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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 358: Full Time Evil Merchant (5)

Chapter 358: Full Time Evil Merchant (5)

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Under the guidance of Flower Protector, Little Rabbit Gu finally learned how to use her skill.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Little rabbit, how did you manage to reach this level?

As a healer, she didn’t even know how to use her basic skill.

[Nearby] Little Rabbit Gu: I would just dig some mines and pick some medicine…

Little Rabbit Gu played this game for some time already, but her account… was still very lousy.

Normally, she would come online to dig some mines and pick some medicine. When her stamina was empty, she didn’t know what to do.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You have my admiration.

The female protagonist can really bear with loneliness.

If you asked me to do boring things such as digging mines, I’d rather go and die.

Skull might have been too impacted by what Little Rabbit Gu said. He just lay on the floor and waited to be saved.

As expected, healers could revive people.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: Didn’t you tell us off for sneaking an attack? Why are you doing it now? Lan Zhi, you appeared right at the end and stole our monster. Are you that shameless?

The male protagonist’s team had exchanged information and started mocking them.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: If being shameless can let me get your monster, then I don’t want any shame.

Ming Shu said it so seriously that Skull spammed “hahaha” in the chats.

Ming Shu wanted to clock him.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Did you do it on purpose?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I did it on purpose. So? Are you going to hit me? Come on then, hit me!

Ming Shu made her ugly hunk jump up and down. It looked really irritating.

If she didn’t anger the fake female protagonist this time, she would admit defeat.

[Nearby] Skull: You all bullied us first with more people. Didn’t Xiao Ji say that we would win by our own abilities? We used our ability to kill Incubus!

[Nearby] Skull: Don’t you all know what kind of people we, the First Level, are?

[Nearby] …

Under the server’s team ranking board, the Chang’an Alliance was number one and the First Level was number one from the bottom.

If you talked about being shameless, the First Level could jump from the last to the first.

Xiao Jinghan signaled for his team to stop talking. They did mention that they would use their abilities to win this competition. Since Flower Protector had taken down Incubus, they couldn’t fight with them anymore.

Now the question was, how would they leave this place?

Skull and Flower Protector had proven with personal experience that dying would not let them leave this place.

They couldn’t possibly climb up, right?

[Nearby] Three inch sword: I have looked around. There is no way to get out.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Just now, Zhui Feng was beaten to death by Incubus but didn’t manage to go back to the revival point.

On one side, the players were discussing how to get out, but Xiao Jinghan kept looking toward Little Rabbit Gu.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Guru Xiao, do you have any ideas?

Liu Yan successfully stopped Xiao Jinghan from moving toward Little Rabbit Gu. He paused for a moment before returning to his team.

[Team] Skull: Big Brother Lan Zhi, you came down here before, do you know how to get out? Please hurry up and tell us how to get out. What kind of place is this! You can’t even get out when you die!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Why must I tell you?

[Team] Skull: We have been through thick and thin already, right? Can you just tell us?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Give me money.

[Team] Skull: Evil merchant! Can we not talk about money and talk about the relationship?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: I am sorry. I have no relationship with you.

Skull drew circles on the ground.

Little Rabbit Gu was as innocent and dazed as always. She stood beside Guru Flower Protector and acted like an ornament.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: Lan Zhi, do you know how to get out?

Lan Zhi had traded with many people so she would have more information as compared to the normal player. Hence, it was normal for Chasing the wind for a thousand miles to feel that she would know the answer.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I do.

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: How do you get out?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Do you want to know? Give me money and I will tell you.

Do you want my information without paying money? You are thinking too much!

[Nearby] Xiao Ji: You really know?

[World] Snacks Are Justice: I am not boasting. In this game, I am the only one that knows. If you don’t believe me, you can ask in the world chat.

Chasing the wind for a thousand miles really went to ask in the world chat, but all the players were dumbfounded They didn’t know that there was such a place.

[Nearby] Xiao Ji: How much?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: 500 gold coins.

One gold coin was equal to 1RMB.

Hence, that would be 500RMB

[Nearby] Three inch sword: Are you crazy?

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: You can buy a lot of things with 500 gold coins. One piece of info from you is worth 500 gold coins?

Ming Shu was a bit tired. There was no way to give a kind smile in this game. She typed slowly.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Lan Zhi, are you feeling guilty now?

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: If you don’t want to buy the answer, you can figure it out yourself. You can still get out. I believe with your intelligence, you will only need a few days.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Why are you targeting us?

Liu Yan’s words caused the rest to stop talking. They thought back carefully and realized that they really were being targeted.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: I am not in a good mood.

[Nearby] Skull: Hahahahahahahahaha

[Nearby] Chasing the wind for a thousand miles: …

[Nearby] Three inch sword: …

As they were talking, Xiao Jinghan had passed her the gold coins.

After she took the money, Ming Shu answered responsibly.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Commit suicide.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: Commit suicide? You can’t get out if you die. Who are you kidding?

Liu Yan didn’t believe her. Furthermore, she was on Little Rabbit Gu’s team… That was the person that Xiao Jinghan liked.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: That is because you all died the wrong way. Only committing suicide will allow you to leave this place. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out.

The gaming company might be a little crazy. They designed a suicide mission, but committing suicide would have some punishment. For example, you would be unlucky for a few hours or you would turn into a monster for a few hours.

[Nearby] Yan Ru Meng: If you can really get out like that, why aren’t you all doing it?

Liu Yan was still suspicious. However, she was one of the employees of the gaming company and she knew how weird this game was. Hence, she didn’t really believe that committing suicide would get you out of here, but she was not going to deny it out of hand.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: We are willing to stay here to look at the scenery. Is that bothering you?

[Nearby]: Yan Ru Meng: …

Besides those ugly little monsters, there were only a few stones. What was there to see?

Ming Shu didn’t know what they were discussing, but no one moved.

Ming Shu switched up and targeted her own team.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Give me money and I will tell you how to get out.

[Team] Skull: Didn’t you say it already?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Why don’t you commit suicide and try?

Skull felt that this sentence held some hidden meaning. He thought about it for a while and realized that she might be lying to them.

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