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Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2469 - Destruction of the Red Flame Sect

Chapter 2469: Destruction of the Red Flame Sect

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Fang Jing slowly opened her eyes after she killed elder Dong. She stared at his corpse calmly and murmured, “There are a total of three Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals in the Demonic Orchid Mountains. Now that I’ve killed one of them, the other two will realise it very soon. I can’t let them spread this news, or Immortal Monarchs will come.”

“My soul is too weak right now, so the laws that I can use are limited. I can’t fight Immortal Monarchs for now…” Fang Jing stood up and flew outside.

Many miners and disciples of the Red Flame sect poured in and out of the maze-like tunnels as she moved through them.

Fang Jing turned into a gust of wind, drifting outwards. No one sensed her traces. She did not touch the ordinary miners, but whenever she passed by a disciple in the uniform of the Red Flame sect, they would die.

In an instant, several dozen disciples of the Red Flame sect died. Their inexplicable deaths unsettled all the miners in the tunnels. They fell into a commotion.

The two other elders of the Red Flame sect emerged from the divine hall atop the mountains as well. They stood at the entrance as they observed the mine below with the senses of their souls.

“Oh no, elder Dong is dead…” At this moment, the late Godking elder’s face changed, and he cried out.

The other mid Godking elder’s face became extremely ugly as well. He also cried out, “Several dozen disciples have died for no reason in the mines…”

The two of them looked at each other and could tell how stern the other was. The late Godking immediately said, “Contact the sect.”

“It’s already too late!” At this moment, a woman’s voice rang out of nowhere. A gust of wind had arrived before the two elders, and Fang Jing appeared before the two elder silently.

“Who are you…” The expressions of the elders changed, and they immediately bellowed out.

“You have no right to learn my name!” Fang Jing said coldly. With that, the power of laws that were terrifyingly shocking to the elders suddenly appeared. As invisible mountains, they crushed down on the two of them with destructive power.


With that, the two elders directly exploded. They were killed off.

However, Fang Jing’s complexion changed slightly as well. She became rather pale.

This was a result of overexerting her soul.

She extended her finger and took away the Space Rings of the two Godkings before turning into a gust of wind again. She roamed through the mountains.

Immediately, the disciples that watched over the surroundings collapsed one by one. All of them died, but there was not a single wound on them. Their deaths were rather strange.

Before long, all the disciples of the Red Flame sect were dead in the Demonic Orchid Mountains. Only a few miners were left standing there in fright. They had no idea what to do. They wanted to run, but the entire mountain range was surrounded by a formation, cutting them off. They could not escape with their strength.

After killing off the disciples, the gust of wind entered the depths of the mine once again. Fang Jing continued to absorb the energy in the divine crystals. She completely ignored the miners who were trapped there.

The energy vanished from the mine at a crazy rate. As Fang Jing strengthened, her rate of absorption became faster and faster as well.

As Fang Jing cultivated there, all the miners trapped in the mountains stopped excavating the divine crystals. They all gathered in an empty region of the mine. After their initial unease, they gradually calmed down.

This was because they had discovered that everyone dead came from the Red Flame sect. Not a single miner that did not belong to the Red Flame sect had perished, so they guessed that there was probably a mysterious expert who had grievances with the Red Flame sect and would not harm innocent people.

They completely stopped worrying with that thought. They all just sat down and began to cultivate quietly.

“Do not take the energy of the divine crystal mine when you cultivate. Only absorb the origin energy in the surroundings…” The miners warned one another. The energy pulses from the depths of the mine became more and more powerful. In the end, it could no longer be hidden, allowing them to sense it clearly.

This allowed them to understand that the mysterious expert who had massacred all the disciples of the Red Flame sect had not left. Instead, they remained in the mines, cultivating.

However, none of them dared to venture into the depths and check on the situation.

A year later, all the energy had been drained from the high grade divine crystal mine in the Demonic Orchid Mountains. The entire mine had run out of energy. Without the support of energy, the formations that enveloped the entire place automatically shut down and became useless.

“The protective formation has vanished. Hurry up, let’s go!”

At this moment, the miners trapped in the mountains suddenly called out. Afterwards, they all fled outside as quickly as they could.

In the blink of an eye, over ten thousand miners were gone.

Several hours later, several figures flew over from the distance and hovered above the Demonic Orchid Mountains.

A total of four people had come. They were all Godkings, and all of them stared below sternly.

“The miners have vanished. The formations have shut down. Even the three elders stationed here are gone. Something really has happened to the Demonic Orchid Mountains…”

“What has happened here? Why can’t we sense any energy from the mines at all…”

“The mine has dried up. H- how is that possible…”

The faces of the four elders changed drastically. They became filled with disbelief.

It would definitely be a heavy blow to the Red Flame sect now that their high grade divine crystal mine was gone.

Afterwards, the four elders panicked. They flew towards the mines. The Red Flame sect could lose the three elders. They could also lose a year’s worth of high grade divine crystals, but they could not afford to lose the entire mine.

However, as soon as they approached the mine, four strands of powerful sword Qi turned into four streaks of light, shooting out from a tunnel. They punched through the heads of the four elders with lightning speed.

The four elders all failed to react. They were dead.

Fang Jing walked out from the tunnel. Her cultivation had currently reached early Godking.

With a wave of her hand, Fang Jing stowed away the Space Rings of the four Godkings. She looked in the direction of the Red Flame sect and murmured, “With the strength of my soul now, I can handle Immortal Monarchs. The Red Flame sect is a place with three Immortal Monarchs after all, so the resources in there should allow me to recover quite a lot of my cultivation. The Secrets of Heaven’s Heart really is profound. Whether it’s energy absorption or recovering cultivation, it’s several times faster or even over a dozen times faster compared to other methods…”

As she murmured, Fang Jing directly flew towards the Red Flame sect.

A few days later, the protective formations of the Red Flame sect continued to operate as normal, but rivers of blood had appeared in the sect. The Red Flame sect with over a hundred thousand disciples had been destroyed. Everyone, from those as strong as the three great elders or as weak as Origin realm disciples, had collapsed in pools of blood.

Fang Jing sat in the central square of the Red Flame sect. A mountainous pile of Space Rings stood before her, along with a terrifying amount of heavenly resources and cultivation resources stacked to one side.

She was using these cultivation resources to recover her cultivation.

“Although it is degrading for me to kill you, you are a part of the Saints’ World. With that being the case, there’s no need for me to show mercy. Moreover, I just happen to need these things to recover my cultivation,” Fang Jing thought with a clear conscience.

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