her to back out at once defencelessly.

In front of Zhang Tie, earth knights were as weak as kittens.

When Zhang Tie moved his hand, some onlooking knights had already flown out of the crowd in a flurried way. Of course, they were Elder Muray and Elder Muyu of Huaiyuan Palace.

As for these elders of Huaiyuan Palace, they would never join the team of the three major sects and besiege Jinwu Palace. However, as Lan Yunxi was in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, those elders of Huaiyuan Palace couldn’t join Jinwu Palace and go against Lan Yunxi. On this occasion, they could only become onlookers and pay heed to the development of the situation and prepare to make corresponding responses to the change.

Zhang Tie lightly swung his sleeve and sent Lan Yunxi to the front of Elder Muray and Elder Muyu with a wind. Meanwhile, he left a sentence to those elders. After taking Lan Yunxi, those elders hurriedly left there silently.

“Previously, three major sects joined hands to exterminate Great Wilderness Sect by arousing an earthshaking bloody case for Great Wilderness Sutra. As a disciple of Great Wilderness Sect, it was reasonable for him to look for the murderers and take revenge for the Great Wilderness Sect. I, as the incumbent owner of Great Wilderness Sect, will uphold justice for Great Wilderness Sect here today!” Zhang Tie said firmly as he watched the fleet of airboats of the three major sects in the distance.

“Nonsense. We’ve already got the irrefutable evidence that Yun Zhongzi killed the disciples of our three sects. We will definitely turn Yun Zhongzi into ashes. Zhang Tie, do you have any evidence that Great Wilderness Sect was destroyed by our three major sects?” Feng Yexiao refuted Zhang Tie aloud in the team of Taiyi Fantasy Sect.

Not knowing whether it was because of the great shock by Zhang Tie’s sudden appearance or a guilty conscience, Feng Yexiao felt a bit timid inside despite a serious look. Even his voice quivered slightly.

“Evidence?” Zhang Tie looked up at the sky and guffawed, “My words are the evidence. If you don’t believe me, look at your side…”

Closely after the word ‘side’, thousands of streaks of sword light had suddenly appeared in the air next to Feng Yexiao. Before he made any response, he had been smashed.

The grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, also a shadow knight like Cheng Honglie, became defenseless in front of Zhang Tie’s Pupil Swordsmanship. Before making any response, he had already disappeared.

After turning Feng Yexiao into ashes, countless long swords in the sky hit a mountain peak hundreds of miles away in terms of lightning sword light.

Facing countless streaks of sword light, the mountain peak was shattered. All of a sudden, a person with a grim look and silver hair rushed into the sky over there. He was Taiyi Old Man.

Meanwhile, Taiyi Old Man emanated odd light as he gazed at Zhang Tie with strong fierce qi in his eyes. Closely after that, he roared at Zhang Tie, “Go to hell…”

The space near Zhang Tie instantly turned dark red like a furnace…

“Watch out, it’s Real Sun Flame…” Zhang Tie suddenly heard the voice of Wu Dingtian, the owner of Demon-Killing Valley. Closely after that, Wu Dingtian advanced towards Zhang Tie with a flash. However, Shenkong Grand Master suddenly appeared and blocked Wu Dingtian.

Meanwhile, numerous fiery fire elements poured into the space near Zhang Tie as if the Elements Realm was broken. The violent fire element circled Zhang Tie like a fire ring and started to burn…

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