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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 357: Full Time Evil Merchant (4)

Chapter 357: Full Time Evil Merchant (4)

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Based on Ming Shu’s directions, they jumped down the cliff and indeed lost some health points.

Flower Protector fared slightly better. He was a guru so he had a longer health bar.

Little Rabbit Gu was very pitiful. She only had a bit of health left. Flower Protector immediately let her use the medicine that they bought from Ming Shu and she returned to full health.

[Team] Skull: There are really monsters here. Omg, that’s the Ice Star Stone!

Ice Star Stone would never respawn once it had been picked. However, here, the Ice Star Stone would keep respawning.

However, not many people could come down. The Host found this place coincidently, only to die and go back to the revival point.

[Team] Flower Protector: Incubus is over there.

Flower Protector looked in a direction. Among a bunch of small monsters, there was one that looked different.

From afar, it looked like a spirit. It had a long tail and there was the word “Incubus” hovering over its forehead in bright red.

Flower Protector and Skull went to fight Incubus. Ming Shu went to collect the Ice Star Stone.

Little Rabbit Gu stood at the same place and looked at the monsters in a daze. She saw the two experts fighting expertly and quietly decided to follow Ming Shu.

The Ice Star Stone was very pretty. It looked like stars and every Ice Star Stone had different properties. If you were lucky, you could get a rare Ice Star Stone.

Little Rabbit Gu’s level was too low. She couldn’t pick the Ice Star Stone and could only watch the ugly hunk collect them.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: Someone is here.

Ming Shu saw them too. Flower Protector and Skull had already attacked Incubus until it was low on health, but a few players suddenly appeared and interrupted their attacks.

Incubus took this opportunity to restore its health and jumped far away.

[Nearby] Skull: Has the Chang’an Alliance learned how to sneak attack and steal monsters?!

You could see Skull’s frustration from his words.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: Who sneaked an attack. Don’t talk nonsense. When we appeared, Incubus suddenly rushed at us. We are just defending ourselves.

[Nearby] Skull: Aiyo oh my guru, the Incubus that you all were defending against has almost restored all its health!

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Skull.

Skull stopped talking. The players on the other side didn’t say anything either. In the end, Xiao Jinghan walked out from behind them.

[Nearby] Xiao Ji: Each by his ability.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Okay.

Incubus returned to his bunch of little monsters. The little monsters seemed to have restored some order and suddenly charged toward them.

Skull’s complains were drowned out by the little monsters. He started to kill the little monsters furiously.

Ming Shu and Little Rabbit Gu stood in the distance. The fake female protagonist Liu Yan was here too. Based on Ming Shu’s observations, Liu Yan’s abilities were not bad and she cooperated well with Xiao Jinghan too.

Ming Shu continued picking her Ice Star Stone. The two parties fought furiously. When Ming Shu finished picking her stones, Incubus still had half his health left.

I wonder how the Incubus is feeling now.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: That… Guru Lan Zhi, are you not going to help them?

There were five people on the other side. Flower Protector and Skull fought five people and had to fight Incubus too. They were on the losing end.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: I am a lifestyle player. I don’t fight.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: But guru Flower Protector said that if we don’t catch Incubus, we would fail the mission.

Mission fail = Fake female protagonist happy.

How can I get Hatred Points if the fake female protagonist is happy?

Ming Shu swallowed two mouthfuls of snacks and rubbed her wrist. She took a deep breath—

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Guru Flower Protector, Guru Skull, do you want medicine?

Flower Protector and Skull had no time to bother with Ming Shu.

We are fighting here and she is selling medicine over there. Is she crazy!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: It can help you increase your output by 15% for 5 minutes. Do you want?

[Team] Skull: 1

Ming Shu quickly packed the medicine and passed it to Skull, forcefully selling him a set of medicine that could restore his health bar.

Skull looked at the price that popped up and his mouth twitched. Such an evil merchant.

However, reality proved that the medicine Ming Shu forcefully sold to him was very effective. There were no limitations on medicine. As long as you had it, you could use it continuously. However, it was very expensive and only the rich would be able to use it.

Normally, no one bought it. Mostly because it was expensive and also because there was no space in their storage. Hence, with Ming Shu, this evil merchant, standing behind them and selling them items, it was no different from getting a buff.

Xiao Ji and the rest realized that there was something wrong with Skull and Flower Protector. After so long, their health bar never went below 50%.

This was not normal.

[Team] Yan Ru Meng: How many health potions do they have?

Are they burning money!

[Team] Three inch sword: Lan Zhi is on their team.

When you were fighting, there was no time to buy items and sometimes, you would not be able to buy items at all.

However, a team was different. You could trade within a team directly with just a click of the mouse.

Who was Lan Zhi?

The first in rank on the wealthiest player board! The famous lifestyle player in this server! A moving warehouse!

[Team] Xiao Ji: You all go fight Incubus. Zhui Feng and I will stop them.

Liu Yan brought his people over and closed in on Incubus. Chasing the wind for a thousand miles and Xiao Jinghan blocked Flower Protector and Skull.

[Nearby] Skull: What the hell! Are you all bullying us because you have more people!

Incubus was going to be taken down by Xiao Jinghan’s team. Skull and Flower Protector couldn’t do anything about it. Who asked them to have fewer people?

Skull accidentally got killed by Xiao Jinghan and realized that he couldn’t revive or take any medicine.

Skull was frustrated and sad.

[Nearby] Skull: Chang’an Alliance, listen up, wait for me to call people!

[Nearby] Skull: Flower Protector, take revenge for me!

[Nearby] Skull: Chang’an Alliance…

The nearby chat was spammed by Skull.

Your teammate [Snacks Are Justice] killed the moving boss [Incubus]. Mission [Devil mission – Lovesick Tree] completion 39%.

Flower Protector’s screen suddenly had a pop-up. He was stunned for a while and then his character turned black and white. He lay on the floor with his buddy Skull.

Xiao Jinghan looked at his teammates. Incubus had disappeared and there were only a few little monsters left. A few people stood over there.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: We were KSed.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Lan Zhi suddenly sneaked an attack.

Liu Yan looked at the ugly hunk and felt irritated. She found him to buy stuff last time, but he didn’t sell it to her. In the end, he sold it to someone else.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Thank you, thank you.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: …

He sneaked an attack! What is he so proud of?

[Nearby] Skull: Good job Lan Zhi!

Because of this, Skull decided to not fuss about her raising the price.

[Nearby] Flower Protector: …

[Nearby] Flower Protector: Little rabbit, revive us.

Flower Protector had also realized that they were unable to get up. The only way now was for the healer to revive them.

Little Rabbit walked toward them obediently.

[Nearby] Little Rabbit Gu: How do I revive you all?

Liu Yan knew now that Little Rabbit Gu was the person the male protagonist liked. Hence, when Little Rabbit Gu appeared, she immediately looked at Xiao Jinghan.

However, it was just a character. Liu Yan didn’t know what Xiao Jinghan was thinking about.

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