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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 559: What’s that Smell?

Chapter 559: What’s that Smell?

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The most depressing part was that, although Zhao Yu could tell by the water mist that the female cat burglar was showering, the Invisible Camera was on her shoulders, so he couldn’t see anything! Even if he saw her snow-white thighs occasionally, it was just a flash.

Through the camera, he could see more of the wall, which was shaking ferociously. The old tiles on the wall had suffered severe damages. It was obvious that the place where the female cat burglar was living was very simple.

As Zhao Yu was driving fast, he soon arrived at the double story building where the female cat burglar was staying. Looking up, there was a dim light lit in the room. If it had been any normal time, no one would ever have noticed the simple and dumpy place.

Zhao Yu knew that women showered for a long time, especially when they had pig scented perfume all over them! She would at least take a half an hour to shower now!

As he waited, Zhao Yu took out a packet of medicine that the female cat burglar had stolen from the mental hospital. He then searched for the medicine’s name on his cell phone via the internet.

In the end, all of the medicines, without any exception, were made of butyrophenone, which was a chemical that was used in treating psychiatric disorders. Not only was the medicine expensive, but it was also prescribed medicine. Thus, it was not something any person could just walk into a store and buy with money!

Zhao Yu got even more curious now.

Why would the female cat burglar put in so much effort and time just to steal a few packets of medicine? Is it because she is a psychotic patient herself and needed the medicine to control her condition?

As he thought these things, he was surprised to notice that the woman seemed to be finishing her shower. Stereotypically, women are known to dawdle in the shower. But the female cat burglar had merely used less than five minutes to get out of the shower!

Suddenly, the woman raised her arms, and the camera on her shoulder suddenly became clear. Zhao Yu could got an eyeful, as the female cat burglar’s face, and most of her body suddenly appeared before a mirror!


Zhao Yu then understood that the female cat burglar was most likely combing her hair. So when she had raised her arms, she had shown up in the mirror.

Oh, God!

Looking at the woman in the mirror, Zhao Yu took a cold breath subconsciously. He was deeply shocked by the beauty of the woman, yet he also felt like a total creep for looking!

That woman…

She looks so much like with the female corpse in the ancient costume!

The extremely beautiful face in the mirror now, and the female corpse portrait that he looked at every day when he was solving the case, were exactly the same! Recalling the traits of Gege’s appearance, along with both of their heights, weights, and even their body features, he saw that they were identical! For an instance, Zhao Yu even had an illusion that the female corpse in the ancient costume had been resurrected!

How could they look so much alike?

Could the female cat burglar be Gege’s daughter?

According to Li Xiusheng’s memory, Gege was in a passionate relationship with the big boss, Huang Jing. Could it be that the female cat burglar was Gege and Huang Jing’s child? Or, maybe she was an illegitimate daughter that Gege gave birth to before hooking up with Huang Jing?!

Looking at the seductive image of the female cat burglar, beside terrifying Zhao Yu, also caused him to feel a pang of heat in his lower regions. He wondered if it was because of the perfect body with the innocent face and huge boobs or because of the pig scented perfume, but either way, his sexual desire had been stimulated. In short, he felt that he was getting a little out of control, almost as though he was crazy in love!

However, that heat didn’t stay for long, until there was a scene before the surveillance camera that turned it off entirely. In the camera, he could see that the female cat burglar had just put on some clothes after her shower, when he suddenly heard some strange noises. She was shocked and turned off the lights in the shower room, hoping to hide.

The Invisible Camera didn’t have night vision, so Zhao Yu couldn’t see much. But, he could tell that the situation didn’t seem quite right. As expected, when Zhao Yu looked out from the car window, he suddenly saw that there were five or six men that had appeared in the dark, who were now moving to the second floor where the female cat burglar was staying.

These people were moving suspiciously, tip toeing to the second floor. Some of them were even holding knives. They obviously weren’t good men! Just as Zhao Yu looked over, the men had already opened the door lock and entered the female cat burglar’s house. Then, they suddenly turned on the main light in the house.

Zhao Yu saw that and quickly switched to look at the surveillance image in his head. At that exact moment, the surveillance image lit up. The female cat burglar had obviously noticed the uninvited guests and was hoping to escape through the back window. However, what she didn’t expect was that there was an ambush waiting outside of the back window. She had just stretched her body out of the window when she was caught by two brawny men.

Then, the camera started shaking ferociously. About ten seconds later, it finally became stable again. However, as the camera was set on her shoulders, Zhao Yu could only see the few human legs that were moving around, not the people’s faces. Just as the camera steadied, the scene became chaotic again.


Zhao Yu then understood what was happening. The fierce shake that had unsteadied the camera was definitely because someone had slapped the female cat burglar, causing her to fall onto the ground!

Looking at the bunch of people bear down on her menacingly, Zhao Yu was worried that the female cat burglar’s life would be in danger. He couldn’t sit and watch in the car anymore, so he got out and came around the house to eavesdrop.


He suddenly heard another loud slap. When Zhao Yu looked through the door slit, he realized that the female cat burglar was already on the ground and had blood stains on the corner of her lips.

“Humph! Girl, you are bored of living?” The one who spoke looked ferocious and had a terrifying scar on his right cheek.

“I want… Ptooey…” The female cat burglar spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva, then stared at the scar-faced man. “I want to see Second Master! I will explain to him in person!”

“Humph! Dream on!” the scar-faced man said. “Cui Lizhu, you still want to quibble? It has already spread through the entire Jinping area! Don’t you know the rules among our leagues? If you want to stay alive, give out the stock!”

“Second Master could examine the tiniest things, so he definitely knows that I am innocent! He would be just to me!” The female cat burglar wiped away the blood at the corner of her lip and shouted, “Pang Yong, hurry up and bring me to Second Master!”

“Humph! Little girl…” The scar-faced man named Pang Yong looked at Cui Lizhu’s exposed thigh and smiled maliciously. “Hehe, it seems that you still don’t quite understand the current situation! You thought that you could not complete your mission and still see Second Master?”

“Where do you want me to find the stuff, anyway?” Cui Lizhu shouted with rage. “Are you trying to take revenge on a personal matter now? I’m telling you, if Second Master was to find out about this later, you will be in big trouble!”

“Humph! Don’t try to scare me, okay?” Pang Yong sent her a death glare. “You don’t know yet, huh? Second Master already got locked up behind bars, and he won’t be released for the rest of his life! Your backer is doomed!”

“Huh?!” Cui Lizhu was shocked, “You… Liar!”

“Hehe, alright, you don’t believe it, right? Let me prove to you that it is a fact, that I am not lying, okay?” Pang Yong looked at his underlings and said, “Come on, don’t all of you want to see Miss Cui’s body? Your chance is now. Let me show you a live demonstration. I guarantee that it will be even more exciting than you watching tapes. Hahaha…”

“Pang Yong! Don’t you dare!” Cui Lizhu’s eyes shot wide open in fear.

“Hahaha, that’s great…” Pang Yong’s underlings were beaming with joy. They immediately surrounded Cui Lizhu and prepared to strip her naked.

Just then, Pang Yong smelled something funny and asked curiously, “Hey? Why is it so smelly? It’s like the pigsty. Would it be… That Miss Cui is boiling some pig dung?”

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