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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter (Web Novel)


I was reincarnated as the villain character of an otome game, the daughter of a Duke. However, when I regained my memory, I had already reached my “ending.”

My engagement had been canceled and if things go according to its “course,” it was set that I will be imprisoned by the church.

Where is my bright future?
1103 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 256: Battlefield II2019-09-28
Chapter 255: Negotiations2019-09-28
Chapter 254: Smiles2019-09-28
Chapter 253: After his death2019-09-28
Chapter 252: Sudden News2019-09-28
Chapter 251: Mourning2019-09-28
Chapter 250: EEdward's Death II2019-09-26
Chapter 249: Separation2019-09-26
Chapter 248: Edward’s Death2019-09-26
Chapter 247: Threat2019-06-22
Chapter 246: Afterwards2019-06-16
Chapter 245: Prayer2019-06-16
Chapter 244: Closing2019-06-07
Chapter 243: Mother2019-06-01
Chapter 242: Another battlefield2019-05-30
Chapter 241: War2019-05-27
Chapter 239: Battle2019-05-27
Chapter 239: War2019-05-24
Chapter 238: To the Dukedom of Almeria2019-03-26
Chapter 237: A soldier's thoughts2019-03-26
Chapter 236: Departure2019-03-26
Chapter 235: Sister2019-03-26
Chapter 234: A nobleman2019-03-26
Chapter 233: Brother and Sister II2019-03-26
Chapter 232: Brother and sister2019-03-26
Chapter 231: Outbreak II2019-03-26
Chapter 230: Outbreak2019-03-26
Chapter 229: The Fall2019-03-26
Chapter 228: Dida's departure2019-03-26
Chapter 227: Puzzled2019-03-26
Chapter 226: Determination2019-03-26
Chapter 225: Report2019-03-26
Chapter 224: Conspiracy II2019-03-26
Chapter 223: Conspiracy2019-03-26
Chapter 222: A meeting in the territory II2019-03-26
Chapter 221: A Meeting in the Territory2019-03-26
Chapter 220: In the territory II2019-03-26
Chapter 219: In the territory2019-03-26
Chapter 218: Return2019-03-26
Chapter 217: Battlefield News2019-03-26
Chapter 216: Father and Child2019-03-26
Chapter 215: Mother II2019-03-26
Chapter 214: Mother2019-03-26
Chapter 213: Yuri2019-03-26
Chapter 212: Goodbye2019-03-26
Chapter 211: Love2019-03-26
Chapter 210: Reunion III2019-03-26
Chapter 209: Reunion II2019-03-26
Chapter 208: Reunion2019-03-26
Chapter 207: Another Conference II2019-03-26
Chapter 206: Another conference2019-03-26
Chapter 205: After the Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 204: Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 203: Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 202: Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 201: Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 200: Conference2019-03-26
Chapter 199: Conference III2019-03-26
Chapter 198: Conference II2019-03-26
Chapter 197: Conference I2019-03-26
Chapter 196: Smiles2019-03-26
Chapter 195: Solicitation2019-03-26
Chapter 194: Preparation2019-03-26
Chapter 193: Determination2019-03-26
Chapter 192: Dark times2019-03-26
Chapter 191: Bern's journey III2019-03-26
Chapter 190: Berne's journey II2019-03-26
Chapter 189: Bern's travel I2019-03-26
Chapter 188: Plans2019-03-26
Chapter 187: Perception2019-03-26
Chapter 186: Return2019-03-26
Chapter 185: The King's Death2019-03-26
Chapter 184: Useful Information2019-03-26
Chapter 183: Confirmation2019-03-26
Chapter 182: Instructions2019-03-26
Chapter 181: Conclusion2019-03-26
Chapter 180: Report2019-03-26
Chapter 179: Tanya's Adventure II2019-03-26
Chapter 178: Tanya's Adventure2019-03-26
Chapter 177: Regret2019-03-26
Chapter 176: Mask2019-03-26
Chapter 175: A wish2019-03-26
Chapter 174: Gossip2019-03-26
Chapter 173: Unexpected Sight2019-03-26
Chapter 172: Friend Strangeness2019-03-26
Chapter 171: The party I2019-03-26
Chapter 170: Departure2019-03-26
Chapter 169: In one of the servants' room2019-03-26
Chapter 168: The lamentation of the Duchess2019-03-26
Chapter 167: Solicitation2019-03-26
Chapter 166: Encounter2019-03-26
Chapter 165: Bern's Determination2019-03-26
Chapter 164: Tears2019-03-26
Chapter 163: Identity2019-03-26
Chapter 162: A meeting2019-03-26
Chapter 161: Surprise2019-03-26
Chapter 160: The parties war preparations2019-03-26
Chapter 159: Secret meeting II2019-03-26
Chapter 158: Secret meeting2019-03-26
Chapter 157: Insurance system2019-03-26