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Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 362: Full Time Evil Merchant (9)

Chapter 362: Full Time Evil Merchant (9)

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Flower Protector joined the fight and continued attacking those underground palace guards, but they only moved several steps to the edge and didn’t intend to come over.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Attack them longer to see what happens.

Ming Shu suggested this.

After Flower Protector attacked three times, almost all the monsters there huddled to one edge and the platform began to move, floating toward their side.

[Team] Skull: What the hell, it can be like this. Everyone, this is a free play.

Flower Protector didn’t respond to Skull’s command. Probably he had been used to this kind of free play team mode.

As the platform arrived, the guards of the underground palace rushed toward them very quickly one after another.

[Team] Ran Ran: What the shit, have these monsters taken viagra?

[Team] Li Ge: They’re probably attracted by Skull’s beauty hahaha.

[Team] Qing Han: Don’t just talk! Someone fill me up!

[Team] Li Ge: Didn’t you say you’ll supply yourself?

[Team] Qing Han: I was wrong, big brother!!

Li Ge went to replenish Qing Han and also replenished One more time for convenience.

Flower Protector took along Little Rabbit Gu, and Ming Shu was then left with Xi Zi Lin, who was suspected to be as weak as Little Rabbit Gu.

Ming Shu watched Xi Zi Lin beating monsters. She didn’t seem very skilled and would be scratched by the monster each time, and her operation was chaotic.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: God, help me!!

Xi Zi Lin ran over toward Ming Shu.

Ming Shu lifted her hand and swiftly shook off a skill, which reduced the monster’s blood bar to half in one go. Xi Zi Lin hurriedly hid behind Ming Shu.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: That was so scary.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Xi Zi Lin, you’re level 56, why you can’t even kill a monster.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Uhh… actually this is not my account, and it’s my first time playing.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: …

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Li Ge: …

The chat was overcome with a row of ellipsis.

Xi Zi Lin may also have realized she was being despised now. If it weren’t for the fact she was a girl, they would have called names.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: I’m very smart. I’ve learned how to use a skill just now.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: It’s very simple. You can do this.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Right right!

[Team] Skull: …

[Team] Flower Protector: …

[Team] Li Ge: Speechless… even the God doesn’t bear to see this.

[Team] Snacks Are Justice: Two innocent little white rabbits, should they be braised, steamed, or fried? Braised is greasy, steamed is tasteless, and fried is not crisp enough, so they’d better be eaten fresh…

[Team] One more time: Big brother… what are you saying.

[Team] Chuan Bei: Rabbits are so cute, why eat rabbits!

[Team] Li Ge: Chuan Bei, that’s enough!

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Big brother, are you planning to eat me?

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: …

Surely this was a strange uncle.

Little Rabbit Gu hid behind Flower Protector and didn’t dare to come out. She was very scared that Ming Shu might eat her.

Ming Shu didn’t reply after typing the above sentences. She began to beat the monsters with concentration.

Those monsters were originally ugly enough, now they were accompanied by an ugly hunk, so everyone only felt that they were experiencing the most severe challenge to witness ugly images now.

The underground palace guards on this floor were not very powerful. They didn’t waste much time to finish them all, then they jumped onto the platform which had sent the monsters over, and the platform then passed them to the stairs in the middle.

As the platform stopped, at the place where they’d stood just now appeared a group of players suddenly.

Xiao Jinghan and Liu Yan were included among them. There were a total of 20 people, in two teams.

[Team] Skull: Looks like it can be transferred at the same time.

[Team] Li Ge: Underground palace is added as a channel.

Li Ge’s words reminded everyone to watch their chat channel. Sure enough, there was an underground palace channel now, while the world chat and faction chat couldn’t be used.

The only chats available were underground palace and team chat channel, as well as the private chat.

[Underground Palace] Dream her city: Hey bro, how did you get there?

[Underground Palace] Snacks Are Justice: Hey sister, we were here when we came in.

Skull and the other team members looked at each other. When it came to talking nonsense, they’d only be convinced by the big brother Lan Zhi.

[Underground Palace] Dream her city:…

Apparently the opposite players wouldn’t believe this.

[Underground Palace] Zhang Yang: How much is the info, I’ll pay.

[Underground Palace] Snacks Are Justice: All right, all right, do you need other props? This underground palace is dangerous, I can offer you a discount!

[Underground Palace] Chuan Bei: …

[Underground Palace] Li Ge: …

The underground palace chat channel was filled with speechless ellipses, and in the team chat it was all “profiteer.”

[Team] Skull: Profiteer.

[Team] Ran Ran: Profiteer.

[Team] One more time: Profiteer.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: Master, why did he send a private message to me? [Picture]

Little Rabbit Gu suddenly posted a picture. She intended to send it to Flower Protector but sent it to the team chat by mistake.

The picture showed the male protagonist asking Little Rabbit Gu how she got there. There were also some other content above, which was not showed in the screenshot. They didn’t know what the complete conversation was.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: … I sent it by mistake.

[Team] Flower Protector: Ignore him. Get down.

[Team] Chuan Bei: This Xiao Ji is so shameless. He wanted to hook up with our people.

[Team] Ran Ran: Scheming!

[Team] Li Ge: I can see through the Chang’an Alliance.

[Team] One more time: …

One more time thought the First Level people were so fond of acting. If the world chat could be used now, he’d really make a live broadcast about this.

Ming Shu had finished her deal with them. She saw the message sent by Little Rabbit Gu after she came back, and then she stuffed some snacks into her mouth to get over the shock.

Our lord male protagonist was very slow…

The female protagonist would consult with Flower Protector before answering his question.

Flower Protector led the team to walk down the stairs. The situation below was not very different from above, which required them to beat monsters so as to get to more stairs by the platform.

But when they reached the fourth floor, they were all killed.

All of them were transferred out at the same time. A lot of players waited outside.

[Nearby] Guan Gong: Some people are coming out.

[Nearby] Blossom in the field: It’s the First Level… what the shit, why are they so fast?

[Nearby] Unparalleled autumn: Earlier big brother Lan Zhi called for people in the world chat, Chang’an Alliance was not as early as them. The situation inside is unknown. First Level, what’s the situation in there?

No one in the First Level answered and they were sent back again.

This time they were directly transferred to the fourth floor. Everyone was a little surprised, because they thought they may need to start over and didn’t expect to begin from the fourth floor.

They fought through from the fourth floor to the sixth floor this time, and then were wiped out again.

[Team] Little Rabbit Gu: I’m sorry, guys, I got you into trouble.

[Team] Li Ge: It’s fine, we originally intended to familiarize ourselves with the situation today.

[Team] Chuan Bei: It’s unknown how many floors there are below, let’s call it a day now. We’ll form a new team in the evening.

Flower Protector probably had told them Little Rabbit Gu’s role in the team, so no one blamed her. But this team was just a temporarily formed team and was not ideal at all.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: Will you replace me?

[Team] Li Ge: Little sister, I don’t mean to be mean to you, but… your skill is really low and you’ll drag us down.

[Team] Xi Zi Lin: …

Xi Zi Lin was originally a strange player, so Li Ge spoke with brutal honesty, and he also didn’t intend to count her in the evening team.

[The Harmony System]

Little Rabbit Gu: That’s okay, I’ll play with you!

Xi Zi Lin: Okay.

Snacks Are Justice: Eat rabbits.

Little Rabbit Gu: Master, here’s a strange uncle.

Little fairy: Don’t be afraid, vote for me and I’ll handle this strange uncle for you.

The Harmony System: …

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