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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2468 - Fang Jing’s Strength

Chapter 2468: Fang Jing’s Strength

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The shining Martial Soul Rock rapidly dimmed in Jian Chen’s hands. The Martial Soul Force within it flowed away quickly.

However, Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force grew at a rate that astonished him. It was so fast that it surprised Jian Chen and filled him with joy.

In just four hours, all the energy within the Martial Soul Rock became depleted. Jian Chen also opened his eyes at that moment, rousing from his joyful cultivation.

“I probably can only absorb half of the Martial Soul Force within a Martial Soul Rock. The rest would have dispersed into the surroundings and returned to the Martial Soul Mountain. But even if I can only absorb half, that’s enough to bring an evident increase for me,” Jian Chen murmured as his eyes shone.

“In just four hours, my Martial Soul Force has increased by an extremely evident amount. If I cultivate here for a few more years, or even longer, I wonder what level my Martial Soul Force will reach. Moreover, as my Martial Soul Force rapidly strengthens, my absorption rate will become greater and greater…” Jian Chen was excited for the future. He continued to submerge himself in cultivation.

Time passed silently. Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already been cultivating in the cave for over half a year. He had collected over a thousand fist-sized Martial Soul Rocks during this time. His Martial Soul Force increased at an extremely rapid rate. It had reached Godhood with the help of the Martial Soul Rock.

All of this happened in a little over half a year. He still had a lot of time ahead of him.

“My Radiant Saint Force increases with my Martial Soul Force. After all, Martial Soul Force is a power that comes from the combination of being a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master. As such, no matter what level one’s Martial Soul Force is at, Radiant Saint Force will be at the same level. But that also means that Martial Soul Force will be restricted by the Laws of the Hallowed.”

“Are we, the Martial Soul lineage, really unable to comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed to Grand Prime?”

“Whatever. I still have an extremely long way to go before I reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. I’ll cultivate here in peace for now. Let’s deal with the future when it comes…”

At the same time, a supreme quality saint artifact divine hall stood atop of the Demonic Orchid Mountains controlled by the Red Flame sect on the distant Aqua Plane.

Three elders of the Red Flame sect resided within the divine hall. Two of them were mid Godkings, while the last one was a late Godking.

The three of them watched over the Demonic Orchid Mountains most of the time. They were responsible for its safety.

As elders with cultivation at Godking, they were supreme figures in the Red Flame sect. The three of them obviously lived comfortably since they were stationed here. They cultivated all day and night in seclusion and paid no attention to the matters outside. They rarely ever emerged unless extremely important matters happened.

On this day, an Overgod disciple of the Red Flame sect ran in in a hurry. He reported to the three elders in secluded cultivation, “Elders, elders, there’s bad news, bad news! A large amount of energy has been lost from the high grade divine crystal mine below the Demonic Orchid Mountains. The divine crystals that were supposed to be high grade have all dropped to mid grade. There’s not a single high grade divine crystal left in the entire mountains.”

“What did you say?” An old voice rang out. A white-robed old man appeared before the disciple. He was stern.

The high grade divine crystal mine was the greatest wealth of the Red Flame sect. As a matter of fact, it could be said that the entire sect depended on it, and it had a direct correlation to the sect’s future. They could not allow anything to happen to it.

“A high grade divine crystal mine has plummeted to mid grade. How is that possible?” Two other figures appeared from behind the old man.

The three elders stationed here by the Red Flame sect had all been alarmed.

“Elders, please go check quickly. More and more energy is being lost from the mine. If this continues, the mid grade divine crystals will probably drop to low grade,” the disciple said frantically.

“Elder Dong, please go check on this,” said the white-robed old man to a mid Godking elder behind him.

The Godking referred to as elder Dong nodded before directly leaving the divine hall. The powerful senses of a Godking’s soul expanded and enveloped the entire mountain range. It even penetrated the ground.

“Energy really is leaking away rapidly from the divine crystal mine. However, all the energy is gathering towards one location.” Elder Dong found the source of everything very quickly with his senses of the soul. With a single movement, he charged into a tunnel.

In a few seconds, he arrived at the very depths of the tunnel. He stopped before a stone wall that was as smooth as a mirror.

Elder Dong stared at the stone wall for a while before bellowing out, “There’s actually a concealing formation. Hmph, which thief is bold enough to rob the divine crystal mine of our Red Flame sect?” Elder Dong held a sword and directly swung out with it.


With a loud sound, the concealing formation ahead of him exploded loudly. Shattered rock flew everywhere and exposed what was happening inside.

A beautiful lady who seemed to be eighteen sat on the ground cultivating in extremely cheap, coarse clothes. Pure energy gathered in from all directions, forming a dense layer of mist around her.

The mist obscured the lady from time to time such that she seemed rather otherworldly. She seemed like an immortal in the mist.

She was Fang Jing.

“Who are you? Don’t you know that the Demonic Orchid Mountains is the territory of our Red Flame sect? State your origins, or don’t blame me for being impolite.” Elder Dong stared at Fang Jing with a sunken face. Even though he managed to tell with a single glance that she was only a peak God, he did not dare to be reckless.

The scene of Fang Jing gathering energy was just too shocking to him. She was only a God, yet she could manipulate all the energy within the mine. At the same time, she absorbed the energy so quickly that even he, a mid Godking, was left amazed.

This all pointed to the fact that the lady definitely was not a simple person.

Fang Jing remained there with her eyes closed. She said gently, “You’re a mere Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortal, yet you dare to show such disrespect to me? Kneel!” With that, great power of laws descended, forming a huge pressure that crushed down on elder Dong.

Elder Dong’s face suddenly changed. He was utterly shocked. To him, the laws that had suddenly appeared were so powerful that they were like an ocean. He could not resist at all. He felt as tiny as an ant before the laws as a mid Godking, where he could not resist at all.


Elder Dong’s knees directly struck the ground, shattering his kneecaps and forming two small ditches in the rock below him.

He stared at Fang Jing in fright as his forehead became covered with cold sweat. He felt utter fear. He wanted to beg for mercy, but he realised that he could not make any sounds at all. He did not even have the power to speak.

“You’re a mere Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortal. I would originally be disdained to kill you, but unfortunately, you’re a part of the Saints’ World. Since you’re a part of the Saints’ World, there is only death for you,” Fang Jing said as if she stood supreme; it was like she was judging a criminal. She coldly decided on a death sentence for elder Dong.


Elder Dong’s body immediately exploded, filling the air with blood.

Elder Dong, a mid Godking, did not even manage to make a sound. He was directly killed off.

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