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Commanding Wind and Cloud (Web Novel)


This was the era that belonged to various powerful bloodline warriors, the fervorous era where magic powers and warrior energies were the deciding factor of dominance! With endless ardour and unstoppable courage, a grassroot nobody could also shine and live like a boss!

863 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 650: Two Paths2019-10-14
Chapter 649: Entering the Ruin2019-10-14
Chapter 647: Understanding2019-10-14
Chapter 646: Getting Out2019-10-10
Chapter 645: The Honorable Strike that Shot Through History2019-10-10
Chapter 644: Human Minds Are Hard to Guess2019-10-08
Chapter 643: Live and Die Together (2-in-1)2019-10-08
Chapter 642: If We Have to Die, We Will Die Together2019-09-25
Chapter 641: Six Eyes2019-09-24
Chapter 640: Attack2019-09-23
Chapter 639: Kowtow (2-in-1)2019-09-22
Chapter 638: The Most Terrifying Trap2019-09-22
Chapter 637: Danger Is Also Opportunity2019-09-22
Chapter 636: Father and Son2019-09-21
Chapter 635: Saint Item2019-09-18
Chapter 634: Nine Elders Join Force; The Most Powerful Assassination (2-in-1)2019-09-18
Chapter 633: You Understand2019-09-16
Chapter 632: Genius Monsters2019-09-15
Chapter 631: Secret Treasure (2-in-1)2019-09-14
Chapter 630: Men’s Tear, Two Trails of Blood (2-in-1)2019-09-13
Chapter 629: Half Saint Maniac2019-09-12
Chapter 628: Won’t Succeed Unless Becoming a Maniac2019-09-11
Chapter 627: Voice of Mind2019-09-10
Chapter 626: Hit Back the Same Way2019-09-09
Chapter 625: My Turn2019-09-08
Chapter 624: The Temperament of the No.1 Seat of the Hundred Battle Ranking List2019-09-07
Chapter 623: Shake-Up2019-09-06
Chapter 622: One Body, Two Soul Realms2019-09-05
Chapter 621: Sweeping the Lion King with Rainstorm2019-09-04
Chapter 620: Grand Peace2019-09-03
Chapter 619: New Domination Fist2019-09-02
Chapter 618: Battling Thunder Lion King2019-09-01
Chapter 617: One Punch2019-08-31
Chapter 616: Go F*ck Yourself2019-08-30
Chapter 615: People from Warrior Hall2019-08-29
Chapter 614: You Got Me for Everything (1.6-in-1)2019-08-28
Chapter 613: Men Have the Right to Cry2019-08-27
Chapter 612: Funeral2019-08-26
Chapter 611: One Hand Pushing the Universe, And One Saber Pulling the Universe2019-08-25
Chapter 610: The First Step of Creating A New Fighting Technique2019-08-24
Chapter 609: Star Map!2019-08-23
Chapter 608: My Brother Died2019-08-22
Chapter 607: You Aren’t Qualified2019-08-21
Chapter 606: Bandit King, Snake Emperor, and Female Principal! Three Masters Meeting on the Frontier2019-08-20
Chapter 605: Writing out the Tune of Souls’ Repose with Life (2-in-1)2019-08-19
Chapter 604: Past Events and Old Grudges2019-08-18
Chapter 603: Blocked by A Master – True Danger2019-08-17
Chapter 602: Take Me With You2019-08-16
Chapter 601: First Night2019-08-15
Chapter 600: How Much Further Away?2019-08-14
Chapter 599: Shocking Change! Three Pairs of Wings2019-08-13
Chapter 598: Mantis, Yellow Bird, and Hunter2019-08-12
Chapter 597: Fake Happiness2019-08-11
Chapter 596: Pregnant2019-08-10
Chapter 595: Pride of a Royal2019-08-09
Chapter 594: Rob!2019-08-08
Chapter 593: Kill2019-08-07
Chapter 592: Real Half-Saint2019-08-06
Chapter 591: Beaten into Meat Paste2019-08-05
Chapter 590: Mystic Snake Bloodline2019-08-04
Chapter 589: Prepare to Move!2019-08-04
Chapter 588: Destruction Soul Realm2019-08-04
Chapter 587: Soul Realm Infancy2019-03-26
Chapter 586: Bhang Family’s Genius2019-03-26
Chapter 585: All Kinds of Geniuses2019-03-25
Chapter 584: Honorable and Glorious Soul2019-03-25
Chapter 583: Perfect Defeat2019-03-25
Chapter 582: Who Inherited the Honor of Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline?2019-03-25
Chapter 581: Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline2019-03-25
Chapter 580: Admit Defeat2019-03-25
Chapter 579: Ancestors and the Stars2019-03-25
Chapter 578: Determining Arrow2019-03-25
Chapter 577: Most Powerful Archer Vs. Most Powerful Archer2019-03-25
Chapter 576: Potential Saint List2019-03-25
Chapter 575: Battle2019-03-25
Chapter 574: I’m Going to Take You Away2019-03-25
Chapter 573: Little Cech (Concubine)2019-03-25
Chapter 572: Becoming an Official Rune Master2019-03-25
Chapter 571: The Royal Competition in Front of the Demon King2019-03-25
Chapter 570: Mysterious and Great Power2019-03-25
Chapter 569: Undead Again2019-03-25
Chapter 568: Let Me Play with You2019-03-25
Chapter 567: Incident by the Gate2019-03-25
Chapter 566: The Fallen City2019-03-25
Chapter 565: The Most Powerful Fire2019-03-25
Chapter 564: No One Likes Pain2019-03-25
Chapter 563: Supported By All2019-03-25
Chapter 562: Phoenix Bloodline2019-03-25
Chapter 561 — Second Golden Warrior Heart2019-03-25
Chapter 560 — The Death Battle2019-03-25
Chapter 559 — Full Power!!2019-03-25
Chapter 558 — Lethal Attack2019-03-25
Chapter 557 — Fierce Battle2019-03-25
Chapter 556 — Sneak Attack in the Wild2019-03-25
Chapter 555 — You Want to Die?2019-03-25
Chapter 554 — Don’t Even Think About It2019-03-25
Chapter 553 — Style2019-03-25
Chapter 552 — Worthless2019-03-25
Chapter 551 — Bright Future2019-03-25
Chapter 550 — Another Promotion2019-03-25
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