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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2464 - Secret of the Grand Exalt’s Cultivation Method

Chapter 2464: Secret of the Grand Exalt’s Cultivation Method

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Jian Chen’s mind immediately shuddered. He lost all contact with the outside world. He forgot about time, and he forgot about himself as he completely submerged himself in the tremendous flood of information. He did his best to accept and digest it all.

The information contained some basic knowledge regarding Martial Soul Force. It explained how to gain a rudimentary grasp over Martial Soul Force in great detail. Jian Chen had never come in contact with this knowledge before.

After all, he had been cultivating for too short of a time. He spent most of this time on comprehending other laws and rarely ever placed any efforts on Martial Soul Force. As a result, his understanding of Martial Soul Force could be described as just touching on the surface.

As a matter of fact, touching on the surface would be an exaggeration.

Now that he had obtained a large amount of knowledge regarding Martial Soul Force in the sacred grounds of the Martial Soul Mountain, he immediately felt enlightened. His understanding and knowledge of Martial Soul Force deepened.

“So this is Martial Soul Force!” Three days later, Jian Chen opened his eyes. He had absorbed all the information recorded within the first inscription that he saw. Now, he had finally gained a proper understanding of Martial Soul Force.

“Turns out the Martial Soul Force I used before isn’t actual Martial Soul Force. Actual Martial Soul Force requires a further step of refinement from the original basics.”

“Only after refinement can it truly be called Martial Soul Force. Its power will become even greater,” Jian Chen thought. Then he looked at a second inscription and focused on it.

He knew what he needed to do right now, and it was not to advance his Martial Soul Force. He needed to use this opportunity to absorb some knowledge instead. Whether it be the cultivation methods, secret techniques, or the notes on cultivation left behind by people of the past, he needed to understand it now.

This was because these legacies could only be obtained from the Martial Soul Mountain. They could not be taken away.

For the next period of time, Jian Chen remained within the sacred grounds of the Martial Soul Mountain, absorbing the information in each imprint. Not only did he obtain many cultivation methods from the imprints, but he also learnt some secret techniques and abilities.

Some cultivation methods were more powerful than the others. The only thing that dissatisfied Jian Chen was that all the cultivation methods could only be used to cultivate to peak Chaotic Prime.

“Members of the Martial Soul lineage can never break through to Grand Prime. Their highest level of cultivation is peak Chaotic Primes. Since no one has ever reached Grand Prime, there naturally wouldn’t be a cultivation method that leads to Grand Prime…”

“Although nine successors have once appeared in the history of the Martial Soul lineage, and they came up with a method to bypass the limits of comprehension required to reach Grand Prime, that’s only cultivation. Their comprehension and Martial Soul Force did not reach a breakthrough.”

“The Chaotic Body I cultivate should be equivalent to Grand Prime once I reach Great Perfection. No one has ever managed to reach Great Perfection with the Chaotic Body. In other words, cultivators of the Chaotic Body can never become Immortal Exalts. That’s the same with the Martial Soul Force that I cultivate. Is there some connection between the two?” Jian Chen frowned and sank into his thoughts.

“Members of the Martial Soul lineage can’t even reach Grand Prime, but the Hallowed Saint Masters from the Radiant Saint Hall can become Grand Exalts. Once the Radiant Saint Hall gains a Grand Exalt, how will it be possible for the Martial Soul lineage to survive? That is simply too unfair.”

“However, the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method from the Tower of Radiance is with me. I wonder if I can find the reason why members of the Martial Soul lineage can’t break through to Grand Prime through the Method of the Exalted Saint?” Jian Chen thought. He immediately closed his eyes when he thought of that.

The Method of the Exalted Saint had been siphoned from the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint by Jian Chen. The imprint not only contained the cultivation method, but it also had many ancient abilities and secret techniques.

However, with Gongsun Zhi’s appearance as the Grand Exalt’s descendant, Jian Chen failed to obtain the entire legacy. As a result, all the abilities and secret techniques went to Gongsun Zhi in the end.

The Method of the Exalted Saint had been sealed up in the depths of Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness as a ball of memories. Jian Chen’s consciousness immediately entered the ball of memories and began absorbing the information there.

Immediately, the ball of memories containing the Method of the Exalted Saint shrank at a visible rate. The method of cultivation gradually became embedded in Jian Chen’s head.

However, as Jian Chen rapidly deepened his understanding of the Method of the Exalt Saint, his face gradually became strange. The strangeness turned to shock very soon.

“The Method of the Exalt Saint is actually a cultivation method for Martial Soul Force. H- h- how is this possible…” Jian Chen no longer bothered to absorb the memories of the Method of the Exalted Saint and suddenly opened his eyes. Shock filled his face as he faced emotional upheaval.

The Method of the Exalted Saint was actually a cultivation method for Martial Soul Force. This result completely overturned Jian Chen’s understanding of the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Was the Grand Exalt who appeared in the history of the Radiant Saint Hall actually a member of the Martial Soul lineage?” At that moment, Jian Chen felt his head descend into a mess. There were far too many things that he did not understand.

Members of the Martial Soul lineage could never become Grand Primes. Since the Grand Exalt who appeared in the Radiant Saint Hall’s history was a member of the Martial Soul lineage, how did he become a Grand Exalt?

Moreover, the Grand Exalt did not appear in the same age as when nine successors appeared for the Martial Soul lineage mentioned by Hun Zang. There were many details that showed they were from different times.

“Since the Radiant Saint Hall’s past Grand Exalt was a member of the Martial Soul lineage, why are the Radiant Saint Hall enemies with the Martial Soul lineage?”

“Moreover, looking at the cultivation method, breaking through to Grand Prime doesn’t seem as difficult as it sounds. Since that’s the case, why aren’t members of the Martial Soul lineage able to reach Grand Prime?”

“It can’t just be because of cultivation methods. The Martial Soul lineage had so many outstanding seniors in its history. They even experienced a glorious age when nine successors appeared at the same time, and the lineage’s fortune reached a maximum. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how profound it is, a cultivation method should have been created a long time ago.”

“Or maybe there are other reasons why the Martial Soul lineage can never reach Grand Prime? If that is really the case, doesn’t that mean that even if I have the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method, I won’t be able to overcome this problem?”

With those doubts, Jian Chen left the sacred grounds and went to find Hun Zang.

“Hmm? Eighth junior, you’re not in the sacred grounds, and you’ve come to my place instead. Have you encountered any problems in cultivation?” Hun Zang smiled amiably as soon as he saw Jian Chen.

On the current Martial Soul Mountain, Hun Zang possessed the greatest seniority. He was the first senior brother of the Martial Soul lineage. After him were Chu Jian and Yue Chao. Jian Chen was the youngest in terms of seniority.

“First senior brother, there’s something that I don’t understand. Is it due to cultivation methods that members of our Martial Soul lineage can never break through to Grand Prime?”

Hun Zang shook his head and replied, “If it was because of cultivation methods, even I, at my current level of cultivation, would only need a little time to come up with a new cultivation method, let alone the countless seniors with deviant-like talent throughout the history of our Martial Soul lineage. Something else prevents us from breaking through.”

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