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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 361: Full Time Evil Merchant (8)

Chapter 361: Full Time Evil Merchant (8)

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Every ten players could form a team and enter the Evil World from the burnt tree, to look for the devil king and stop him from appearing. The time limit was one month, which was quite enough.

The system didn’t say what the consequence would be if the mission failed, but it shouldn’t be anything good.

This was probably a huge mission…

It was not triggered in the plot, because no players would be so bored as to burn a tree.

In the world chat someone had summarized why some people got this mission while some didn’t.

Because the level was not high enough.

Those who received this mission were all above level 50.

Now the top level was level 60, which meant that only players with level 50-60 received this main mission.

Ming Shu was still standing by the tree. The people from Chang’an Alliance may be reporting to the faction and didn’t have time to cause her trouble.

[World] Snacks Are Justice: Anyone want to team up?

[World] Skull: I’m coming.

[World] One more time: Big brother, count me in!!

Skull was the first to come, then Flower Protector, followed by Little Rabbit Gu.

Skull immediately sent a team invite over.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Little rabbit is level 50 now?

Ming Shu called her little rabbit for short, perhaps because she was like a real greenie in the game. Flower Protector and Skull showed no response and agreed with this name quietly.

[Team] Flower Protector: No, but she received the mission.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: …

[Team] Skull: …

The female protagonist was specially treated even in a game.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: I also don’t know why I received it, but my mission seems a little different from yours…

Little Rabbit Gu posted her mission.

It was indeed different. Little Rabbit Gu’s mission was to seal.

Ming Shu clicked on Little Rabbit Gu’s information then exited after a while.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: I underestimated you before. Your amulet drawing skill has reached max level, you are the big brother.

[Team] Skull: Oh shit! Why didn’t I notice it!! A hidden big brother!!

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: Ah… that, because it is the only skill that is not limited by level, I often practice it when I’m free.

Probably Little Rabbit Gu had no idea what it represented to reach max level in amulet drawing. Even the Host didn’t reach max level in this skill. It was mainly because that reaching max level in this skill was very time-consuming, which required the player to do nothing else at the time.

The Host was busy earning money all day long and didn’t have much time to finish this.

[Nearby] One more time: Big brother, big brother, I want to join your team!!

Beside them somehow appeared another player who was actively asking to join the team.

Forming a team required ten people, so Skull notified the First Level. But the First Level didn’t seem to be interested in this and few of them came—it was mainly because there were originally not many people in the First Level, and some were not online.

Hence One more time was let in.

[Team] One more time: Get in close contact with the rich, can I take a picture with him.

[Team] Qing Han: Skull, you haven’t organized a group event in a long time, are we going back to old business?

People joining in the team gradually increased, and more conversations thus began.

[Team] Ran Ran: Skull spent all day with God Flower Protector, how would he have time for a group activity with you.

[Team] Li Ge: I think Skull and Flower Protector are a perfect match.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Hey, can you not be rotten?

[Team] Qing Han: Rotten girls’ world is really terrible.

[Team] One more time: I think Skull must be a 0.

[Team] Ran Ran: Hahaha that’s the truth!!

[Team] Skull:… Do you still see me as the team leader? Flower Protector and I are pure! Pure relationship, you know that!!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: We’re one short.

[Team] Skull: I’ll deal with you later.

Skull went to look for others, but no one joined for a long time.

Xi Zi Lin joined the team.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Hello, everyone.

[Team] Ran Ran: Who is this?

[Team] Li Ge: Skull, you just pull in a beauty randomly and try to prove you’re not the bottom? Hahaha that’s impossible!

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Ah?

[Team] Skull: Others are not online. This little beauty applied to join the team herself. We’ll just explore the way first, so I let her in.

Skull wouldn’t bother explaining to these assholes. The more he explained, the more excited they would be.

[Team] Flower Protector: Okay, we have ten now, let’s go.

Since God Flower Protector spoke, the several who were still discussing heatedly quieted down at once, and they obediently followed God Flower Protector.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Well, what are we going to do?

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: I don’t know.

Ming Shu clicked follow then got up to fetch some snacks. When she returned, the scene had already changed, and the dialogue in the team was like two rookies exchanging experience.

The scene below was similar to an underground palace. They were now standing on a platform, with the void in front, and they didn’t connect to any other place.

In the void floated some platforms, and in the middle-right were stairs, leading downward in spirals to an endless darkness.

In the underground palace and in the void also floated faint will-o’-the-wisps, by which they could barely see the surroundings.

[Team] Flower Protector: There are monsters on the left.

Ming Shu dragged the map and surely saw some monsters on the left platform. They looked a little like dwarves and were tagged with “Guard of the Underground Palace”.

And the platform where the guards stood was connected to the stairs leading downward, which meant that they might need to defeat those guards so that they could get down.

But now the problem was…

How the hell could they get there!

They didn’t have wings.

[Team] One more time: It’s too far to get there.

[Team] Chuan Bei: If we jump down, we’ll fall to our deaths, right?

[Team] Li Ge: Skull, you’re the leader. A leader should take responsibility, you can have a try first.

[Team] Qing Han: I agree.

[Team] Skull: If you want to jump, go ahead, but I won’t.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Since it’s designed like this, there must be a way to get there.

[Team] Flower Protector: Right.

[Team] Flower Protector: Let’s search for any hidden setting.

Taking the order, the team members scattered to look for hidden settings. This platform was not large; besides the ground they stepped on, what was left was the will-o’-the-wisps floating beside them that was used for illumination.

They almost touched every brick in the platform, yet found nothing.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Well… can we attract the monsters over here?

After Xi Zi Lin typed this sentence, the channel remained silent for a while.

[Team] Ran Ran: Perhaps we can’t. Since we can’t get there, they shouldn’t be able to come here.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: We’ll know if we take a shot. Skull, you’re up.

[Team] Skull: Why is it me again?

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Because you’re the 0.

[Team] Ran Ran: Hahahaha, big brother is to the point.

[Team] Li Ge: Hahahaha.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Rotten girls’ world is really scary.

[Team] Qing Han: +1

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: What is a 0?

Little rabbit’s innocent question aroused another round of “hahaha” in the team. Little rabbit had been staying beside Flower Protector recently, so the First Level was quite familiar to her.

[Team] Skull: You all wait!!

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Wait to see you’re not a 0?

Skull didn’t answer that then. He snorted and ran to seduce the guards of the underground palace.

He used his skill to attack and drew their aggro. But the underground palace guards just moved toward the edge a little, and didn’t seem to want to come over.

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