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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 967: Crazy Plan

Chapter 967: Crazy Plan

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yaoming Haidu International Film and Television City.

It took Zhao Yu only 10 minutes to drive his van to his destination. The Haidu Film and Television City was well-known throughout the country, and its size was comparable to that of a county town. It was New Year’s Day, and tourism was in the off-season. There were a few tourists in the cold streets. The people that were still in the film city were generally the film and television making crews who were busy with their work.

Zhao Yu drove the van into a hidden dense forest in the north part of the film city where there were few people and no cameras. Zhao Yu drove around the forest three times until he saw a black Great Wall Harvard. He parked the van next to a flower bed. After parking the van, he got out. This dense forest was close to the sea, and he heard the surge of waves in the distance.

The door of the Harvard opened as Zhao Yu got out of the van, and a slightly skinny man got out. The man was surprised to see Zhao Yu

The man exclaimed in surprise, “Detective Zhao, this is different! Why are you wearing such fashionable attire? A pink scarf? Are you here for a role? If you need an agent, I am a good candidate.”

“Shut up!” Zhao Yu opened the back door of the van, moved the pile of clothes, and revealed Jiang Ke.”

The man asked curiously, “Detective Zhao, why did you call me? Who is this man? Is he the one you asked me to…”

Zhao Yu stared at the man, then pointed to Jiang Ke and ordered, “Ma Laodan, hurry up and carry him to your car!

Noticing the stern look on Zhao Yu’s face, Mao Laodan moved to help.

It turned out that this skinny man was Ma Zhen from Jin’an, but Zhao Yu preferred to call Ma Laodan. Zhao Yu thought of him at the last moment. When he came to Yaoming to investigate the Devil Case a year ago, he happened to meet Ma Laodan and Song Meili in a mutton hotpot restaurant. At the restaurant, Cui Lizhu hit Ma Laodan over the head with a wine bottle. From that experience, somehow he got inspiration from Song Meili’s audition line, which was “True is false and false is true.”

Zhao Yu remembered that Ma Laodan had said that he and Song Meili came to Yaoming to attend an audition in film city. It was a big-budget film called Lady Magic. Once she made it through the audition, they would stay in the film city for shooting and wouldn’t return until the Spring Festival. Later, when the Devil Case was solved, Zhao Yu saw the news about the film and noticed Song Meili’s name on the list of actors. Although she was not the lead actress, she was the support one. She needed to stay in the film city with the crew, so Ma Laodan, her agent and boyfriend, stayed also.

When Zhao Yu saw the sign about the Haidu Film and Television City, he suddenly remembered Ma Laodan. Ma Laodan used to be a member of a gang of thieves and knew a lot about those people. If he could help Zhao Yu deal with Jiang Ke’s gang, Zhao Yu’s plan would resolve the current situation. Zhao Yu called him and learned that Ma Laodan was ar the Haidu Film and Television City with Song Melli. He decided on a plan.

Although Zhao Yu didn’t know Ma Laodan very well, he knew that Ma Laodan was reliable even though he always looked a little unkempt! Zhao Yu decided to hand over Jiang Ke to him. Since the police and the mysterious man didn’t know about the transfer, it seemed to be a good solution. Zhao Yu’s enemy was in the dark. If he wanted to maximize his advantages, he must take bold and unexpected steps. Therefore, Zhao Yu asked Ma Laodan for help and set up a time to meet.

Zhao Yu and Ma Laodan put Jiang Ke in the trunk of the Harvard.

After closing the truck, Zhao Yu told Ma Laodan, “I don’t think I need to repeat what I said on the phone. You must remember to execute this plan properly; if not, you and I will both be sc***ed! Do you understand?”

Ma Laodan clapped his chest and said, “You can rest assured. I know someone in Chaohai. This guy will get treated without anyone knowing who he is, but you have to tell me who he is first.”

Zhao Yu grabbed Ma Laodan’s neck and whispered in his ear, “His name is Jiang Ke. Now, do you realize how important this is?”

Ma Laodan was terrified and almost threw himself on the ground. He was bewildered. “What? He’s as famous as Tao Xiang, and he’s my idol. I thought they arrested him? How..?”

Zhao Yu told him again, “You know too much. Make sure no one can know that I’m still alive! Try your best to save Jiang Ke no matter what it takes.”

Ma Laodan waved his hand. “Talking about money ruins our friendship.”

Zhao Yu pointed at the Harvard and said, “You have to follow the rules! If he doesn’t die, lock him up! Nobody can find him! If you do this correctly, we will be friends.” Zhao Yu patted Ma Laodan on the shoulder.

Ma Laodan nodded quickly and said, “Don’t worry. I’m always your best friend in a bad situation. Just give him to me. I know what to do!”

Zhao Yu nodded. “Good. I need your help now that I’m uncertain about the police. That is why I came to you for help. I hope you understand.”

Ma Laodan said gravely, “I know! I’m not helping just you because you saved me once but also because of my father. I know what I’m doing, and I know that’s the right thing to do.”

Zhao Yu patted Ma Laodan on the shoulder with satisfaction. Although this man used to be a thief, right now, he was the only person he could trust. Time was pressing. Zhao Yu added a brief explanation before Ma Laodan drove away.

Zhao Yu did think about handing Jiang Ke over to the police, but Miao Ying hadn’t arrived at Yaoming yet. He was worried that there would be unexpected problems if he made the transfer. If Jiang Ke were handed over to the police right now, it would have a significant impact on what he planned to do next!

After seeing the Harvard in the distance, he called the previous number on Jiang Ke’s phone.

Using the voice changer, he said, “Sanlong, I’m in the dense forest north of the film and television city. Pick me up! I just sent the location to your phone!”

After hanging up, Zhao Yu took the pink scarf off his face and breathed softly. Next, he opened the photo of Jiang Ke that he had taken with his mobile phone. He selected the Invisible Disguise Machine from his device system. He hadn’t used this device for a long time.

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