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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 360: Full Time Evil Merchant (7)

Chapter 360: Full Time Evil Merchant (7)

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Maybe it was because Xiao Jinghan silently allowed the Chang’an Alliance to chase Ming Shu, the moment Ming Shu was online, she was chased all around the world.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Why are you all chasing me!

[World] Skull: Because you have emergency syrup.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: …

There are actors everywhere.

[World] One more time: The big brother is being chased again! Hahahah, where is he? I want to watch.

[World] Your green hat looks good: Watch? I am afraid that you will be forced to buy her items.

[World] Clown: To tell the truth, big brother’s items are very nice to use. They are just too expensive.

[World] My spirit is shouting: Vying for attention.

[World] Ke La Ma Yi: There is an item that is more expensive than the price at the store. Why don’t you just go snatch that!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: I didn’t snatch from you, right? If you think that this is too expensive, don’t buy from me. If you’re so angry, you can just report me.

[World] Your green hat looks good: Hahaha, big brother is really a big brother. Awesome.

[World] Skull: Evil merchant, evil merchant.

[World] One more time: Although big brother’s items are expensive, they are really nice to use. The items sold in the store couldn’t be compared to big brother’s items.

[World] Chang’an Alliance·Xiao Lu: What the hell! Lan Zhi, you scheme against us!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Didn’t your teacher teach you that there can never be too much deception in war? Come and chase me then! Come on! If you manage to catch me, I will give you an emergency syrup.

[World] One more time: I suddenly find big brother very irritating.

[World] Clown: Even evil merchants are more powerful than us. How can we play this game anymore? Big brother, can’t you just continue to be an evil merchant?

[World] Chang’an Alliance·soldier factory: Lan Zhi, if you have the ability, don’t run!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Do you think that you are an angel? The moment I see you, I won’t be able to walk anymore?

[World] One more time: Hahahaha.

Ming Shu was currently being chased around on the map fervently. The ugly hunk was still very agile and very soon, she left her chasers far behind.

There was a transportation point in front of her. Ming Shu hurriedly stepped on it.

A flash of light shone on her screen and her surroundings changed. Unluckily… there was someone fighting.

[Nearby] Xi Zi Lin: I have said it already. I didn’t steal your item. I fought for it!

[Nearby] Snow in the desert: Bullshit, I saw it myself. Hurry up and give up the item. Don’t think that I will not fight with you just because you’re a girl!

Correction: They hadn’t started fighting yet.

[Nearby] Xi Zi Lin: You bunch of bandits!

[Nearby] Give priority to the overall situation: Little girl, hurry up and give us the item. If not, we will not hesitate to attack you.

[Nearby] Xi Zi Lin: No! It’s mine!

Ming Shu walked past them. She couldn’t see their conversations when she walked further away. Someone updated her location on the world chat and players started catching up to her again.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You all love me very deeply.

[Nearby] Chang’an Alliance·Xiao Lu: Today will be your last. How dare you fool our leader. We will definitely kill you.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You speak as though you can win against me.

Ming Shu’s tone was really arrogant. The people that were chasing her suddenly became quiet.

An orc’s skills were not only amazing, but they were also very sneaky. With the addition of her items, Ming Shu felt mighty. She thought that she could fight the top ten on the rankings board on her own.

Fireballs fell from the sky, hurtling toward where Ming Shu was.

Ming Shu quickly dodged the fireballs. A type of skill started shining on the ground. Ice spikes started forming. If she didn’t jump fast enough, she would have been frozen on the ground.

The people opposite her charged toward her and used their various skills. All kinds of skills flashed and the entire map shone brightly.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You all can’t hit me, right?

[Nearby] Chang’an Alliance·Rainbow: Shit. You shameless person. Everyone, focus on cooperation. Don’t let him run away! I must teach him a lesson today!

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: You have good ambition, young man. Do you want to buy some items? They will increase your chance of success! Opportunity only comes once. We met because of fate so why don’t I give you a discount? How about 150% of the normal price?

Chang’an Alliance’s players were angry. Who wants you to give a discount? Who dares to buy from you with your type of discount?

We are fighting now. Can you respect us!

Kill this evil merchant.

The players raised their weapons in anger and released their skills, attacking Ming Shu as though money was not a concern.

Ming Shu dodged skillfully. Although she lost half of her health, she didn’t die yet. Most of the skills hit the tree behind her.


The tree was engulfed in flames.

The flames shone on the players and they all looked red.

The crowd looked at the burning tree in a daze.

This was the first time they saw a tree burning up due to their skills…

However, they realized that this tree was different from other trees. Its leaves and branches were flourishing and it was much bigger than other trees.

Although they don’t know why it started burning, it was definitely not normal.

[Nearby] Snacks Are Justice: Aiya, you all create trouble!

The Chang’an Alliance’s players glared at Ming Shu angrily. You talk as though you didn’t have anything to do with it. If you didn’t dodge, would the tree burn up?

[System Announcement] The seal in the Evil World is broken. The devil king will spawn soon. Everyone, please stop the devil king.

[System Announcement] The seal in the Evil World is broken. The devil king will spawn soon. Everyone, please stop the devil king.

[System Announcement] The seal in the Evil World is broken. The devil king will spawn soon. Everyone, please stop the devil king.

The system announcement popped up thrice. All players were able to see this system announcement.

All the players were stunned. What was happening?

Why is the devil king being born?

The map was not updated!

The god and demon teams were not even divided yet! Why was the devil king coming now!

This was not what the script said!

Was the producer abducted by aliens?

[World] One more time: What the hell, what is happening!? Can someone explain it to me?

[World] Xiang Si Nian Hua: I just want to know who did it!

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Chang’an Alliance started it.

[World] Your green hat looks good: Although I don’t understand, I know that this is different from the game I am playing. This is not the Gods and Demons of the Mainland.

[World] One more time: What did the Chang’an Alliance do?

[World] Chang’an Alliance·Rainbow: Lan Zhi, don’t talk nonsense in the world chat.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: See, you’re angry now.

[World] I Am Not Eating Sugar Today: Although I don’t understand it, it seems very impressive. So the devil king is coming, what do we do now?

[World] The west mountain: Look at the main missions.

[World] Cloud in the wind: There is no change in the main missions.

[World] Chen Xi: The main mission asked players to form their own teams. The devil king will spawn within a month.

[World] One more time: What kind of mission is this…

[World] Circles and dots: My missions had no changes.

Ming Shu pulled the mission board up and saw the mission that was mentioned in the world chat. It was explained really clearly.

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