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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 155: Zombie Note (24)

Chapter 155: Zombie Note (24)

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It was already dark when they returned to base. The base was brightly lit and searchlights kept sweeping around, so as to discover any attacking zombies.

It was very noisy outside the base. Ming Shu didn’t know if it was always like this at night, but the driver obviously did.

“What’s going on?” The driver leaned out to look ahead. “They blocked the entire road, what are these people going to do…”

“Aren’t they afraid of drawing the zombies here? So much noise…” the driver complained as he directly contacted the base with an intercom. “Make them get out of the way. Miss Ye Miao and Mister Xu Shuo need to enter the base.”

But the people inside were overworked. Even if someone cared, it was not easy to make a way for them to get in.

They could stop those survivors outside, but they couldn’t shoot them.

The driver was also at a loss for what to do. They had to wait outside.

Ming Shu opened the car window. She intended to figure out the situation.

But most people just ignored her, or asked her for supplies.

Finally, Ming Shu spotted a young girl, about 17 or 18 years old.

The girl was a little scared at first. But seeing the gentle and beautiful smile on Ming Shu’s face, she somehow felt inexplicably relieved in her heart. Then she boldly began to answer Ming Shu’s questions.

“In the afternoon, a big sister gathered these people together. She told them that it was not right for the base to stop them because they didn’t have supplies. She requested the base to let us in. But the base didn’t agree. Then it was like this…”

“They want to break in?” Ming Shu asked.

The girl nodded.

“Why don’t you go?”

The girl shook her head slightly, looking a bit scared. “They’re terrifying.”

The dreadful look of those people was no different from the zombies she saw.

Ming Shu smiled and took off her coat to put on the girl. “Thank you for answering my questions. You’re a good girl.”

The girl had a warm feeling at that moment. She seemed to have smelled a vague fragrance.

The car window slowly closed. But she was impressed by the beautiful smile on Ming Shu’s face.

It was like a flower of hope growing out of an abyss of desperation.

Bright, and warm.

She pulled on the coat tightly.

Seeing the girl only got a useless coat, several survivors in the distance who intended to rob her cursed grudgingly, then squatted back down.

The girl still pulled on the coat. There was a bag in the coat. She touched a hard object.

She didn’t know what it was, but she was sure that the sister put it inside on purpose. And she also knew she must hide it, or others would steal it away.

“I can’t believe you’re so kind.” Xu Shuo couldn’t help dissing Ming Shu as the car window closed.

“I never said I’m not kind.” Ming Shu leaned against the window and looked at the girl standing outside alone.

Xu Shuo stared at Ming Shu’s profile. The slightly upturned corner of her mouth showed a perfect smile as if the arc had been measured precisely.

He always felt that the cold-bloodedness of this woman was carved into her bones. Even facing Ye Ji’an, her beautiful smiles didn’t hold much sincerity. Most were perfunctory and mocking.

No, the truth was, there had never been any sincerity in her bright smiles.

“Get me some snacks.” Ming Shu suddenly reached out her hand.


In the face of snacks, cold-bloodedness was just a tiny issue.

Xu Shuo threw her a bag of cubed bread after searching in the back.

But he didn’t feel anything was wrong until after he did it.

Why the hell am I taking orders from her?

“You eat too much. Who will have the courage to marry you?” Xu Shuo grunted. “You’re lucky you met me. I have a good temper. If it were someone else, you’d have been beaten a hundred times!”

“Good temper?” Ming Shu questioned. “You’re really good at talking big.” Quite shameless.

If he had a good temper, then she hated food.

“Am I not right? If I didn’t have a good temper, I wouldn’t tolerate you.”

“That’s because you can’t beat me.”

” …” Do not mention this sad truth, and we can still be friends.

Do mention this sad truth, and we can only start another fight.

Of course, considering the battlefield was too small to fight, Xu Shu “generously” forgave Ming Shu’s provocative behavior.

More and more survivors gathered around the base. They yelled and caused trouble willfully. At last, the base had to settle them down with weapons. The situation got a bit stable, for a time.

Slowly, the passage was cleared and the car continued moving forward.

Ming Shu saw the female protagonist when they passed by. She was sending supplies to the survivors so that they could enter the base.

But some survivors ate immediately after they got the kind supplies. Then they asked for more.

Then the situation got a little uncontrollable again. The female lead may have been torn up by those survivors if she were not guarded by her people.

“Lucky you’re not like that,” Xu Shuo commented. He would rather meet a woman like Ming Shu who was difficult to deal with, than meet a kind but stupid person.

That kind of person would put themselves as well as their friends in dangerous situations.

That was not kind, it was just stupid.

Ming Shu smiled as she busied herself with eating again. Just like before, Xu Shuo had no idea what she was thinking.

Ming Shu sat outside and waited for Xu Shuo, who was still being checked at the entrance. It was for safety purposes. Everyone re-entering from outside must be examined.

The female protagonist and her people were also let in. The speed only increased because of the X-men.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it would go like this,” a girl apologized guiltily.

“Humph, sorry? We’ve worked so hard to collect those supplies, and you give out everything! What’s the use of sorry?”

The voice sounded a bit familiar. Ming Shu looked to the side.


Chen Wei and Ning Le were standing closeby.

Ning Le looked no different than before. She watched the scene coldly, saying nothing, and behaved like a skilled and mature person.

Finally! Welcome, my Hatred Point dispenser!

Chen Wei kept blaming the guilty-sounding girl—the female protagonist—so she had to keep apologizing.

What was the name of our female protagonist…

Right, it seemed to be Bai Xuewei.

“Xuewei didn’t know things would go wrong like this. Besides, you didn’t stop her, did you?” Bai Xuewei’s supporters stood up. “Now you’re pushing all your criticisms on her alone?”

“We didn’t stop her? Really? How many times had Ning Le told you not to do that, were you listening?” Chen Wei sneered. “What a bunch of idiots.”

“Chen Wei, what are you saying!”

“What am I saying? Are you stupid or what? Now we don’t have any supplies, how can we live on? By eating the air?”

“No need, no need. The Miss Ning Le standing next to you has a lot of supplies stored in her space.”

A soft voice spoke up. Everyone turned to the source.

A girl in a white T-shirt was sitting in a chair of the waiting section. She was as pure as the snow before Doomsday. As powerful as Ning Le was, her clothes were still stained with blood and dust, but Ming Shu didn’t seem to be dirtied at all.

The girl looked at them smilingly. Gentle and harmless.

“Ye Miao?” Chen Wei screamed. “Why are you here?”

“You’re too noisy.” A guard next to Ming Shu seemed impatient. “Be quiet.”

“What did I do? Why don’t you tell her to be quiet?” Chen Wei talked back.

The man rolled his eyes at Chen Wei. He didn’t dare to provoke Ye Miao, lest he be fired.

Chen Wei: “…”

Ning Le stopped Chen Wei. Earlier she learned from Captain Fan that Ye Miao was not an ordinary person. Now it seemed she was the daughter of some senior officer. Ning Le shook her head slightly.

“Annoying.” Xu Shuo walked over impatiently. Sensing the atmosphere was a little weird, he asked, “What trouble have you caused?”

“Nothing.” Ming Shu smiled. “Just greeting some old friends.”

“Let’s go.” Xu Shuo glanced at those people even more impatiently, as if he had never seen them before.

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