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Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 970: Becoming a Thief (I)

Chapter 970: Becoming a Thief (I)

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was dark. After their truck got on the highway from Yaoming, they drove westward. Soon they arrived at Nanjiang Province. Zhao Yu had obtained a lot of information from Sanlong and Tongqi. Their destination was a place he had been to before. It is Jinbian City in Jinan Province! Zhao Yu had a short stay in Jinbian when he investigated his first big case, the Headless Female Corpses Case. After that, he became the special investigation group leader.

Jiang Ke’s base was in the biggest city of Jinan Province. Jiang Ke’s hometown, Leping, was only a few dozen kilometers away from Jinbian. The police had put Jiang Ke’s name on the wanted list many years ago, but they never thought about searching for him in Jinbian.

Zhao Yu also learned that all of the previous robberies were Jiang Ke’s ideas, and the others were mainly responsible for collecting information. From this point of view, Han Kuan’s guess was wrong. Jiang Ke was not what Han Kuan thought. There was no mysterious boss behind him.

Sanlong and Tongqi still didn’t tell Zhao Yu who Cao Sifen was. He only knew that Cao Sifen and Jiang Ke hated each other, but he didn’t know why. Sanlong and Tongqi seemed to avoid talking about Cao Sifen. Zhao Yu tried many times, but neither of them wanted to stay on that topic. They were not Zhao Yu’s only source of information on Cao Sifen. While resting in the truck, Zhao Yu sent Miao Ying a secret email from his mobile phone. He asked Miao Ying to help him investigate Cao Sifen.

After all, Jiang Ke was the boss. Zhao Yu either wrote emails on his mobile phone or searched for information with Jiang Ke’s laptop. Sanlong and Tongqi wouldn’t question his actions or try to see what he was doing.

In the email, Zhao Yu partially explained the situation at the seafood supermarket to Miao Ying. Of course, he didn’t tell her about unconscious Jiang Ke or his face change. He only said that he was still following the robbery gang. Once he found their base, he would contact her immediately. Finally, he asked Miao Ying to continue investigating the mysterious man and to inform him immediately when there was any new information.

After putting down the mobile phone, Zhao Yu searched in Jiang Ke’s mobile phone and laptop with a Hacker’s Command to see if there was any vital information. He soon realized that the phone and the laptop were not Jiang Ke’s. The mobile phone was a new one that Tian Xudong prepared for Jiang Ke. Sanlong’s number was the only one in it. The laptop from the seafood supermarket only contained sales lists. Jiang Ke had just used this laptop to read some news and didn’t leave any clue in it.

The night was deep.

After the truck entered Nanjiang, it began to move in the direction of Jinan. As they drove north, it gradually got colder, and white vapor appeared on the truck windows. Tongqi and Sanlong took shifts driving the truck and didn’t stop once along the way. Zhao Yu was exhausted, so he lay on the back seat and fell asleep. To save a few Invisible Disguise Machines, he covered his face with the scarf he used before and covered his head with his overcoat.

Of course, Zhao Yu’s action did not arouse suspicion from Tongqi and Sanlong. Since Jiang Ke was a major criminal wanted by the police, it was reasonable for him to cover his face and not want to be seen by others.

The next day, the truck arrived at Jinbian. A truck with animals in it received a green passage and the highway fee waiver. Therefore, they entered the urban area of Jinbian smoothly.

As soon as the truck reached the outer ring, it stopped in front of a black BMW. Two new drivers took over and drove the truck away. Next, Zhao Yu was escorted by Tongqi and Sanlong to the BMW. The driver was a man with a ponytail. When he saw Zhao Yu, he respectfully called him boss. Zhao Yu didn’t know his name, so he just nodded in response and said nothing. The man dared not talk too much. Hastily, he drove the BMW to a golf course in Jinbian High-tech Zone.

Looking at the beautiful golf course, Zhao Yu was surprised that Jiang Ke’s base was here.

Sanlong smiled happily and said, “We are home at last. There’s going to be a big celebration tonight!

The man with a ponytail smiled and said to Zhao Yu, “Boss, all is ready for you. I think you have gained a little weight recently, and you seem to be a little taller also!”

Tongqi and Sanlong turned at the same time to look at Zhao Yu carefully.

Zhao Yu’s almost broke into a cold sweat. He hummed coldly and said, “So many brothers have died. What’s the reason for a celebration? Let’s deal with our internal affairs first.”

When Zhao Yu mentioned internal affairs, the three people became serious and silent.

Zhao Yu had learned from Sanlong and Tongqi that after Jiang Ke was imprisoned, there had been serious internal disagreement. A fellow called Big Bear Zhang, who claimed to be worried about Jiang Ke’s imprisonment, secretly wanted to take over Jiang Ke’s position.

Because of that, Jiang Ke’s people were now in a state of panic. As soon as Zhao Yu said that he wanted to deal with internal affairs, they realized how important it was. They went into the garage of the golf course where a middle-aged man in a suit was waiting for him. This man was obviously older than Jiang Ke, but after Zhao Yu got out of the car, he came forward and respectfully called him boss.

Although Zhao Yu did not know who this person was, he could tell that he was not one of Jiang Ke’s men. H was one of the senior managers of the golf course. The man greeted Zhao Yu warmly and took him to a security door in the corner of the garage. Jiang Ke’s base must be behind the door. Zhao Yu felt a little excited. He wondered if he could find any clue about the mysterious man at Jiang Ke’s base.

Just as the middle-aged man was about to enter the password to open the door, a blue Porsche Cayenne suddenly rushed into the garage! The car screamed to a stop in front of them. A strong man in a brown leather jacket jumped out of the car.

The strong man quickly ran over to Zhao Yu and shouted excitedly, “Is it you? It’s is a miracle!”

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