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Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1967 - Who’s the Best?

Chapter 1967: Who’s the Best?

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Zhang Tie was covered with the overwhelming Taiyi Old Man’s Real Sun Flame; meanwhile, the space near Zhang Tie became crimson. It seemed as if Zhang Tie was near a crater. All the knights of Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect felt that their hearts would explode in anxiety as they wanted to rush over there; however, they were all blocked by those elders of Heavens Fortune Sect.

Real Sun Flame was unusual. It was the most powerful, fatal skill of Taiyi Old Man. Even Heavenly knights would be killed by Real Sun Flame, not to mention ordinary knights.

Yan Feiqing, Bai Suxian, Guo Hongyi, Zhang Yang, Zhang Su, Immortal Pengshan and Zhang Tie’s sons wanted to rush over there; right then, they were stopped by Zhang Tie’s secret words.

“Hahaha…” Taiyi Old Man guffawed, silver hair fluttering in the wind. His voice sounded loud with strong fierce qi. “Did you hear what Zhang Tie said? He killed Xuanyuan Wuji, the third prince of Emperor Xuanyuan. That was a monstrous crime like plotting treason. Why not devastate Jinwu Palace and Iron-Dragon Sect together with our three sects for the sake of justice now…”

“Devastate Jinwu Palace; wipe out Iron-Dragon Sect…” Over 1,000 knights of the three major sects coordinated with Taiyi Old Man on their airboats at once. Some shadow knights and heavenly knights, also elders, took the lead and released their strong battle qi before leaving their airboats for Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace at high speeds.

Watching this scene, all the onlooking knights changed their faces. Nobody could imagine that the contest between majors sects could deteriorate into a life-or-death war. Ordinary people dared never be involved in this war. No matter which party was the final winner, this war would definitely shock the whole world and influence the overall pattern and situation facing sects in Taixia Country and Xuanyuan Hill in the following hundreds of years.

“Xuanyuan Wuji broke the ban of Emperor Xuanyuan. As a prince, he colluded with your three major sects and founded Royal Alliance as your puppet. He even wanted to abolish the royal prince and ascend to the throne himself in the holy war. His crime deserves more than death! Your three major sects are too ambitious. You even wanted to prop up the ninth prince to control Xuanyuan Hill and the country as a whole. Taiyi Old Man, didn’t you hear one sentence——the one who plays fire must burn himself in the end!”

Zhang Tie’s voice drifted out of the domineering blaze of Real Sun Flame calmly. When he finished the word ‘end’, the Real Sun Flame near him suddenly grew fiercer. Closely after that, it turned into more than 10 fire dragons and ferociously rushed towards those shadow knights and heavenly knights in front of the forces of the three major sects. In the blink of an eye, those fire dragons had devoured the 10-odd knights of the three major sects, causing them to shriek miserably, their skins split and their flesh cut forth…

Due to such a sudden accident, the team of the forces of the three major sects were instantly disordered and lost their morale. Even those onlooking knights didn’t know why the Real Sun Flame of Taiyi Old Man suddenly transferred onto his pals.

“Ah…” A grand elder of Taiyi Fantasy Sect wailed as his beard, hair and clothes were burned by Real Sun Flame. He implored Taiyi Old Man aloud, “Suzerain, suzerain, it’s me. Why is the Real Sun Flame burning me? Hurry, stop it…”

However, the grand elder didn’t know that Taiyi Old Man had already lost his marbles facing this situation; because Taiyi Old Man suddenly discovered that the Real Sun Flame which was supposed to burn Zhang Tie was completely out of his control.

“Impossible, impossible, why…” Taiyi Old Man roared as he gave out greater glow. As a result, the place where Zhang Tie stayed was like a heavenly furnace as fire element poured in the space ten times heavier than before and turned into real sun flame, covering Zhang Tie again. It appeared to burn Zhang Tie into ashes in an instant.

“Your Real Sun Flame is just so so…” Zhang Tie said calmly as the real sun flame separated and formed an arched door. Zhang Tie then walked out of the arched door decently.

Unbelievably, Zhang Tie was safe and sound. There’s not even a fold on his clothes. Additionally, a huge, mysterious and majestic wheel like a Ferris wheel higher than 100 m was around Zhang Tie. The wheel contained four colorful regions, golden, blue, cyan and red. A mysterious rune was rotating in each colorful region.

That huge wheel was like a mysterious metal object; however, it appeared to not belong to this world as it was only a phantom.

