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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 968: I’m a Famous Thief

Chapter 968: I’m a Famous Thief

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This stun gun was good! While waiting, Zhao Yu played with the stun gun he took from Jiang Ke. It was an electric stun gun that was a miniature pocket style. You could wear it on your wrist under your sleeve. It was very easy to conceal. Although the gun only fired one shock bullet at a time, it was an excellent weapon for defense. Zhao Yu put the stun gun on his wrist.

While listening to the waves in the distance, Zhao Yu started to think about his crazy plan. Now he had less than 30 Invisible Disguise Machines. Some could work for an hour, and others could work for only 10 minutes. If he used them together, he could look like Jiang Ke’s for about 24 hours.

Could he find the mysterious man in 24 hours?

Although his height and build were similar to Jiang Ke’s, was the facial change enough to convince Jiang Ke’s people? If he failed, it was going to end badly. Zhao Yu still believed that it was worth trying. He was confident that even if Jiang Ke did not know the identity of the mysterious man; he would undoubtedly have some connection to him. Therefore, taking Jiang Ke’s was a shortcut to finding the mysterious man! He also had a slight feeling that he could get more information this way. To be safe, he practiced Jiang Ke’s speech and behavior again; He also fabricated some stories to prevent anyone from growing suspicious.

Zhao Yu heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from a distance. To his surprise, Jiang Ke’s consort arrived quickly. Zhao Yu quickly hid in the bushes. As soon as he was out of sight, a big bearded man appeared in front of his van. The man came to look for someone. He went straight to the van and peered through the window. After seeing nobody in it, he took out his phone and made a call.

“Good luck, bad luck, always start work first…”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s phone rang, or rather, Jiang Ke’s phone rang.

The big man was frightened by the sound. He lowered his head and looked in Zhao Yu’s direction. Cautiously, he asked, “Boss, is that you?”

Zhao Yu knew that his plan was officially underway. He immediately started the Invisible Disguise Machine and transformed his face into Jiang Ke’s. Then, he lowered his head and stumbled out!

Upon seeing someone emerge from the bushes, the big man took an offensive stance. “Dam, what the hell!”

Zhao Yu took off his hat and scarf and revealed Jiang Ke’s face.

With surprise and anger in his voice, the big man said, “Boss? Damn those inhumane cops. Look what they did to my boss! I’ll never forgive them! Boss, you’ve suffered too much!”

Zhao Yu almost laughed out loud. He quickly put on a nervous and painful look and said, “You are San… San…”

“Sanlong, I am Sanlong!” The big man immediately came to help Zhao Yu and asked worriedly, “Boss, don’t you even recognize me?”

Zhao Yu grabbed his head and said with dull eyes, “Explosion! A bomb, a seafood supermarket! Xudong…Tian Xu…Tian Xudong…Dead! My head…”

“Oh! You’ve already said that. Xudong is dead! You can rest assured that Cao Sifen will pay for this! But your head…” Sanlong pointed to Zhao Yu’s head and asked, “Your head was hurt? Is it serious?”

Zhao Yu, pretending to be in pain, hit his head repeatedly and said angrily, “I can’t remember anything…”

Sanlong quickly grabbed Zhao Yu’s arm and stopped him. “Don’t. Maybe it’s a concussion! Don’t worry; we’ve got the car ready. Let’s get out of here and find a doctor! You need to rest now.”

Sanlong’s trust in his identity reassured Zhao Yu. He said, “Let’s go!”

Sanlong was going to leave with Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu struggled to get back to the van. He took out Jiang Ke’s laptop and the sauced beef.

Zhao Yu said to Sanlong, “Sanlong. I stole this van from a stranger. We can’t leave it here!”

As Sanlong took Zhao Yu’s things, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get someone to get rid of it! Boss, come this way!”

With Saolong’s help, Zhao Yu came out on the road outside the forest. To his surprise, a truck loaded with sheep was waiting for him. Zhao Yu was truly surprised.

A man wearing glasses was in the truck cab and was waving at Zhao Yu. “This way. This way.”

Zhao Yu realized that this man must be Tongqi.

When Sanlong saw Zhao Yu’s doubtful look, he hastily explained, “Boss, your head is seriously hurt. Only a vehicle that transports livestock could get on the highway when the road is closed! That’s what you taught us…”

Zhao Yu nodded slightly. Considering their escape method, Zhao Yu assumed that their destination was far away from their current location. If it was close, there was no need to drive on a highway!

Thinking about this, Zhao Yu asked, “Where are we going?”

Tongqi urged anxiously, “This isn’t a good time to talk. Get in the truck first!”

With Sanlong’s help, Zhao Yu slowly got in the truck.

Zhao Yu thought many men would come to pick up Jiang Ke because he was such a prominent gang leader. As it turned out, only two men arrived.

After getting into the truck, Sanlong explained to Tongqi about the car bomb. Tongqi drove the truck out of the film city while calling to make arrangements.

After putting down the phone, he reported to Zhao Yu, “Boss, we will handle the van you drove properly. Neither the police nor Cao Sifen can find it!”

Zhao Yu clutched his fist and shouted Cao Sifen’s name angrily. Suddenly he gripped his hair painfully and wailed, “Dam*. Why can’t I…Why can’t I even remember Cao Sifen? Who is he? Why does he want to kill me?”

Sanlong didn’t seem surprised at Zhao Yu’s question. However, Tongqi’s hands started shaking, and the car almost sped into a ditch.

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