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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 969: Whose Robbery Plan

Chapter 969: Whose Robbery Plan

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing Zhao Yu’s blank look, Sanlong asked worriedly, “Boss, are you joking with us? Even if you forget about us, you can’t forget Cao Sifen. He’s your worst enemy.”

Zhao Yu was worried about his disguise. He immediately covered his head and pretended to be dizzy and said, “I have to see a doctor!”

While speaking, he used an Invisible Browser to search for Sanlong and Tongqi’s background, but there was nothing about them. Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized that Sanlong and Tongqi were not their real names. If he wanted to find out more about them, he had to find another way.

Sanlong comforted him, “You need to rest now. Maybe you will feel better after you get some sleep! Then, we’ll try to find a doctor for you!”

Sanlong also told Tongqi about Zhao Yu’s brain injury. Although Tongqi was comforting Zhao Yu, there were signs of doubt in his eyes. Zhao Yu felt extremely nervous. It seemed that Jiang Ke’s men weren’t stupid. He needed to make himself look more convincing!

With this in mind, Zhao Yu suddenly thumped heavily on the seat and roared excitedly, “Xiaolong and Xudong are dead. I even forget about my worst enemy. Why am I still alive?”

After roaring, he covered his head again.

Sanlong hastily comforted him, “Boss, it was only a temporary thing. You are the great robber, Jiang Ke. We will make a comeback soon!”

At the same time, Tongqi said, “You often tell us that where there is life, there is hope! We have a bunch of brothers waiting for you to come back. After your recovery, let’s take revenge on your enemies one by one!”

Zhao Yu said sadly, “What the fortune-teller told me has come true! He said that I’m a drought dragon and shouldn’t get wet. He advised me not to go to the wet places in the south. He is right!”

Zhao Yu repeated the same words that Jiang Ke had said. After he finished speaking, he saw Tongqi nod slightly. He knew about the fortune teller.

When Sanlong heard this, he asked in confusion, “Boss, how can you forget Cao Sifen but remember a fortune teller’s words?”

“Em…” Zhao Yu quickly covered his head and made a painful look.

Tongqi said, “I’m going to get on the highway! Let the boss rest for a while. We still have a long way to go!”

While Tongqi was speaking, their truck came to the highway toll station. They were surprised to see an armed policeman at the toll station.

Sanlong quickly turned over the back seat of the truck. He said to Zhao Yu, “Boss, hide!”

Zhao Yu looked down and saw a space under the seat. Zhao Yu didn’t have time to think as he went inside. When the seat returned to its previous position, he was in total darkness. In case of an emergency, he opened the device bar and was ready to use an Invisible Cloak. However, the inspection went smoothly, and in less than five minutes, the truck started again.

Sanlong moved the car seat and helped Zhao Yu out. He said happily, “We are on the highway now. Let’s go home!”

Zhao Yu looked at the highway toll station through the rearview mirror. He suspected that the sheep truck was registered so it could pass through the inspection smoothly. This truck wasn’t used solely to rescue Jiang Ke. It had to be their main transportation for other illegal activities. They were relieved now that the truck was on the highway.

Sanlong asked Zhao Yu to rest again, but that was the last thing Zhao Yu dared to do. If his disguise went away, he would be in a lot of trouble. Zhao Yu tried to have a conversation with the two. To get useful information from them, he told them about the conversation between Jiang Ke and Tian Xudong at the supermarket. He also told them about Jiang Ke’s arrest, escape, and the supermarket explosion. The two men had the same reaction as Tian Xudong. They thought the escape was theatrical.

Sanlong exclaimed, “Who would help you escape from prison! I can’t think of anyone.”

With a worried look on his face, Tongqi said, “Boss, Xudong has a good point! Did you ever consider how Cao Sifen, who was far away in the Halongjiang, could find Tian Xudong’s supermarket so quickly?”

Zhao Yu’s eyes shone. He took this opportunity to ask, “What do you think?”

Tongqi said, “This might be a trap. They released you and secretly informed Cao Sifen of your location. In the end, they could catch all of us without much effort.”

Zhao Yu knew what Tongqi said was impossible. He immediately shook his head and said, “Cops won’t do that. Even if they wanted, their big leader wouldn’t approve such a risky action! Besides, Tian Xudong has installed anti-eavesdropping devices in his supermarket. They aren’t watching me. If they deliberately released me, wouldn’t they be afraid that they could never find me again?”

Tongqi frowned and said, “There’s no free meal in the world! I don’t think the person who saved you can be our friend! Boss, we still have to be careful!”

Zhao Yu took the chance to ask, “Who do you think is the most likely person to help me escape from prison?”

Sanlong stared and thought carefully. Then he said, “Anyway, it’s not any of our men! They have been in Yaoming for a week, and we haven’t even got the plan of the detention center. We didn’t even know they transferred you to the capital prison. There is no way that we could plan such a perfect escape!”

Tongqi nodded and said, “That man is a genius! Amazingly, he dares to offend Zhao Yu. I can’t think of anybody else except our boss who could do such a thing.”

Sanlong suddenly said worriedly, “Boss, the man you killed wasn’t an ordinary policeman. He is known as the master of the unsolved case and is extremely famous. I am afraid that his death will lead to a fierce counterattack by the police! So, we’re going to be very careful!”

Zhao Yu asked again, “Do you know anything about the Ziliu case from 13 years ago?”

Sanlong replied, “Well… Maybe it’s because it happened at Gaolanqi. I’ve only heard one version of the story. They say that you did it, boss!”

Zhao Yu rolled his eyes at Sanlong and asked Tongqi the same question.

Tongqi said absently, “I think that criminal is dead. He must be dead. Otherwise, no one would know where he was for so many years!”

It seemed that the two men didn’t know anything about the Ziliu case.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of another question and asked, “Right! There is another important thing. You have to tell me about the stupid fellow who decided to rob the cigarette truck at Yaoming?”

The reason Zhao Yu asked this question was because Han Kuan, the devil, once told to him that Jiang Ke wasn’t as smart as he looked. Those ingenious robbery plans probably did not come from Jiang Ke. There had to be a mastermind behind Jiang Ke.

However, by listening to the conversation between Jiang Ke and Tian Xudong, Zhao Yu felt that this wasn’t true. If there was a mastermind behind Jiang Ke, then Jiang Ke had to think that it was the mastermind who helped him escape from prison and not a mysterious man. Zhao Yu was eager to know whether there was a mastermind behind Jiang Ke.

Sanlong shook his head and sighed, “Boss, you’d better get some rest! Didn’t you design the plan to carry out the cigarette truck robbery by yourself? How can you scold yourself like that?”

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