Facing the rotating wheel, the Real Sun Flame around Zhang Tie became as tame as a chick. When Zhang Tie reached out his hand, he immediately gathered the infinite Real Sun Flame and condensed them. As a result, the terrifying Real Sun Flame turned into a little golden fire dragon and started to hover in Zhang Tie’s palm…

No matter how Taiyi Old Man tried to trigger his Real Sun Flame, all of his Real Sun Flame finally fell in Zhang Tie’s hand lightly.

Not only the knights of the three major sects, even the members of Jinwu Palace, Iron-Dragon Sect, Demon-Killing Valley and Heavens Fortune Sect were dumbfounded by such a marvelous secret skill. They all paid heed to that rotating chakra behind Zhang Tie. They all wondered whether it was Zhang Tie’s secret rarity or his secret realm…

Even so, they all confirmed that the Real Sun Flame of Taiyi Old Man could be casually controlled by Zhang Tie in front of that huge rotating chakra just like a grandson in front of a grandpa.

The most proud secret skill and trump card suddenly became useless and couldn’t even hurt even a hair of his enemy. Taiyi Old Man could barely accept such a shocking strike.

“No, this father is unrivaled across the world. Nobody could face my Real Sun Flame…” Taiyi Old Man roared.

“Nothing is impossible!” A voice suddenly appeared in the sky of the battlefield. At the same time, a ethereal scholar in white appeared there. He was watching that huge wheel behind Zhang Tie with appreciation, admiration, faint piety and confusion in his eyes.

“Lord Fairyocean!?” a grand elder of Heavens Fortune Sect exclaimed in great shock.

The name Lord Fairyocean represented a legend in Taixia Country as if it carried endless magic.

All the knights on the spot were greatly shocked as the battlefield was in hubbubs at once. Even Wu Dingtian and Shenkong Grand Master separated at once. As for the two sage-level knights, the sudden appearance of a powerhouse with uncertain stance on the battlefield made them alert at the same time.

However, Lord Fairyocean ignored the others; instead, he just gazed at Zhang Tie and that huge rotating wheel behind him.

“Divine dominator doesn’t have private realm. Therefore, even though I’ve formed four chakras and have already reached the level of sage-level knight, I cannot become a sage-level knight. However, according to the legend, when a divine dominator masters the aiding strength of sage-level divine domination of divine dominator, he will become unusual as he will form his dominator’s immortal chakra. If a divine dominator forms his dominator’s divine chakra, he will be able to control all the four elements, realize endless changes and dominate all kinds of the aiding strength of sage-level knight by including them in his private realm. Unexpectedly, I could have a chance to see dominator’s divine chakra on a human in Youzhou Province. That’s the real divine dominator. With the dominator’s divine chakra, the younger brother will become the No. 1 powerhouse among humans. Nobody could defeat you anymore!” Lord Fairyocean suddenly let out a sigh as he continued, “The three major sects are bringing trouble to themselves. However, many knight-level disciples in their sects don’t know anything about the plan of the powers. As holy war is still ongoing, younger brother, please prioritize the lives of people across the world and leave some vigor for Taixia Country and humans as a whole!”

After saying all these, Lord Fairyocean bowed towards Zhang Tie. Closely after that, he disappeared like how he appeared all of a sudden.

‘Dominator’s divine chakra!’

After hearing Lord Fairyocean’s words, Taiyi Old Man changed his face greatly as he instantly turned around and escaped.

How could Zhang Tie let him go.

Only by pointing at Taiyi Old Man casually, the fire dragon that was flying around Zhang Tie had darted to Taiyi Old Man and covered him.

Being in the ablaze furnace, Taiyi Old Man wailed at once.

The fire dragon was more condense and had more terrifying power. Taiyi Old Man’s Real Sun Flame was red; however, this fire dragon was gold-red, which carried many times greater power.

“It’s not Real Sun Flame!” Taiyi Old Man wailed in the blaze.

“Wrong. It’s the real, real, real, Real Sun Flame. You only know ABC about Real Sun Flame…” Zhang Tie said in a low tone.

Only after a short while, the overambitious Taiyi Old Man, the suzerain of Taiyi Fantasy Sect, the president of Royal Alliance and one of the most powerful sage-level knights in Taixia Country had been burned into ashes by Zhang Tie’s real sun flame under the gaze of tens of thousands of knights in Taixia Country, only leaving a portable odd token…

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